1. Name the somewhat-related songs given lyrics, for 10 points each:
    1. Revolution, Evolution, masturbation, flagellation, regulation, integrations, meditations, United Nations, Congratulations.
       Answer: GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (Plastic Ono Band)
    2. Heard of some gravesites out by the highway/A place where nobody knows/The sound of gunfire off in the distance/Iım getting used to it now
       Answer: LIFE DURING WARTIME (Talking Heads) Pt: Heart to heart you win if you survive
       Answer: THE WARRIOR (Scandal Featuring Patty Smyth)
  2. 40-30-20-10-1, name the state from its odd tourist attractions
    1. [40] Name the state now.
    2. [30] Beemerville has the Space Farms and Museum, the home of Goliath, the world's largest bear, now deceased and stuffed. There's also Vineland, which bills itself as the dandilion capital of the world.
    3. [20] Gillette has the final resting place of Leo the MGM lion. A farm in Plainsboro has the remains of Elsie the Borden cow, but she may move- or get built over- as the farm is being subdivided for single family homes.
    4. [10] Paterson has a statue of Lou Costello, while Menlo Park has the world's largest incandecent lightbulb.
    5. [1] West Trenton has the New Jersey State Police Museum.
       Answer: NEW JERSEY
  3. Saturday Night Live changed most of its cast for the 1995-96 season, and many of those cast members are still around. But for the stated number of points, identify these '95-96 cast members who now work elsewhere, if at all.
    1. For 5, one of the few holdovers from 1994 was this only former Kid in the Hall to become an SNL cast member.
       Answer: Mark MCKINNEY
    2. for ten points, he teamed up with McKinney to form the Fops, Lucius and Fabian, but left SNL in 1996 to, er, um, well I'm sure he had a good reason. He has recently been seen in commercials as a Coors Light beer man with a broken leg.
       Answer: David KOECHNER (KEK-ner)
    3. for ten points, she was on SNL for just that one season, had no notable characters, and was replaced for '96-97 by Ana Gasteyer. Web searches seem to support the idea that she has fallen off the face of the earth.
       Answer: Nancy WALLS
  4. It's about two-thirds of the way through The Blues Brothers. In just a moment, Jake is gonna say "hit it", and the two are going to drive to Chicago. But first, Elwood is going to make 5 declarations strung together into one sentence. That's where you come in. You'll get 5 points for each phrase you can correctly recite from memory, in order, and 30 if you get the whole quote right. Now, as Jake would say, "hit it."
  5. In NASCAR, it's easier to tell the drivers from their sponsors than their numbers. Given a NASCAR driver's primary car sponsor, name the driver for five points each and a five point bonus for all five.
    1. DuPont
       Answer: Jeff GORDON
    2. Goodwrench Auto Service
       Answer: Dale EARNHARDT
    3. McDonald's
       Answer: Bill ELLIOTT
    4. Kodak
       Answer: Bobby HAMILTON
    5. Tide
       Answer: Ricky RUDD
  6. 40-30-20-10-5 Name the actor
    1. [40] Name him right now
    2. [30] He is the only actor to appear on the cover of TV Guide three weeks in a row.
    3. [20] Born Eugene Orowitz in Forest Hills, New York in 1936, this actor was a national javelin champion while at Collingswood High School in New Jersey. His first major role was the title character in the 1957 film I Was A Teenage Werewolf.
    4. [10] He's the only actor to have three consecutive shows on television, each of which ran for at least five years.
    5. [5] Those shows were Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, and Highway to Heaven.
       Answer: Michael LANDON
  7. Name the country cross-over type album for ten points each.
    1. It featured the likes of Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Brooks & Dunn, and Diamond Rio singing Eagles songs.
       Answer: COMMON THREAD
    2. Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and others jam with traditional Irish group The Chieftains on this 1992 disc.
       Answer: ANOTHER COUNTRY
    3. Wynonna, Charlie Daniels, Pam Tillis, and others show that they can play the movie game by contributing to this soundtrack, one of three soundtracks for this 1998 movie.
       Answer: The PRINCE OF EGYPT
  8. Answer these questions about the Terrance and Philip special Not Without My Anus for ten points each.
    1. We learn in this episode that Terrance fathered a child with what Canadian singer?
       Answer: Celine DION
    2. Name either of the teams involved in the climactic football game; one was in the CFL but no longer exists, while the other is ficticious.
    3. This character, who finds fart humor beneath contempt, apparently tries either Terrance or Philip for murder in each episode of their show. He also wishes cancer on the duo.
       Answer: SCOTT
  9. Name these sports teams best known for losing streaks for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) When this expansion team debuted in the NBA in 1988, they lost their first 17 games.
       Answer: Miami Heat
    2. (10) 1988 also saw this baseball team begin the regular season by losing its first 23 games.
       Answer: Baltimore Orioles
    3. (15) This now-defunct team holds the CFL record for most consecutive losses by a U.S.-based team, losing 14 straight in 1994.
       Answer: Shreveport Pirates
  10. OK, maybe not everybody, but lots of people do love Raymond. For the stated number of points identify these actors from that CBS sitcom.
    1. For 5, this stand-up comedian, appropriately enough, plays the title role.
       Answer: Ray ROMANO
    2. for ten points, This veteran screen actor, best known for playing the monster in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, portrays Raymond's father, Edward Barone.
       Answer: Peter BOYLE
    3. for 15 points, this actress whose films include Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Space Jam, and Beethoven plays Raymond's wife Debra.
