1. On this TV show, David Hume works for the Citizens Protections Bureau, a group whose mission is to defend innocent parties from unchecked societal powers, mainly big corporations that have virtually taken over the world. One such company sells vacations for the mind, thanks to the latest in mind-altering electronic thingamajigs. For ten points name this TV series, which is very loosely based on a Philip K. Dick story and a 1988 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?
     Answer: TOTAL RECALL 2070
  2. Born in 1953 in New York, she was named Ms. Magazine¹s Woman of the Year in 1983. Between 1976-80, she was the lead singer and songwriter for Blue Angel, a New York bar band whose major label debut album bombed in 1980. After signing in Japanese restaurants dressed as a geisha girl for three years, her boyfriend/manager, David Wolff, signed her to CBS. For ten points name this singer, who said Captain Lou Albano taught her how to groom herself and be polite, who earned kudos from Ms. For her 1983 anthem Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
     Answer: Cyndi LAUPER
  3. He's been romantically linked with Dr. Juliana Cox, crime-scene modeler Emma Zoole, and restaurant owner Christopher Rawls. His early casework was based loosely on that of real-life detective Tom Pellegrini, in that he transferred from the mayor's security detail and immediately caught the case of a murdered 11-year-old girl, which remains unsolved and continued to haunt him for years. His recent conversion to Buddhism appears to be his way of dealing with that case, as well as childhood molestation by his uncle; getting shot last year; and the subsequent retirement of his partner, Frank Pembleton. For ten points, name this character played by Kyle Secor on Homicide: Life On The Street.
     Answer: Det. Tim BAYLISS
  4. A reviewer once called this Canadian singer "God's gift to the male race." Ironic, considering her following among lesbians. She once earned the ire of Boy George saying she'd hated singing Karma Chameleon because it was "such a piece of shit." for ten points, name this former gym teacher from Nova Scotia more famous for singing Snowbird, You Needed Me, and for her cover of Daydream Believer.
     Answer: Anne MURRAY
  5. Lee Richmond for Worcester in 1880. Monte Ward for Providence, also in 1880. Addie Joss for Cleveland in 1908. Charlie Robertson for the White Sox in 1922. Len Barker for Cleveland in 1981. Tom Browning for the Reds in 1988. Ernie Shore, but not officially, in 1917. Harvey Haddix, for 12 innings, in 1959. All of these pitchers accomplished, for ten points, what feat, the most famous one performed by Don Larsen in the 1956 World Series?
     Answer: PITCH A PERFECT GAME (accept equivalent)
  6. He was associated with 2 successful groups, the Beach Boys and The Champs, and played guitar on Frank Sinatra's number one hit Strangers in the Night, but solo success was elusive until he cracked the top 10 in 1968 with Wichita Lineman, seven years before his first number one hit. For ten points name this singer whose quiz-bowl identity is mainly as a Tom Waters lookalike, but who will always be remembered elsewhere for the 1975 song Rhinestone Cowboy.
     Answer: Glen CAMPBELL
  7. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. They were probably the most talked about couple at the London premiere of the film Gods and Monsters. This would partly be due to her high visibility book tour in the UK, partly due to the rather public discussion of her affair with a married man, and partly due to his being openly gay. For ten points, name this couple, he the star of the film being premiered, she the fellatrix who nearly toppled the Clinton White House.
     Answer: Ian MCKELLAN and Monica LEWINSKY
  8. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  9. Every Wednesday in March this network featured an Irish film, such as The Manions of America and The Girl With Green Eyes. March also featured Joseph Feinnes in The Vaciliations of Poppy Carew. They're also sponsoring the In Royal Fashion mall tour, which sports an actual Diana dress, as well as the WWWedding, which they bill as the biggest on-line vow-swap ever. All of these love-related things are brought to us by, for ten points, what cable channel, an off-shoot of American Movie Classics that focuses on affairs of the heart?
  10. On April 1, 1931, demolition began at the corner of Church and Carlton Streets. Opening night was on November 13, where Chicago beat the home team 2-1. This facility, which originally featured a bowling alley, billards room, and gymnasium, featured approximately 16-thousand seats and 85 private boxes. For ten points name this building, located on 60 Carlton Street, which was closed for good in 1999, to be replaced by the Air Canada Centre.
     Answer: MAPLE LEAF GARDENS (not Maple Leaf Garden)
  11. She owns an occult shop in Hollywood, and she got her name right after birth when her father saw her unusually blue eyes. She won a Cable Ace award and an Independent Spirit award in 1992 for her roles in the TV movie "Shame" and the feature "Gas, Food, Lodging", and her mainstream breakout role came in 1996 as Nancy Downs in "The Craft". For ten points name this actress seen more recently in American History X and The Waterboy.
