1. Michigan folk singer Dan Hall recorded the song It's Quiet Where They Sleep about this event in 1997, 21 years after a more famous folk recording about it, which concludes, " Superior, they said, never gives up her dead when the gales of November come early." for ten points name this event and you'll name the title of this 1976 song by Gordon Lightfoot, commemorating a 1975 shipping accident.
  2. He lives at the Safari Inn, the result perhaps of his divorce from Fran. The marriage probably wasn't all bad, given that it resulted in kids Chrissy, Cathy, and Tommy. A sargeant in the Academy District of the LC City police department, he partners with Vince Romano. He often works with Stacy Sheridan and her partner, Jim Corrigan. He holds the department record for most cars damaged or destroyed, which makes sense given his propensity to hang from them during pursuit. For ten points, this describes what TV cop played by William Shatner?
     Answer: TJ HOOKER
  3. In 1984, this wide receiver raced a thoroughbred horse at a Kentucky track in a match race and lost. A 1981 accounting graduate of the University of Florida, he appeared in two Super Bowls in eight NFL seasons, catching 417 passes for more than 64-hundred yards, second all-time in Cincinnati Bengal history. For ten points name this wide receiver, whose 1989 retirement led him to successful gigs as a sportscaster for both NBC and Fox Sports?
     Answer: Cris COLLINSWORTH
  4. You first saw her as Christy, the "hot new indie director," in ads for the Independent Film Channel. More recently, you've seen her speaking with the voice of people like Issac Hayes, Marlon Brando, and Aretha Frankling while shillin for Pepsi. Name, for ten points, this six year old actress whose best known non-ad work was in the film Paulie.
     Answer: Hallie EISENBERG
  5. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
     Answer: CONSULT AUDIO CUESHEET TU. Born October 21st, 1970 in Glen Cove, New York, this actor spent most of his childhood in Princeton, New Jersey before moving to California in 1986. The star of 64 student films, he earned his first break on Mad About You, playing Paul's backstabbing friend at the Explorer Channel. For ten points name this actor, who played Steve in the movie Forces of Nature and Todd on TV's Suddenly Susan, who was found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room in March 1999.
     Answer: David STRICKLAND
  6. Kisses Sweeter then Wine, Step by Step, All Mixed Up, and If I Had A Hammer all appear on a new tribute album. The artist it honors has been performing for nearly half a century both as a solo act, and with groups like the Weavers. For ten points, name this folksinger best known for Where Have All the Flowers Gone.
     Answer: Pete SEEGER
  7. Her first radio gig was for WGCL in Cleveland, when she grabbed the microphone from a tongue-tied emcee. She then did weather and advice during the station's drive time. In 1989 she moved to KFI in L.A. And did a late night call-in show, giving advice to her listeners, or "radio babies." A frequent talk show guest, she joined ABC's The Home Show in 1993. She now has her own syndicated show, where she tries to get her guests to solve their problems on-air. For ten points, name this hostess who helms the apologetic Forgive or Forget.
     Answer: MOTHER LOVE
  8. Twelve years later after his last fight, this boxer has been working the European movie circuit, appearing in such cheapies as Indio, Indio 2, Across Red Nights, and Virtual Weapon. Born in 1954 in Newark, New Jersey, he earned his first title shot in 1979, fighting Vito Antuofermo to a draw. He earned another title shot one year later, winning the world middleweight title from Alan Minter. For ten points name this boxer, who held the world middleweight title for seven years before dropping it to Sugar Ray Leonard in 1987.
     Answer: Marvelous Marvin HAGLER
  9. It is located at 123 Main Street. It employs over 50 types of secret phones, including phones in portraits, combs, magazine, and thermos. Its name isn't an acronym, and has no known meaning. Headed by a man simply known as Chief, their other technilogical innovations include Hymie the robot, which they captured from their arch enemy organization, and the Cone of Silence. This describes, for ten points, what intelligence organization whose agents included the less intelligent Maxwell Smart?