       Answer: Patricia HEATON
  11. Identify the actor from roles, 30-20-10.
    1. (30) British journalist Jon Swain in The Killing Fields, Colin in Oxford Blues.
    2. (20) Yves in Naked Lunch, Dr. Atherton in Arachnophobia, Dr. Harrison Steele in Vibes.
    3. (10) Dr. Nick Cavanaugh in Boxing Helena, the Warlock in Warlock.
       Answer: Julian SANDS
  12. '90s disaster films just can't compare with '70s disaster films. Identify these '70s releases about massive destruction for ten points each.
    1. Los Angeles is largely destroyed in this 1974 movie where the Hollywood Reservoir bursts. Charlton Heston and George Kennedy save a few lives, in this first movie presented in Sensurround.
       Answer: EARTHQUAKE
    2. An architect played by Doug Roberts and a fireman played by Steve McQueen team up to save people at the opening party of a huge but poorly constructed skyscraper.
    3. A 90-foot tidal wave hits an aging, decrepit passenger ship, and a priest must lead the survivors to safety in the propellor shaft of the overturned boat. Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine star.
  13. (VISUAL) Given photos, name the figure skaters for five points each.
    1. Number One
       Answer: Katarina WITT
    2. Number Two
       Answer: Brian BOITANO
    3. Number Three
       Answer: CHEN Lu
    4. Number Four
       Answer: Phillipe CANDOLERO
    5. Number Five
       Answer: Nicole BOBEK
    6. Number Six
       Answer: Ilya KULIK
  14. The Kentucky Fried Movie contained several previews or entire movies within the movie. For ten points each identify these movies within that movie.
    1. The feature is this parody of Enter the Dragon in which Loo is convinced to infiltrate Dr. Klahn's camp by the fact that he will "have the opportunity to kill 40 or 50 people."
       Answer: A FISTFUL OF YEN
    2. More shocking than Mandingo, this film promises to reveal the truth about masturbation, introduces Marilyn Chambers, and includes the classic line, "Show me you're nuts."
    3. The first movie presented in Feel-O-Rama, its title is a John Landis trademark referenced or included in most of his films.
  15. Identify these "little" movies for the stated number of points.
    1. [5] Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neill starred in this 1994 pee-wee football version of The Mighty Ducks.
       Answer: LITTLE GIANTS
    2. [10] This 1991 movie centered around single mom Jodie Foster's attempt to raise a gifted 8-year-old son.
       Answer: LITTLE MAN TATE
    3. [15] This 1980 flick featured two 15-year-old girls, played by Tatum O'Neal and Christy McNichol, in a race to lose their virginity to counselor Armand Assante and camper Matt Dillon respectively.
       Answer: LITTLE DARLINGS
  16. Answer these questions about the numbers racket for ten points each.
    1. This numbers variant allowed the bettor to place side bets on individual digits. For example, a person playing 439 could also bet on the number 9 coming up in the third position.
       Answer: SINGLE ACTION
    2. At its height, there were 300 numbers shops in New York City. This racketeer, known for dealing beer during Prohibition, unified the shops- or wiped them out if they wouldn't join.
       Answer: Dutch SCHULTZ
    3. This city's numbers racket, started by "Policy Sam" Young, was taken over by the Mafia when Sam Giancana returned from prison with the news that it took in over $30,000,000 a year.
       Answer: CHICAGO
  17. Answer these questions about recent celbrity deaths for ten points each.
    1. This past Thursday saw the passing of this man, who composed the score for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He's perhaps best known for playing Matthew Mugg in Doctor Dolittle.
       Answer: Anthony NEWLEY
    2. Last Monday saw the death of this woman, a popular voice-over artist most identifiable as the voice of Wilma Flintstone.
       Answer: Jean VANDER PYL (van der pill)
    3. A little less recently, comic book publisher John Goldwater passed away at the age of 83. Goldwater was the creator of what popular comic series featuring a gaggle of high schoolers?
       Answer: ARCHIE Comics
  18. In 1999, this major league baseball player made dubious history by appearing for his 11th different major league team. Answer these questions on such dubious records for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Name this pitcher, who debuted at age 18 for Oakland in 1978, and has since played for the Yankees, Toronto, Seattle, Baltimore, Los Angeles, the Cubs, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Minnesota and, in 1999, Texas.
       Answer: Mike MORGAN
    2. (10) The NBA record for most teams is nine, shared by four players. For ten points, name one of the two active players who share the all-time mark. Hint: the two play for Charlotte and Vancouver.
       Answer: Chucky BROWN (Charlotte), Tony MASSENBURG (Vancouver)
    3. (15) Morgan broke the baseball record of 10 held by three players. For 15 points, name any of the three players who suited up for 10 clubs.
       Answer: Tommy DAVIS, Ken BRETT, Bob L. MILLER
  19. Entering the 1999 season, six active American League players have at least two-thousand career hits. For 5 points each, name these six players.
     Answer: Cal RIPKEN, Jr. , Wade BOGGS, Harold BAINES, Tim RAINES, Tony FERNANDEZ, Chili DAVIS
  20. Name the rappers given their real names, 5 points each for the first 4, with 10 possible for the final name:
    1. [5] Earl Simmons
       Answer: DMX
    2. [5] Inga Marchand
       Answer: FOXY BROWN
    3. [5] Marshall Mathers
       Answer: EMINEM
    4. [5] Reggie Noble
       Answer: REDMAN
    5. [10] Darryl Gibson
       Answer: POSITIVE K (performed ³I Got A Man² in 1993)