1. His mother fears he'll become "a little gay lounge singer." His first album, a Gerswin-esque collection of songs about the boys who've broken his heart may prove her wrong. His other work this year includes singing about New Year's Eve in a Gap commercial, performing on an album, The McGarrigle Hour, with his mother and aunt, and gracing the cover of Out Magazine.for ten points, name this Canadian pop singer whose father had a hit in 1973 with ³Dead Skunk²
  2. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. Computer hackers have many "religious wars," especially in the UNIX world. Few have reached such epic proportions as the battle between these two text editors. One is a standard text editor provided with most UNIX systems, the other a production of the Boston-based Free Software Foundation. For ten points, name these two programs, whose features were once summarized thusly: "One is powerful, fast and small, and the other is powerful, fast and huge."
     Answer: GNU EMACS and VI (pronounced: v-i)
  3. The main character of his novel Thank You For Smoking was a tobacco lobbyist who, in response to a direct attack on national television talk show, simply asked the show's host if he could smoke on stage. His newest book is Little Green Men, a story about a Beltway bandit being abducted by aliens. For ten points, name this man, who is finally getting out of his father's shadow, while still carrying on the family business as satirist and conservative.
     Answer: CHRIS BUCKLEY (more info on BUCKLEY -- yes, the dad is William F.)
  4. With second place finishes in individual events by Stephanie Eim and Thomas Peng, and balanced scoring in each of the five weapons, this school became the first in the 55 year history of NCAA fencing to win five straight national titles. For ten points, name the Big 10 school which accomplished this feat, one of whose buildings you are currently in.
     Answer: PENN STATE
  5. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  6. She appeared in episodes of Growing Pains and Family Ties, and gained her first starring role in 704 Hauser Street. Her first prominent movie role was as a legal assistant in Primal Fear, but she broke through in 1997 with roles as a political consultant in Primary Colors and as Jim Carrey's ex-wife in Liar, Liar. For ten points name this actress, currently seen as Ben Affleck's fiance in Forces of Nature and as Lisa Miller on NewsRadio.
     Answer: Maura TIERNEY
  7. Guitarist Ron Strykert and singer Colin Hay, both students at La Troube University in Melbourne, met at a band audition and talked 12-string acoustic guitars. A few months later, they formed a group with keyboardist Greg Ham, drummer Jerry Speiser, and bassist John Rees. Winners of the 1982 Best New Artist Grammy, they broke up three years later after the release of their third album, Two Hearts. For ten points name this quintet, responsible for Aussie-mania with such songs as Who Can It Be Now? and Down Under.
     Answer: MEN AT WORK
  8. On January 10, 1997, burglars made off with some $12-15 million of her jewels, all uninsured. Shortly thereafter, this auto-industry heiress issued a $1 million reward. But when Georgia jewellers Randy Jones and Shawn Slep helped recover nearly 121 pieces of the heist, they received no money. For ten points, ID the woman, who claims to be withholding payment because the alleged burglars were never convicted of the crime.
     Answer: Kathleen FORD
  9. Born Erik Schrody, he named his solo debut after a Hall-of-Fame Yankee pitcher because it was a ³peckerwood name...I¹ve always embraced my whiteness and that just says it all.² Previously he embraced his whiteness on the caucasian rap classic, ³Jump Around.² for ten points, name this former leader of House of Pain whose CD, Whitey Ford Sings The Blues, contains the hit ³What It¹s Like.²
     Answer: EVERLAST
  10. Movie and restaurant reviews are provided by Mort and Sylvia Drescher, parent's of The Nanny's Fran. Hair stylist David Evangelista often gives hair care tips. The host shoots Koosh balls into the audience, while house band John McD and the McDLTs provide music. You'll find all of this on, for ten points, what daytime talker hosted by a former host of the Tony Awards?
  11. In the 1965 NCAA third-place game against Wichita State, he scored a Final Four record 58 points, making a record 22 field goals in the process. The 1965 Sullivan Award winner, he captained the gold-medal winning U.S. Basketball team at the Tokyo Olympics. His basketball books include 1976's Life on the Run, about his decade with the Knicks, amd 1998's Values of the Game, a series of essays on basketball and life. For ten points name this three-time All-American and Rhodes scholar from Princeton.
