1. Given a definition, provide the Mafia term for ten points each.
    1. A person not a member of a family but with business or social connections to a family is said to be this.
       Answer: CONNECTED
    2. This term is applied to a person who serves as the advisor to the boss of a crime family.
       Answer: CONSIGLIERE (con-sig-lee-AIR-ee)
    3. The "code of silence" all Mafioso take agreeing not to talk about Mob business is known by this name.
       Answer: OMERTA
  2. Get your rooty-poo candy ass to the table and answer these questions about quotables from the great one, the chosen one, The Rock.
    1. When the Rock says he's going to beat his opponent from limb to limb, he says he's going to take his opponent to, for ten points, this hotel, which as far as TRASH knows, is not as good as the Brewmeister.
       Answer: SMACKDOWN hotel
    2. According to the Rock, the Smackdown Hotel is on the corner of, for ten points each, what two roads?
  3. Even cartoon characters have to go out and eat sometimes. Name these restaurants and bars found in Springfield for the stated number of points.
    1. for five points, this fast-food eatery was briefly under the control of the Internal Revenue Service when the restaurant's owner was in trouble for his illegal Cayman Islands account.
       Answer: KRUSTY BURGER
    2. for ten points, in the biggest case of false advertising since The NeverEnding Story, Homer sued this seafood restaurant for throwing him out before he had all he could eat of their All You Can Eat buffet.
       Answer: The FRYING DUTCHMAN
    3. for 15 points, after being thrown out of Moe's Tavern, the only bar that would serve Homer is this bar for airline pilots, located on the fringes of Springfield International Airport.
       Answer: The BLACK BOX
  4. Tammy Wynette is dead -- let's milk it for question material! TNN has -- they've done a Tribute to Tammy that will soon be available in stores on CD. Given the Wynette hit, identify the contemporary music star singing it on the tribute for ten points each.
    1. You and Me
       Answer: Lorri MORGAN
    2. Stand By Your Man
       Answer: Sir Elton Hercules JOHN
    3. 'Til I Can Make It On My Own
       Answer: Faith HILL
  5. Name the book by journalist Pete Hammil for ten points each.
    1. A young Irish Catholic boy befriends a local rabbi. They develop a friendship, teach each other about their cultures, and go see Jackie Robinson play.
       Answer: SNOW IN AUGUST
    2. Hamill discusses his battle with the bottle in this focused autobiographical work.
       Answer: A DRINKING LIfor E pointsT: Hammil puts a legendary crooner into perspective and shows why his legacy is still relevant.
  6. Name the short-lived series based on a description for ten points each.
    1. Conor fights Longinus, a 400 year old sorceror, with the help of his own wise man, Galen, and friends like Tully and Fergus.
       Answer: ROAR
    2. Chance Harper, the only survivor an airplane crash when he was a child, finds himself fated to help people who are in danger. He is assisted in his work by ex-girlfriend Audrey Westin and a diner waitress named Angie.
       Answer: STRANGE LUCK
    3. A team of doctors, led by Edward Marcase, travel the globe at the behest of the government to head off the next bio-catastrophe- man made or otherwise- in this UPN series.
       Answer: The BURNING ZONE
  7. 40-30-20-10-1 Name these two people
    1. [40] Name them right now
    2. [30] On the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, it was on their porch that Carnac the Magnificent's questions were hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar since noon.
    3. [20] On Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, a common gag line told people to "look that up in" this.
    4. [10] This company is best known for publishing dictionairies, thesauruses and other reference books.
    5. [1] You can find out about these two on FunkandWagnalls-dot-com
       Answer: FUNK AND WAGNALLS
  8. for the stated number of points, answer these questions about the Food Network's most visible celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse.
    1. for five points, name either of Emeril's current Food TV shows, one a standard half-hour show, the other an energetic hour in front of a live audience.
       Answer: The ESSENCE OF EMERIL or EMERIL LIVE (do not accept How To Boil Water, as he is no longer on that show)
    2. for ten points, Emeril has taken on the print media as well as TV by putting out a cookbook specifically dealing with recipies he's featured on his shows. Name it.
       Answer: EMERIL'S TV DINNERS
    3. for 15 points, while Emeril's cooking is influenced by New Orleans, it is also influenced by his Portuguese heritage growing up in what Massachusetts city with a sizeable Portuguese community?
       Answer: FALL RIVER
  9. Name the Broadway shows which feature the given songs, for 10 points each. While some of these are revivals, all are in current Broadway runs.
    1. Therešs No Business Like Show Business, Doinš What Comes Naturšlly, Anything You Can Do
       Answer: ANNIE GET YOUR GUN
    2. On Any Sunday, I Canšt Stand Still, Almost Paradise
       Answer: FOOTLOOSE
    3. The Crime of the Century, Henry Ford, Coalhousešs Soliloquy
       Answer: RAGTIME
  10. Given possible storylines for a daytime soap opera, name the soap for ten points each.
    1. Nora's secret comes out in a shocking way. Will fights Jessica's decision to give up their baby for adoption. Cassie's spool unwinds. Viki has trouble coping with her kids and The Banner without Clint.
       Answer: ONE LIFE TO LIVE
    2. Josh and Reva start to smell something rotten about Annie. Matt and Vanessa grow furthur apart. Holly's headed for a surprise outcome.
       Answer: GUIDING LIGHT
    3. Emily finds her worst nightmare coming true (Hello, David!). Molly's efforts to help Andy stop drinking have the opposite effect. James and Lucinda's marraige looks like the War of the Roses. Something's wrong with Lily and Holden's baby.
