1. The Internet Entertainment Group have brought celebrity skin to a new high. The company that brought us the Pam and Tommy Lee sex tape, IEG has made some other folks squirm, too. For ten points each, name the people IEG may have shown in the buff.
    1. She posed nude for her then-boyfriend, only to see the pictures resurface from IEG decades later, after she became a noted radio talk show host.
       Answer: Dr. Laura SCHLESHENGER
    2. This sitcom actor sued IEG to prevent a video from seeing the light of day, only to retract the suit when it was found that IEG didn't have it. Considering his past relationship with a Playboy Playmate and marriage to model Camille Donatacci, you wouldn't think skin would bother him.
       Answer: Kelsey GRAMMER
    3. IEG also brought us pictures of this Rolling Stone nude on a beach and, shall we say, playing solo.
       Answer: Keith RICHARDS
  2. It probably says something that the US's best World Cup soccer performance came in the very first World Cup.
    1. for five points each, in what year was that first Cup, and in what South American country was it held?
       Answer: 1930, URUGUAY
    2. for ten points, name either country the US beat in 1930, one European, the other South American, both by 3-0 scores.
       Answer: BELGIUM or PARAGUAY
    3. Snapping back to soccer reality, the US lost in the semifinals 6-1 to what nation?
       Answer: ARGENTINA
  3. Identify these German metal bands that arenıt the Scorpions, for 10 points each:
    1. This bandıs music appeared in a Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode and on the Lost Highway soundtrack. A big hit on Kornıs Family Values tour last summer year, this band scored a Grammy nomination and a minor MTV hit for "Du Hast."
       Answer: RAMMSTEIN
    2. Beavis and Butthead savaged this groupıs video once, calling it "night of the living bands that suck." They couldnıt even award points for the use of the word "balls" in the songıs title, "Balls to the Wall."
       Answer: ACCEPT
    3. We said The Scorpions would not be an answer, but so we can still ask about former Scorpions. This lead guitarist and brother of the Scorpsı founder was an on-and-off member in the early seventies. He later joined UFO, before founding his own eponymous group.
  4. Name these members of Spinal Tap who met tragic ends for ten points each.
    1. This drummer spontaneously combusted behind his drumkit. His brother, Rick, joined the re-formed trio for their reunion concert at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards.
       Answer: Mick SHRIMPTON
    2. The groupıs manager, he ran out of blood vessels to burst in his forehead, and he was buried with his beeper and cellular phone.
       Answer: Ian FAITH
    3. This keyboardist died, a victim of his own ³have a good time all the time² philosophy.
       Answer: Viv SAVAGE
  5. Jennifer Aniston and Charley Schlatter may not seem to have much in common, but their careers are stuck in similar flight paths.
    1. for ten points, Schlatter and Aniston co-starred in the 1990 TV adaptation of what 1986 film, playing brother and sister?
       Answer: FERIS BUELLER
    2. While Aniston has found fame on Thursday nights, Schlatter has found a steady paycheck later on Thursdays playing Jesse Travis on what CBS mystery show?
    3. Richard Riehle, who played Ed Rooney on the TV show Ferris Bueller, appeared in what 1999 film which counted Aniston among its stars?
       Answer: OFFICE SPACE
  6. Letıs turn our attention Northward to reflect on the 1999 Juno Awards. Answer these questions about the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys for the stated number of points.
    1. [5] This group took awards for Best Group, Best Pop Album, and Best Single for ³One Week.²
    2. [10] the Best Music of Aboriginal Canada Recording went to Contact From The Underworld of Redboy, by this singer/songwriter/producer/actor and former leader of The Band.
       Answer: Robbie ROBERTSON
    3. [15] Itıs a gimme that Shania Twain won Best Female Country Vocalist. Who won Best Male Country Vocalist?
       Answer: Paul BRANDT
  7. I'm sleeping, and right in the middle of a good dream, like all at once I wake up from something that keeps knocking at my brain; before I go insane I hold my pillow to my head and spring up in my bed screaming out the words I dread: I think I'll write a Partridge Family bonus! Identify the following for the stated number of points.
    1. For 5, the song from which our rambling lead-in was pilfered.
       Answer: I THINK I LOVE YOU
    2. For 10, though some of us will always think of him as Earl from Alice, this character actor's defining role was as the Partridges long-suffering manager Reuben Kincaid.
       Answer: Dave MADDEN
    3. For 15, after the demise of the prime-time series, the Partridges lived on for one season in this Hanna-Barbera cartoon minus the vocal talents of Shirley Jones and David Cassidy.
       Answer: The PARTRIDGE FAMILY 2200 A.D.
  8. (AUDIO) Given the entrance music of a World Wrestling Federation superstar or tag team, name the wrestler or wrestlers for five points each, and a five point bonus for all five.
  9. Name the game as seen on the fabulous 60 minute The Price Is Right for the stated number of points.
    1. for five points, players guess correct price digits for chips, which they then slide down a peg board for a chance to win $10,000 per chip.
       Answer: PLINKO
    2. for ten points, the only game where a car is driven into the studio, players get a number of dollar bills and then must guess on the digits in the car's price. Contestants pay a dollar for each place off they are. To win, the player must have at least one dollar left after guessing all the digits.