     Answer: Bill BRADLEY
  12. Vic Morrow, Burl Ives, Robert Reed, Yaphet Kotto, Richard Roundtree, Leslie Uggams, Scatman Crothers, Lloyd Bridges, Todd Bridges, Lorne Greene, Sandy Duncan, George Hamilton, Gary Collins, Lou Gossett Jr., Ed Asner, and in the main role both John Amos and Levar Burton. For ten points all this actors appeared in what famous 1978 TV production, the first and most-successful miniseries.
     Answer: ROOTS
  13. The slavery plotline has been dropped in favor of a romance between an inexplicably blue-eyed servant girl and a prince. Christiane Noll replaces Miranda Richardson as Anna's voice for songs, just as Marni Nixon did for Deborah Kerr in the original. For ten points name this movie, remade in animated form recently, which tells of an English teacher, a Siamese monarch, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
     Answer: The KING AND I
  14. State Street Grounds from 1876-77. Lakefront Park from 1878-84. West Side Park from 1885-91, then Brotherhood Park from 1891-93, the only home in which this team did not win a pennant. They played at the West Side Grounds from 1893 to 1915, then moved to its current location when the Whales of the Federal League moved out. For ten points name this baseball team which began playing home night games 11 years ago.
     Answer: CHICAGO CUBS
  15. This actress has made a lot of life changes the last few weeks. She recently lifted the restraining order against her former husband, which will allow him to visit the 2 sons he fathered with her. She also decided to continue to use his surname, for the kids' sake. The crowning personal decision, however, was her undergoing surgery to remove her breast implants so she could return her body to its "natural" state. For ten points, name the woman whose artificial state was well displayed in movies like Barb Wire and countless Playboy pictorials.
     Answer: PAMela Anderson LEE
  16. In 1998, this man finished 4th in voting as FIfor A pointslayer of the Year. Not bad for a player who debuted in England's Premier League just a year earlier, in 1997 against Wimbledon, where he scored a goal. Born December 14th, 1979, the son of a former Everton player, he is the youngest person in English soccer history to play and score a goal for England in the World Cup. For ten points name this 19-year-old soccer prodigy, star of Liverpool and the most popular soccer player in England, according to a BBC poll.
     Answer: Michael OWEN
  17. This group first formed in Olympia, WA, as a side project for Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein, the guitarists from Heavens to Betsy and Excuse 17. Hooking up with drummer Janet Weiss in 1997, they released Dig Me Out, which reached the top 10 in the Village Voice¹s annual Pazz & Jop critics poll. For ten points name this riot grrrl band, named for a local freeway offramp, whose latest album is The Hot Rock.
  18. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. Their Saturday-morning cartoon show also featured Rafiki the Baboon, Ned the Elephant and Speedy the Snail. Detractors may deride them as a bestial Terence and Philip, a warthog and meerkat who officially introduced flatulence to the big screen as Disney-style entertainment. For ten points, name the two creatures who drummed "Hakuna Matata" into millions of young minds, supporting characters in Disney's Lion King franchise.
     Answer: TIMON and PUMBAA
  19. He is the oldest first-time winner in Masters history, winning at age 41 years, three months, and 29 days. The 1979 U-S Amateur champion, this Long Beach State graduate was named PGA Rookie of the Year two years later, and won his first of five Pebble Beach Pro-Am titles in 1985. Of his 16 PGA Tour titles, two are majors, both coming in 1998. For ten points name this golfer and neighbor of Tiger Woods, who won both the Masters and British Open crowns in 1998.
     Answer: Mark O'MEARA
  20. He ends up paying off his alimony at the end of the second movie by signing off a ramshackle old mansion to his ex-wife. His research assistant, Larry, is played by Geena Davis, and he has managed to foil Alan Stanwyck's plans to kill him, slept with Mrs. Stanwyck, and expose the LAPD's involvement with the beach drug trade. For ten points name this chracter, returning to the screen this winter, once again to be played by Chevy Chase.
     Answer: Irwin R. FLETCHer
  21. A battle with Crohn's disease, as well as an early injury that partly paralyzed one arm, made this player's NHL dreams seem impossible. He persisted, playing for the Moose Jaw Warriors for three years before finally being drafted 166th overall in 1987--well behind Joe Sakic whom he'd tied for first in WHL scoring that year with 160 points. In February 1999, he set the all-time team record for career points, passing Al MacInnis, but was soon traded for Wade Belak, Rene Corbet, and future considerations. For ten points name this 5-foot-6 inch winger, who's the all-time leading scorer in Calgary Flames history.
     Answer: Theoren "Theo" FLEURY