1. Since 1970, the musical group Chicago has charted 35 Top 40 hits. Rank these Top 40 Chicago hits by order of release from earliest to latest for five points each. The songs are: Baby What A Big Surprise, Call On Me, Hard Habit to Break, Look Away, Make Me Smile, and Old Days.
     Answer: MAKE ME SMILE (1970), CALL ON ME (1974), OLD DAYS (1975), BABY WHAT A BIG SURPRISE (1977), HARD HABIT TO BREAK (1984), LOOK AWAY (1988)
  2. Name these celebrities who have Christmas Eve birthdays for the stated number of points.
    1. for five points, he played Jethro in the film version of The Beverly Hillbillies, and currently plays Oswald on The Drew Carey Show.
       Answer: Diedrich BADER
    2. for ten points, she replaced Natalie Merchant as lead singer of 10,000 Maniacs.
       Answer: Mary RAMSEY
    3. for 15 points, he played Conrad McAlister on Matlock, and can now be seen playing Jimmy Trivette on Walker, Texas Ranger.
       Answer: Clarence GILYARD, Jr.
  3. 40-30-20-10, identify the actress from TV roles.
    1. [40] Name the actress now.
    2. (30) Angelica on "Capitol", Laura Matthews on "Karen's Song", T.T. Fagori on "Sunday Dinner"
    3. (20) Amy, Love Boat Mermaid on "Love Boat", Penny Parker on "MacGyver", David Spade on "Saturday Night Live"
    4. (10) Lois Lane Kent on "Lois and Clark"
       Answer: Teri HATCHER
  4. Identify these alternative musicians whoıve dabbled in acting. Youıll get 10 points for doing this off their acting roles alone, or 5 points if you need some more information about them.
    1. [10] ³Right Arm² in The Fifth Element [5] Born Adrian Thaws, heıs one of the bigger names on the trip-hop scene. Albums include Maxinquaye and Angels With Dirty Faces.
       Answer: TRICKY
    2. [10] Hugh Benny in Heat, Officer Dobbs in The Chase, Coach Gronic in Jack Frost. [5] Black Flagıs last lead singer, he now leads a band named for himself, does spoken-word recordings, and publishes poetry by himself and others.
       Answer: Henry ROLLINS
    3. [10] The voice of Donnie on The Wild Thornberrys, Needles in Back To The Future Parts 2 and 3, one of the German Nihilists in The Big Lebowski. [5] Born Michael Balzary, he plays bass for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
       Answer: FLEA
  5. Given a trio of game shows, name the announcer they have in common for ten points each.
    1. Concentration, To Tell the Truth, Wheel of Fortune
       Answer: Don PARDO
    2. Battlestars, Press Your Luck, The Price Is Right
       Answer: Rod RODDY
    3. The $1.98 Beauty Show, The Dating Game, The Joker's Wild
       Answer: Johnny JACOBS
  6. for five points each, and a 10-point bonus for all correct, name the four golf tournaments that make up the Grand Slam on the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour.
  7. The 1976 NCAA division 1 men's basketball final marked the first time that two teams from the same conference met in the championship game.
    1. for ten points each, name the two schools who played in that game, the winner of which became the last undefeated national titlist.
       Answer: INDIANA University and the University of MICHIGAN
    2. That year's Final Four was also notable for being the last one with two undefeated teams. For ten points, name the now Big East school that lost to Michigan in that year's semifinals, an NIT team this past season.
       Answer: RUTGERS University
  8. 40-30-20-10-1 Name the band
    1. 40: Name them right now
    2. 30: In describing the group, producer Bob Ezrin called them ³four dedicated musicians whose lifestyle is interchangeable with the president of just about any bank in England.²
    3. 20: Formed in 1965, this band took its name from two Georgia-based bluesmen, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Council.
    4. 10: Their 1973 album, Dark Side of the Moon, spent 726 weeks on Billboardıs Hot 200 album chart, still a record.
    5. 1: In a 1987 Rolling stone interview, former bassist Roger Waters said if ³anyone is to be called Pink Floyd, itıs me.²
       Answer: PINK FLOYD
  9. Turner Sports president Harvey Schiller has said, "There probably will be some extreme events included. Maybe some of the bobsled or luge teams will go down the track backwards." for ten points each:
    1. First, of what event, scheduled to debut on February 17-20, 2000 was Schiller speaking?
       Answer: WINTER GOODWILL GAMES (do not prompt on "Goodwill Games")
    2. In what city, used to hosting winter events, will the inaugural Winter Goodwill Games be held?
       Answer: LAKE PLACID, New York
    3. The 2001 Summer Goodwill Games have already been scheduled for what Australian city?
       Answer: BRISBANE
  10. In his controversial March 13th bout with Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis sought to become the fifth undisputed heavyweight champion this century from somewhere other than the U.S. For ten points each name any three of the four non-Americans to hold that title, three Europeans and a Canadian.
