1. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  2. Formed in 1978 in Los Angeles, it briefly featured Steven Bauer of TVıs Wings as a member before breaking up in 1981. This bandıs lead singerıs brother is Geoffrey Fieger, ex-attorney for Dr. Jack Kevorkian and former Democratic candidate for governor in Michigan. Reunited briefly in 1991, it joined forces again in 1994 after their biggest hit was featured in the soundtrack to the film Reality Bites. For ten points name this Doug Fieger-led band, who in 1979 told America about their pretty one, My Sharona.
     Answer: THE KNACK
  3. He will replace Dick Clark as host of ABC's New Year's Eve special this year, hosting a 27 hour special which will ring in 2000 across the globe. This furthers his spread from just being a news anchor, which started with a series of specials he co-hosted with Todd Brewster, with whom he wrote the book the series was based on. For ten points, name this man who has a new duty to add to his series The Century and anchoring ABC's World News Tonight.
     Answer: Peter JENNINGS
  4. The obscure colloquialism "You're off your chump" is utilized to deny the semi-existence of this pet, whose owner either loves him somewhat sexually or in the manner of a 20th-century literary critic. He shares that owner's affections with a dog, a cat, a fruit bat and an halibut. For ten points name this accidentally bisected hive employee immortalized in song by Monty Python.
     Answer: ERIC THE HALF a BEE (note capitalization)
  5. In his first collegiate game, this quarterback led his team to an upset of then-#1 Penn State. The 1984 USfor L pointslayer of the Year, he holds the American pro football record for most passing yards in a game, passing for 574 yards in a 1985 game against the Los Angeles Express. After passing for 83 touchdowns in two USFL seasons, he moved to the NFL, where he threw for over 35-thousand yards and 237 touchdowns. For ten points name this quarterback, the first in the great line of quarterbacks at the University of Miami, who went to four Super Bowls as a Buffalo Bill.
     Answer: Jim KELLY
  6. Rather than admit he was a chicken, action star Brad Cliff claims that his date, Vallery Irons, is a bodyguard to the stars. In short order she actually becomes that, eventually saving Cliff from a militia group. Working with fellow hardbodies Tasha Dexter and Nikki Franco, Valerie protects the rich and beautiful every week on, for ten points, what syndicated show starring the singularly synthetic Pamela Anderson Lee?
     Answer: V.I.P.
  7. Several "Taxi" cast members, including Marilu Henner, Judd Hirsch, and Christopher Lloyd, will be appearing as themselves, as will Lorne Michaels and David Letterman. And so will Jerry Lawler, whose tussle with star Jim Carrey may or may not have been a publicity stunt to drum up interest in this November 1999 release. For ten points name this upcoming Milos Foreman biopic of Andy Kaufman, which is negotiating with REM for rights to the song with which it will share its title.
     Answer: MAN ON THE MOON
  8. Hailing from Petroskey, Michigan, her big acting break came in a Saturn commercial where she reveled in showing prospective male owners the vanity mirror. She used the cash from that role to open GOAT, a combo gift shop and cafe, from which she holds Supper Clubs and caters events for the likes of Diane Keaton and Quentin Tarantino. Her TV show focuses on four areas: food, community, surroundings, and basics 1-2-3. Name, for ten points, the host of Lifetime's Next Door, basic cable's answer to Martha Stewart.
     Answer: Katie BROWN
  9. A weapon of the Sikhs, it is traditionally thrown using the thumb and forefinger from about neck level. They have an effective killing range of 50 yards, and have a maximum range of about 100 yards. Razor sharp, the one seen most often on TV has one side with designs by Lao Ma. For ten points, name this weapon, whose over the top whooshing sound when used makes it the most distinctive weapon used by Xena: Warrior Princess.
     Answer: CHAKRA or CHAKRAM (accept either)
  10. A fourth round draft choice of the Patriots in 1985, he injured his knee in training camp that year. After not catching on with the Pats, Green Bay, or Houston, he retired from football. Now a vice-president for a company that prints financial literature, he often talks with co-workers about where they were the day after Thanksgiving, 1984, while he was at the Orange Bowl. Name, for ten points, this former wide reciever, who caught "the pass" from Doug Flutie that led Boston College to a 47-45 upset of Miami.
     Answer: Gerard PHELAN
  11. Every Tuesday he gets his hair cut at The Hair House. He's a commander in the Naval Reserve. Born in San Francisco, his sister Mary Ann still lives in California. He likes to play the guitar to relax. He was engaged once to Cathy Wallis, who he later had to deal with as a murder suspect. He lives at 404 Piikoi Street in Honolulu, but spends most of his time at the office fighting crime with the help of Danny Williams and Chin Ho Kelly. For ten points, name this super-cop, played by Jack Lord on Hawaii 5-O.