       Answer: AS THE WORLD TURNS
  11. Name these soccer cups competed for annually for ten points each.
    1. Real Madrid has won this cup a record six times since it was first awarded in 1956. This cup is competed annually by the league champions of the member countries of the Union of European Football Association.
       Answer: EUROPEAN CUP
    2. This cup is competed annually by the league champions of South America's football union.
    3. Each year, the winners of the European Cup and Copa Libertadores travel to Japan to compete in this cup game, formerly known as the Intercontinental Cup.
       Answer: TOYOTA CUP
  12. Identify these Woody Allen movies, for ten points each.
    1. This mock newsreel tells the story of a human chameleon who became a celebrity in the 1920s.
       Answer: ZELIG
    2. This 1990 movie, which Allen directed but did not appear in, featured Mia Farrow as a comfortably-married woman whose trip to a Chinese herbalist and meeting a handsome younger man change her life within just a few days.
       Answer: ALICE
    3. Allen plays a successful filmmaker, Sandy Bates, who attends a festival of his own movies and is required to reconsider both his films and his personal life in this 1980 work.
  13. You'll get two minutes for roughing if you don't answer these questions on legendary NHL tough guys for ten points each.
    1. Standing third on the NHL's all-time penalty minutes list with 3218 is this defenseman and long-time bodyguard of Wayne Gretzky in Edmonton and Los Angeles.
       Answer: Marty MCSORLEY
    2. In second place is this center, who's accumulated 3446 penalty minutes in 19 NHL seasons. The only player to accumulate 300 goals, 1000 points and 3000 penalty minutes in a career, he was suspended 21 games in 1993 while a Washington Capital.
       Answer: Dale HUNTER
    3. The all-time leader in penalty minutes is this man, who accumulated 3966 penalty minutes in 14 NHL seasons.
       Answer: Dave "Tiger" WILLIAMS
  14. Given a role in the movie JFK, identify the acotr who played it for 5 points each.
    1. Jim Garrison
       Answer: Kevin COSTNER
    2. Liz Garrison
       Answer: Sissy SPACEK
    3. Lee Harvey Oswald
       Answer: Gary OLDMAN
    4. Susie Cox, of Garrison's investigation team
       Answer: Laurie METCALF
    5. Mr. X
       Answer: Donald SUTHERLAND
    6. Earl Warren
       Answer: Jim GARRISON
  15. The best thing about horror sequels isn't the gore or the nudity or even the cheesy dialogue. The best thing is the corny subtitles. For each horror sequel, you'll earn ten points for giving the subtitle. For example, if I said Amityville 2, you'd say "The Possession."
    1. The Toxic Avenger 3
    2. Evil Dead 2
       Answer: DEAD BY DAWN
    3. Basket Case 3
       Answer: The PROGENY
  16. Identify the actor, 40-30-20-10-5-1
    1. [40] Name him now.
    2. [30] He was a regular on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour and The Dean Martin Show, and starred in the movies The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother and Wholly Moses.
    3. [20] He played Doc in Smokey and the Bandit II, The Pope in Johnny Dangerously, and Aunt Kate in Haunted Honeymoon, and these are not the worst movies he's been in.
    4. [10] He played Victor and Captain Chaos in Cannonball Run, Don Giovanni in Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and the voice of Pizza the Hutt in Spaceballs
    5. [5] In recent years he has continued going through the motions in movie parodies, starring in Silence of the Hams and The Godson.
    6. [1] In 1968 and again in 1987 he starred in short-lived variety shows called "The Dom Deluise Show".
       Answer: Dom DELUISE
  17. for five points each, name...
    1. The two schools that are the subject of John Feinstein's A Civil War, about the schools' long-standing football rivalry.
       Answer: ARMY, NAVY (accept equivalents)
    2. The school Feinstein follows in A Season On the Brink.
       Answer: INDIANA University
    3. The three players- one from Arizona, one from Duke, and one from Navy- Feinstein chronicled in A Season Inside.
       Answer: Steve KERR, Billy KING, David ROBINSON
  18. Given the title of a celebrity memoir, name the celeb who penned it for 10 points. If you need more info, you'll get 5 points.
    1. 10: Sunday 5: The book deals mostly with her childhood, so you won't get many insights as to how Ginger fended off Gilligan's clumsy advances.
       Answer: Tina LOUISE
    2. 10: Crazy From the Heat 5: We get personal insight, two swear words in the first paragraph, and lots of hedonistic tales about life as Van Halen's first lead singer.
       Answer: David Lee ROTH
    3. 10: The First Time 5: It chronicles a bunch of the author's first times: first tattoo, first time on David Letterman, and first time finding out that daughter Chastity was gay.
       Answer: CHER
  19. 40-30-20-10 Name the musical group
    1. 40: Name them right now
    2. 30: In 1985, they were the first Western pop group to hold a concert in Communist China, headlining a show in Beijing.
    3. 20: The two members of this group first met in school in their hometown of Bushey. They performed for 18 months in the ska-band The Executives before going on their own.
    4. 10: The "other half" of this 80's pop duo was Andrew Ridgeley.
       Answer: WHAM!
  20. Name the recurring feature from the incomparable trash source Entertainment Weekly for ten points each.
    1. When not devoted to a where are they now segment, the last page has this feature, a look back to a story from yesteryear.
       Answer: ENCORE
    2. Located on the right hand side of the first page of the What To Watch TV listings, it gives line-ups for several talk shows.
       Answer: THE GUEST LIST
    3. This relatively new feature goes day by day through the coming week and highlights one or two celebrity outings.
       Answer: DATE BOOK