1. Born in 1947 in Wichita, Kansas, this guitarist briefly ran for president in 1980, under the slogan ³Free Gas For Everyone.² 12 years later, he ran for the vice-presidency, becoming the first vice-presidential candidate not to have a running mate in American history. A member of the James Gang from 1969-1971 and Barnstorm from 1972-1975, he replaced Bernie Leadon as lead guitarist of another band in 1975. For ten points name this guitarist, who played with the Eagles from 1975-1982 and whose solo hits included Rocky Mountain Way and Lifeıs Been Good.
     Answer: Joe WALSH
  2. Bette Davis appeared on the premiere of this soap in 1983, playing Laura Trent, owner of the St. Gregory in San Francisco. However, due to illness her character was sent on a trip, leaving sister-in-law Victoria Cabot in charge. Other characters included PR director Mark Danning, security director Billy Griffin, bellhop Dave Kendall, and general manager Peter McDermott. For ten points name this 1983-1986 ABC soap, starring James Brolin and Connie Sellecca.
     Answer: HOTEL
  3. Born in 1965 in New Castle, Indiana, this man was named Indiana's Mr. Basketball in 1983. A member of the 1984 U.S. Olympic basketball team as well as the NCAA's all-1980's Final Four squad, he played four seasons in the NBA with Golden State and Dallas before moving to coaching in 1991. Soon after coaching Manchester to the Division 3 championship game in 1995, he became the second youngest head coach in Division One history. For ten points name this former Indiana guard, who was hired to helm Iowa soon after leading Southwest Missouri State to the Sweet 16 in 1999.
     Answer: Steve ALFORD
  4. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  5. His commands include the Io Transfer Station and the AES Agamemnon. Prior to his won on Io, he won the Silver Star for Valor by mining the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and using a fake distress call to lure a Minbari fleet into the belt. He most recenly became the president of the Interstellar Alliance, whose membership includes the Earth Alliance, Minbari, and the members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. For ten points, name this man, played by Bruce Boxleitner, who is best known for his command of Babylon 5.
     Answer: John SHERIDAN
  6. Along with Gary Payton, he was one of two NBA players last season to finish in the top 20 in scoring and the top 10 in assists. The previous season was more hectic, as he played for four different teams and was traded for the likes of Shawn Bradley, Jason Kidd, and Charles Barkley. For ten points name this point guard now with his fifth team, a key cog in the Rockets championship runs, who was sent to Milwaukee on March 11th to make room in New Jersey for Stephon Marbury.
     Answer: Sam CASSELL
  7. Deborah, Carla, Mary, Susan, Reno, Cathy, Vicky, Camella, Xylla, Joan, Sherri, Kathleen, Seattle, Karen, Jeannie, Mary Ellen, Gloria, Mimi, Marilyn, Julie, Rhonda, Patty, Linda, Katherine, Pauline, Kit-Marie, Gina, Jackie, Sarah, Janet, Tanya, Brenda, Roeena, Didi, Debbie-Ray, Nina, Bobbie, Eloise, Terri, Ronnie, Jezebel, Dinah, Judy and Pomeranta are the subjects of, for ten points, what 1981 song by The Nails?
     Answer: 88 LINES ABOUT 44 WOMEN (prompt on: 44 women)
  8. Born in 1964 in Montreal, Quebec, she briefly attended the University of Arizona before striking to New York to try stand-up comedy. Eight years on the circuit earned her some TV work: two talk show pilots, hosting the VH-1 comedy series Fools For Love and playing Carol Green on the short- lived NBC sitcom Pride and Joy. But it was a two-episode guest spot as Bonnie on The Drew Carey Show that earned her her current role. For ten points name this comic actress and Hollywood Squares semi-regular who plays Aunt Hilda on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.
     Answer: Caroline RHEA (ray)
  9. He portrayed one of his biggest influences, blues legend Robert Johnson, in the docudrama Can You Feel the Wind Howl?, and covered two Johnson songs on his 1994 self-titled debut disc. He won a Best Contemporary Blues Grammy for Just Like You in 1997, and repeated the feat this year with Slow Down. For ten points name this blues artist whose stage name could be considered an ebonics version of his real name.
     Answer: KEBı MOı (prompt on Kevin Moore)
  10. Shinsyu Symphony, The Magic of Flight, The Hidden Dimension, Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun, Wild Australia-The Edge, Amazon, Mark Twain's America, The Greatest Places, and Everest are among the movies released in the last three years in this unique format. For ten points identify this huge- screen format that comes in 2-D, 3-D, and Dome varieties, whose biggest success to date, grossing over $9 million, is T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous.