     Answer: Max SCHMELLING, Ingemar JOHANNSON, Primo CARNERA, Tommy BURNS
  11. While introducing a cornucopia of new teen stars, many of the scenes in 10 Things I Hate About You are stolen by the adults. For ten points each identify:
    1. The Empty Nest and Airplane veteran who plays soccer coach and detention supervisor Mr. Chapin.
       Answer: David LEISURE
    2. The actress who played Miss Walsh in Primary Colors, Dee Dee in Private Parts, and Dot Halford in The Ice Storm, and whose five minutes as guidance counselor-cum-porno writer Ms. Perky are among the film's funniest scenes.
       Answer: Alison JANNEY
    3. Finally, this comedian and character actor, currently doing the voice of the Boss on UPN's Dilbert, plays control-freak dad Walter Stratford.
       Answer: Larry MILLER
  12. Someday somebody might make a good movie involving skating. Until then, you'll have to make do by identifying these laughers for ten points each.
    1. This 1979 movie brought together an unholy trifecta of camp: skating, disco, and Linda Blair, playing a Julliard-bound rich girl who teams up with a poor boy to win a skating contest and keep the local rink from being shut down.
       Answer: ROLLER BOOGIE
    2. This 1986 movie is set in a post-apocalyptic future where kids are brought up in state-run camps and taught to play some weird hockey game, until a group of them led by Jason Patric and Jami Gertz discover a mystical ball of energy that brings water to the Earth and destroys the evil state apparatus. No, seriously.
       Answer: SOLARBABIES
    3. Speaking of post-apocalyptic futures, this 1975 movie stars James Caan as a dominant but aging athlete being forced out by the powers-that- be in a corporate-run near-future America.
       Answer: ROLLERBALL
  13. Given a character from The Beverly Hillbillies, identify both the actor or actress who portrayed them in the TV series and in the 1993 film version for 5 points per answer.
    1. Ellie May
       Answer: Erika ELENIAK and Donna DOUGLAS
    2. Jean Hathaway
       Answer: Lily TOMLIN and Nancy KULP
    3. Granny
       Answer: Cloris LEACHMAN and Irene RYAN
  14. Answer these questions about firsts and lasts in sports for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) This runner was the first winner of Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year, winning in 1954.
       Answer: Roger BANNISTER
    2. (10) This Stanley Cup winner for Edmonton and the New York Rangers was the last NHL player to compete without a helmet.
       Answer: Craig MacTAVISH
    3. (5) This first baseman is the only player to win a batting title for a first-year expansion team, doing so in 1993.
       Answer: Andres GALARRAGA
    4. (10) This Triple Crown winner is the only racehorse to be undefeated entering the three races.
       Answer: SEATTLE SLEW
  15. Given a category from the 1999 Webby Awards, name the winning site for ten points each.
    1. Film
    2. Print and Zines
       Answer: SLATE
    3. Music
       Answer: SONICNET.COM
  16. Every year, Entertainment Weekly names its Power 101, the biggest movers and shakers in the business. Answer these questions about the 1998 list for ten points each.
    1. Atop the list was this woman, ranked #5 in 1997. She took the top spot thanks to pluses such as her deal with Disney and success of the TV film The Wedding, produced by her Harpo Films company.
       Answer: OPRAH or WINFREY
    2. The highest debut was this actor at 17. Such a high ranking was due to the phenominal success of his last film and high hopes for his upcoming film, The Beach.
       Answer: Leonardo DICAPRIO
    3. Taking the 101.5 spot for possible up and comers was this Christmas special character, who'll be played by Jim Carrey in a film directed by Ron Howard.
       Answer: The GRINCH
  17. Thirty-one acts were announced on April 8 for Woodstock 99, to take place in Rome, NY this July. Of these acts, six appeared at the last Woodstock revival in 1994. Name 'em, 5 points each. And no, none of them played the 1969 Woodstock festival.
  18. Given how an American crime figure met their maker, name them for ten points each.
    1. FBI agent Melvin Purvis gunned him down in a corn field outside of East Liverpool, Ohio on October 22, 1934.
       Answer: Charles "Pretty Boy" FLOYD
    2. While reading the newspaper in the living room of Virginia Hill's Beverly Hills home on June 20, 1947, he was killed by two steel-jacketed bullets shot through the front window.
       Answer: Benjamin "Bugsy" SIEGEL
    3. Shot to death along with her son Freddie at their Lake Weir, Florida hideout on January 26, 1935.
       Answer: Kate "Ma" BARKER
  19. Given a writer, ID the publication he/she writes for for 15 points each. And bear in mind that this is TRASH.
    1. Ed Anger
       Answer: WEEKLY WORLD NEWS
    2. Jim Anchower, who writes "The Cruise"
       Answer: The ONION
  20. Name the actor who returned to stage given some info about their role for ten points each.
    1. He's taking on the role of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman, but missed some performances recently when he had to be hospitalized.
       Answer: Brian DENNEHY
    2. She's filling Natasha Richardson's Tony-winning shoes as Sally Bowles in the LA production of Cabaret.
       Answer: Teri HATCHER
    3. While he's spent most of his time recently touting his role in Never Been Kissed, he's also been playing Frank N. Furter in the LA production of The Rocky Horror Show.
       Answer: David ARQUETTE