       Answer: LUCKY SEVEN
    3. for 15 points, players guess the price of three items. For every dollar they're off, a mountain climber takes another step up a peak. If the climber takes more than 25 steps, he falls off the mountain and the contestant loses the grand prize.
       Answer: CLIFF HANGERS
  10. At the start of the 1999 NBA mini-season, four foreign countries were represented by at least three native-born players. For five points each, and a ten point bonus for all four, name the countries.
  11. This year's controversial lifetime achievement award sparked a renewed interest in the career of Elia Kazan. Identify these films directed by Kazan for ten points each.
    1. On The Waterfront gave Kazan his second Best Director Oscar. His first came for this 1947 film starring Gregory Peck as a writer pretending to be Jewish in order to discover the nature of American anti-Semitism.
    2. Kazan first directed Marlon Brando in this 1951 screen adaptation whose other main star, Vivian Leigh, would later have trouble distinguishing her own life from that of her neurotic character.
    3. Kazan's final movie was this 1976 adaptation of a novel whose title character, a movie producer, was inspired by Irving Thalberg, who is played in the movie by Robert DeNiro.
       Answer: The LAST TYCOON
  12. Given a member of the Mafia, supply their nickname for ten points each.
    1. Vincent Gigante
       Answer: The CHIN
    2. Frank Nitti
       Answer: The ENFORCER
    3. Jack Diamond
       Answer: LEGS
  13. Six teams competing in the 1999 NCAA Division One basketball tournament have made at least 10 straight appearances in the Big Dance. For five points each name the six teams with the longest active streaks for appearing in the Big Dance.
     Answer: NORTH CAROLINA (25 times), ARIZONA (15), INDIANA (14), UCLA (11), TEMPLE (10), KANSAS (10)
  14. Identify the actor from roles, 30-20-10
    1. (30) Leo Dalco in 1900, Tinsworthy in 9 To 5, Dix Handley in The Asphalt Jungle.
    2. (20) Police Captain McCluskey in The Godfather, Johnny Clay in The Killing, Johnny Guitar in Johnny Guitar.
    3. (10) General Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
       Answer: Sterling HAYDEN
  15. Given the following list of cars, arrange them from fastest to slowest zero to 60 acceleration times. You need only give model when answering. The cars are: the 1965 AC Cobra 427, the 1985 Lamborghini Countach, the 1996 Porche 911 Turbo, the 1975 Ferrari 308 GTB, and the 1994 Dodge Viper GTS.
     Answer: PORCHE 911 Turbo (3.7 sec), 1965 AC COBRA 427 (4.2), 1985 Lamborghini COUNTACH (5.1), 1994 Dodge VIPER GTS (5.2), 1975 FERRARI 308 GTB (7.3)
  16. Ohio State and Michigan State made it to the Final Four this year in men's basketball. Neither made it to the championship game. This is nothing new for the Big 10.
    1. for ten points each, name the two Big 10 school who made the Final Four in 1980, but got to watch Louisville and UCLA play for the title.
       Answer: PURDUE University and University of IOWA
    2. To make matters worse, the Final Four in 1980 was held in the capital of a state that's home to a Big 10 school. For ten points, name it.
       Answer: INDIANAPOLIS
  17. for 5 points each and a 5-point bonus for all correct, given a character from the cult movie Rocky Horror Picture Show, identify the actor who played that part.
    1. Brad Majors
       Answer: Barry BOSTWICK
    2. Magenta
       Answer: Patricia QUINN
    3. The Criminologist
       Answer: Charles GRAY
    4. Eddie
       Answer: Meat LOAF
    5. Rocky
       Answer: Peter HINWOOD
  18. 40-30-20-10 Name the baseball team
    1. 40: Name them right now
    2. 30: They were the first baseball club to have last names on the back of player's uniforms, doing so in 1960.
    3. 20: A year earlier, this team led the majors in steals with 113, and had a Cy Young award winner in pitcher Early Wynn. They lost the 1959 World Series in six games to the Dodgers.
    4. 10: It was their first World Series appeareance since their infamous performance in 1919.
       Answer: Chicago White Sox
  19. 30-20-10, name the performer from work with or for other artists.
    1. [30] Played keyboards on Stevie Nicksı ³Stand Back² [20] Attempted to kick-start the careers of Chaka Khan and Larry Graham by packaging their latest projects with a 1997 mail-order release of his own. [10] Composed Nothing Compares 2U for The Family and Sinead OıConnor.
       Answer: PRINCE or THE ARTIST Formerly known as Prince or Prince Rodgers NELSON or that Symbol doohickey
  20. Given a bit of Olympic controversy, name the Games it occurred at for the stated number of points. Location required; year may be prompted for if the site hosted more than once.
    1. [10] This city saw the Battle of Shepherds Bush, when flag bearer Martin Sheridan refused to dip the flag when passing King Edward VII.
       Answer: LONDON 1908 (prompt for year)
    2. [5] 32 African countries boycotted to protest the IOC's decision not to ban New Zealand due to their rugby tour of South Africa.
       Answer: MONTREAL
    3. [15] Fred Lorz, a marathoner who dropped out after nine miles, was mistakenly declared the winner by trotting over to his clothes, which were near the finish line. Thomas Hicks took the gold, with the help of painkillers fed to him along the course by friends.
       Answer: ST. LOUIS