     Answer: Steve MCGARRETT
  12. It was made for $60,000, mostly in $100 contributions by the director's family and friends, who received $150 back each after it was distributed by Artisan Entertainment. A Wall Street group and a group of Hasidic Jews both chase after a disturbed man who just may have the key to the universe, or at least the stock market, in his computer Euclid. For ten points name this 1998 film starring Sean Gullette as obsessed mathematician Max Cohen, whose title refers to the lifelong work of his mentor on one particular number.
     Answer: PI
  13. He spent two decades as a Chicago cop and seemingly the last two decades playing cops on TV and in movies. He has also played characters on the other side of the law, as in Midnight Run and Get Shorty, and as a bad coach, as in Eddie and Little Big League. For ten points name this actor seen more recently as Jennifer Lopez's father in Out of Sight, as a lieutenant colonel in Saving Private Ryan and as Captain Greer in The Mod Squad.
     Answer: Dennis FARINA
  14. (AUDIO) FAQTP, given a 15-second snippet, name this legendary voice of sports.
     Answer: John FACENDA
  15. Albert Camus admitted that he was inspired to write The Stranger by this hard-boiled James Cain novel that has been made into a movie twice. The 1946 version featured John Garfield as Frank Chambers, a drifter who has an affair with his bosses' wife, played by Lana Turner, and plots with her to kill her husband. The 1981 version with the same basic plot featured Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson in the lead roles. For ten points give this common title, which has nothing to do with Kevin Costner's post- apocalyptic nightmare film of 1997.
  16. Commander Taco, Hemos and Sengan sound like movie characters, but they're really handles for the main editors on this website. The biggest controversies on the site typically revolve around Open Source Software, MP3's and whether writer Jon Katz belongs there. But if you get your site posted here, be prepared for a brief but enourmous surge in visitors, an occurence so common it has become known as this site's eponymous "effect." for ten points, name this website, the home of "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters."
     Answer: www.SLASHDOT.org
  17. Unheralded upon graduating from Louisiana State, he played for the Baltimore Colts of the AAFC until they folded in 1950. Acquired by the 49ers, he passed Frankie Albert to become starter, and was named UPI Player of the Year in 1957. When the Niners moved to a 3 Q-B rotation in 1960, he complained and was traded to the Giants. It was there that he had his best years, leading them to the division title that year. He picked up another UPI Player of the Year award in 1962, and AP's award the following year. For ten points, name this field general and Hall of Famer, whose number 14 is retired by the Giants.
     Answer: Yelberton Abraham "Y.A." TITTLE
  18. Times are tough for this actress. At the most recent Fire & Ice Charity Ball in Hollywood, she was seated next to Goldie Hawn, who she is likely going to replace in Miramax's film version of the musical Chicago. She's also suing photographer Guido Argentini for selling photos which she claims were for private use to Playboy. To top it all, her last two films, Celebrity and Mighty Joe Young, tanked. For ten points, name this actress on the down side after more successful turns in films like The Devil's Advocate, That Thing You Do!, and 2 Days In the Valley.
     Answer: Charlize THERON
  19. This Huntington Beach band was the first non-rap act to record on the Def Jam label. In addition to their own albums for the label, they compressed ³Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida² into 3 minutes, 16 seconds for the Less Than Zero soundtrack, and guitarist Kerry King played the solo in the Beastie Boysı ³No Sleep Til Brooklyn². Founded in 1982 by King and fellow guitarist Jeff Hanneman, they eventually followed Def Jam cofounder Rick Rubin to American Recordings, where they remain. For 10 points, name this thrash-metal band whose latest album is last yearıs Diabolus in Musica, but whose essential recording is 1986ıs Reign In Blood.
     Answer: SLAYER
  20. A devoted health nut, he ate raisins and sunflower seeds while on the course, and wore black because he believed it allowed him to absorb energy from the sun. He gave away the $25,000 he earned for winning the 1965 US Open, for causes including medical research and junior golf. As a 21 year old he beat countryman Bobby Locke to take the 1957 British Open title. He won the British twice more, the PGA twice, and the Masters in 1961, 1974, and 1978. He's also won the PGA Senior title 3 times and the Senior US Open twice. For ten points, name this South African golfer, the first foreign-born player to win the Masters.
     Answer: Gary PLAYER
  21. An early beta released on the Internet featured textures that got more detailed as one got closer, surfaces with Bezier curves, and a spiffy new logo. Principal creator John Carmak says a version will be released for Linux, but most people just want to know if the deathmatch experience will match Id Software's current offerings. For ten points, name the game, a point-of-view shooter that follows up one of the most successful video games ever.
     Answer: QUAKE 3: Arena (DO NOT PROMPT on Quake. Quake 2 is similarly wrong.)