     Answer: CONTROL
  10. Her first movie was 1949's East Side, West Side, and her first leading role came opposite James Whitmore the next year in The Next Voice You Hear. After marrying in 1952 she appeared in only three more movies, including starring opposite her husband in 1957's Hellcats of the Navy, and after 1962 her next acting credit came playing herself in a 1983 episode of Diff'rent Strokes. For ten points identify this actress who appeared on that show to tell Arnold, and the youth of America, to Just Say No.
     Answer: Nancy DAVIS (accept: Nancy REAGAN)
  11. This team holds the N-H-L record for most consecutive games without a loss, with a 35-game streak between October 1979 and January 1980. One of six teams to debut in 1967, they were the first of that group to win a Stanley Cup, doing so seven years later, beating Boston in six games. They also became the first team since Montreal to repeat as Stanley Cup champs, beating Buffalo in six games in 1975. For ten points name this Eastern Conference team, currently coached by Roger Nielsen.
     Answer: Philadelphia Flyers
  12. While monitoring filming of this movie, the ASPCA insisted that a dead maggot be fed to a crow rather than a live one, citing cruelty to the maggot. While not a favorite of larvae, perhaps, this 1994 film directed by Frank Darabont ranks #1 with registered members of the Internet Movie Database. For ten points name this film based on a Stephen King story and starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.
  13. He was quoted in George as saying that TV killed the Civil War: "The two halves could see how the other half lived. We are southerners and Yankees second, and Americans first." Hardly the sort of thing you expect from the quintessential North Carolina-born Long-Haired Country Boy who started playing fiddle and guitar in bands in his teens. For ten points, name this country frontman responsible for the Volunteer Jams, the album High Lonesome and the song The Devil Went Down To Georgia.
     Answer: Charlie DANIELS
  14. Carla is a starving artist whose broken-down car strands her in rural Washington, where she stays with high schooler Louden Swain's family. Louden is a star high school wrestler trying to lose 23 pounds to wrestle the toughest competitor in the state. This movie was originally to be titled Crazy For You, after the Madonna song on its soundtrack, but instead got this even more incomprehensible title. For ten points name this 1985 Linda Fiorentino-Matthew Modine movie.
     Answer: VISION QUEST
  15. He had over 200 career wins, and a winning percentage above .700. He had a goals against average of 2.24, played for six Stanley Cup champions, and had the rare experience of facing his brother once in the opposing goal. For ten points, name this Toronto native and college great with Cornell, a player for the Canadiens currently serving as president of the Maple Leafs.
     Answer: Ken DRYDEN
  16. Network TV's oldest program started in 1947, and has changed little since. The first moderator was Martha Roundtree. More recently, the post has been occupied by Tim Garrick Utley and Tim Russert. Gerald Ford appeared on the show to commemorate its twenty-eighth anniversary, the first time a sitting President did so. For ten points, ID this prototypical Sunday politics show on NBC.
     Answer: MEET THE PRESS
  17. It was the only movie directed by former blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo and was based on his own novel. Timothy Bottoms stars as World War I soldier Joe Bonham, who is wounded by a landmine and learns to communicate with his doctors through Morse Code despite having lost the senses of hearing and sight, his ability to speak, and all four limbs. For ten points name this film, the subject of the Metallica song and video One.
  18. She starred in 1985's Hail to the Chief as President Julia Mansfield. Three years later, another of her series bit the dust -- "It Takes Two", in which she starred opposite Richard Crenna. She, of all people, should have known it only takes one; in 1963, she became the youngest person (at 17) to star in a TV show named after her, in which she played two roles. For ten points, name this actress, who finally decided it took one when she divorced John Astin in 1985.
     Answer: Patty DUKE
  19. Written by Anne Previn and Scott Cutler, it was first recorded in 1995 by their band, Ednaswap. Later versions by Trine Rein and Lis Sorenson hit #1 in Norway and Denmark, respectively, but it took an Australian to bring the song Stateside notoriety. For ten points, name that tune, the first single off of the album Left of the Middle by Natalie Imbruglia.
     Answer: TORN
  20. National Historic Landmarks since 1964, they run at a steady 9 and a half miles per hour. Double-ended ones run on California Street, and smaller single-ended ones run on the Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde lines, which can take you to Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown. For ten points, ID these transports, whose museum is at Washington and Mason in San Francisco.
     Answer: CABLE CARS (DNA: Trolleys)