     Answer: Fairuza BALK (note: "Fairuza" is Turkish for turquoise)
  12. Son of a railroad and coke tycoon, he married a showgirl and was disinherited. That showgirl had, before their marriage, been romantically involved with a prominent local architect, and their affair ate at him. On June 25, 1906, he and his wife attened the rooftop supper club on Madison Square Garden. Dining alone was his wife's former lover. After several passes, he finally stopped and shot the architect, Stanford White, to death. While his wife, Evelyn Nesbit, did all she could to save her husband, he was eventually found insane and spent most of the rest of his life in an asylum. Thus went the life of, for ten points, what society murderer?
     Answer: Harry THAW
  13. She got involved with the Black Panthers in the late '60s, and figuring no one would suspect a white actress, actually stored their guns in her house. Her first film role came after a nationwide search for the lead in Otto Preminger's Saint Joan, but the film flopped, and she proved more successful playing an American girl in French films than vice versa. For ten points name this actress, whose leading roles came in Paint Your Wagon, Lilith, The Mouse That Roared, and most famously in Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless.
     Answer: Jean SEBERG
  14. At age 19, he won the 1968 U-S Amateur, then shot four strokes better than playing partner Arnold Partner in the first round of next year’s Masters. He drifted on and off the PGA Tour for the next 10 years before quitting altogether to stay with his family and become a club pro. He won his only PGA event in 1991, but had to finish second in last year’s qualifying tournament to be exempt for the Senior Tour. For ten points name this 50-year-old, who in 1999 became the first golfer to win his first two Senior PGA Tour events, winning the Royal Caribbean and AmEx Invitationals.
     Answer: Bruce FLEISHER
  15. Walter Paisley, a bus boy and aspiring artist, is a failure until he accidetally kills his landlady's cat and then passes it off as a sculpture called "dead cat." His next work, "murdered man" takes things a bit too far in, for ten points, what horror classic shot five days by Roger Corman.
     Answer: A BUCKET OF BLOOD
  16. With a time four seconds over his personal best already recorded, he was paired with the distance's current world record holder. All this after he overslept by an hour. Going out in a 14:30 pace his challenger, Viktor Leskin, faded, but he picked it up and won with a time of 14:28.13, smashing Leskin's mark by over six seconds. Had he been a country, this win would have put him third in medals, trailing just the USSR and East Germany. For ten points, name this skater who made history the hard way by sweeping the men's speed skating events at the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid.
     Answer: Eric HEIDEN
  17. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED! One, the son of Lord Llangattock, was selling Panhard automobiles when he met the other, who was preparing to enter the car market with three designs of his own. Impressed by the latter's demand for quality, the former agreed to sell all the cars the latter could build. Their named entered automotive history with their 1906 introduction of the Silver Ghost. For ten points, name these British auto legends, whose company also produced the Corniche and the Silver Shadow.
     Answer: Charles Stewart ROLLS and Frederick Henry ROYCE
  18. In his last three major league seasons, this ballplayer hit 100 homers and drove in 303 runs, including 35 homers in his last season, 1986. He stands fifth all-time in striking out, with 1816, but led the National League twice in homers, including 48 while a Cub in 1979. Two years earlier, he became the first and only player in major league history to hit a homerun for four different teams in the same season. For ten points name this infamous power hitter, who's ineligible for Cooperstown despite hitting 442 career home runs in 16 major league seasons.
     Answer: Dave KINGMAN
  19. According to legend, this rock group got its name from the Anglicized version of lead singer Bobby Kimball¹s real surname. However, Kimball IS his real surname, so the band now says it was based on a character from a 1939 movie. Led by brothers Jeff, Matt, and Steve Porcaro, they were the big winners at the 1983 Grammy Awards, winning six trophies, including Record and Album of the Year. For ten points name this band, who late 70s/early 80s cheese included Hold the Line, Rosanna, and Africa.
     Answer: TOTO
  20. In 1997, he rode his 7000th winner, the fifth jockey to do so. He won on eight of his nine mounts at Arlington International in 1989, a record. His Breeder's Cup wins include Timber Country in the 1994 Juvenile and Wild Again in the 1984 Classic. Never a yearly top money winner, he's won 4 Eclipse Awards as top jockey, incluing back to back wins in 1988 and 1989. For ten points, name this jockey who recorded his first Triple Crown win at the 1985 Belmont aboard Tank's Prospect, and who nearly guided Tabasco Cat to the 1994 Crown, taking a 6th place at the Kentucky Derby.
     Answer: Pat DAY
  21. First sold in Europe in 1974, it was exported to the US a year later. The first foreign automobile plant on US soil, located in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, opened to build them in 1978. In 1984, it stopped being called the Rabbit in the US and was sold under the same name as it was in Europe. For ten points, name this front-wheel drive hatchback, a consistent top seller in Germany, made by Volkswagen.
     Answer: GOLF (accept RABBIT up to where "Rabbit" is in the question)