     Answer: IMAX (accept: 15 perforation /70 millimeter)
  11. TRASH writers Greg and Mark may take offense to the fact that owner Berl Bernhard once compared this team to a bunch of trained gerbils, a clear insult to rodents everywhere. They lost games on a missed chip shot field goal, 50- and 52-yard field goals, and a 98-yard touchdown pass in their first season alone, and their players included noted Super Bowl ring pawner Joe Gilliam and the oft-injured Craig James. For ten points identify this USFL equivalent of the Clippers, who played home games in RFK Stadium, and whose name sounds like they should be fodder for the Harlem Globetrotters.
     Answer: WASHINGTON GENERALS (all required)
  12. This year saw the top of the Billboard singles chart at its most stable, with just nine different songs reaching Number One. ³Iıll Make Love To You² by All-4-One and ³I Swear² by Boyz II Men dominated for 14 and 11 respective weeks, respectively. At the Grammies, Sheryl Crow won Record of the Year and Best New Artist, while Bruce Springsteen won four awards, including Song of the Year, for his song from a Best-Picture-winning film. For ten points, name this year, in which The Boss won big for ³Streets of Philadelphia,² the Rangers won the Stanley Cup, and no World Series was held.
     Answer: 1994
  13. Though it was just finished in late March and has yet to be published, speculation abounds that this book will set movie rights fees records. The problem is that while Universal owns the rights to one of its main characters, MGM owns the rights to the other, Clarice Starling. For ten points name this upcoming Thomas Harris book, a sequel to Silence of the Lambs, and named after that books sadistic villain.
     Answer: HANNIBAL (must be exact)
  14. In college football, this team lost the 1946 Orange Bowl to Miami of Florida, 13-6. In college basketball, this school, coached by Doggie Julian and led by forward George Kaftan, won the 1947 NCAA championship, beating Oklahoma in the finals. Seven years later, they won the NIT over Duquesne. In 1987, two-way player Gordie Lockbaum finished third in voting for the Heisman Trophy. For ten points name this Patriot League school, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, nicknamed the Crusaders.
     Answer: HOLY CROSS
  15. This film's only spoken words are lyrics from Come Back to Erin, I'm Just Wild About Harry, McCluskey's Fight, Won't You Come Over To My House, Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone, Hello My Ragtime Gal, and The Michigan Rag. It's set in 1956 and 2056, which contradicts the film's title, which assigns a single time period. For ten points, name this Warner Brothers short which introduced the character who is now the spokesbeing for the WB network.
  16. In 1998, this 28-year-old, who briefly walked onto the University of Houston and later played at Californiaıs Merritt College, signed with the CBAıs Fort Wayne Fury. As a sports agent, he represents such NBA stars as Ron Mercer and Derek Anderson. As a filmmaker, he produced and starred in the 1998 bomb I Got The Hook Up As a record producer, heıs discovered such acts as Mia X and Silkk the Shocker. For ten points name this man, born Percy Miller, the self-proclaimed hip-hop Bill Gates and founder of No Limit records.
     Answer: MASTER P (accept Percy MILLER before last sentence)
  17. The first and last name's the same. One was the first winner of the Sullivan Award, he took the crown in 1930. Another, a Colorado Rocky, this pitcher has won eight games and a 5-point-6-1 ERA. One, a retired forward, was the first winner of the NBA's Sixth Man Award, winning in 1983. Still another, this pitcher has won 60 games in six seasons with the New York Mets. For ten points what name do these men share, the most famous of which won the U-S Open, British Open, U-S Amateur and British Amateur in 1930.
     Answer: BOBBY JONES
  18. He collaborated on Crimewave, a film by the Coen broethers, and he had a cameo as a shooting victim in Miller's Crossing. A fan of the Three Stooges, he calls stuntmen "Shemps" in his credits. The director of The Quick And The Dead, he is better-known for quirkier films, though he has tried to get back in the mainstream recently with A Simple Plan. For ten points, name this director of Darkman and the Evil Dead trilogy.
     Answer: Sam RAIMI
  19. Warning: two answers required! If you made an anagram of the names of these two figure skaters, you'd get "Jolly, vain, red-hot dance partners - Hi!." They were both accomplished junior skaters when they decided to team up in 1975. Between 1976 and 1984, they won 23 amateur competitions, including six consecutive British titles, four European crowns, four World titles, and a gold medal at the Sarajevo Games. For ten points name this legendary ice-dancing pair from Great Britain, considered the innovators of ice dancing.
     Answer: Jayne TORVILL and Christopher DEAN
  20. His latest album includes a duet with Kathleen Battle and features mainly classical selections, but heıs more frequently associated with Preservation Hall style jazz. For ten points name this artist whose other albums include In Gabriel's Garden, and Baroque Music for Trumpet.
     Answer: Wynton MARSALIS
  21. Once I had a girl there; half bear, other half cat. Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop; I still dream about that. Once two strangers climbed it, looking for a moonshine still. They ainıt come down yet; reckon they never will. Corn wonıt grow at all there, the dirtıs too rocky by far. Thatıs why all the folks there get their corn from a jar. For ten points, name this place in Tennessee, whichıll always be ³home sweet home to me.²
     Answer: ROCKY TOP