1. In honor of our host school, answer these questions about Penn State football coach Joe Paterno for ten points each.
    1. Paterno played quarterback for "Rip" Engle, the man he later took over for at Penn State, at what Ivy League school?
       Answer: BROWN
    2. This is the only bowl game Penn State has gone to more than once under Paterno's leadership and never won, losing the inaugural one to Florida State 24-17 and the 1993 one to Stanford 24-3. Both were played under the game's original name.
       Answer: BLOCKBUSTER Bowl
    3. The closest Paterno ever came to leaving Penn State for the pros was in 1973, when JoePa orally agreed to a six year, $1.3 million contract with what team in the NFL's American Conference, which he declined the following day?
       Answer: NEW ENGLAND or PATRIOTS
  2. Given the full name of a Boy Band member, tell what Boy Band he belongs (or belonged) to, for 5 points each, with a 5-point bonus if you admit knowing all five:
    1. Justin Timberlake
       Answer: NıSYNC
    2. Keith Duffy
       Answer: BOYZONE
    3. Kevin Richardson
       Answer: BACKSTREET BOYS
    4. Robbie Williams
       Answer: TAKE THAT
    5. Ronan Keating
       Answer: BOYZONE
  3. 40-30-20-10, name the actor.
    1. [40] Name the actor now.
    2. [30] Raised by his mother and maternal grandmother in Los Angeles, a jazz musician in their building turned him on to music. He played cornet professionally in the '40s, and at his death had a collection of over 6000 jazz albums.
    3. [20] His production company was named Mark VII, a name he made up over coffee one morning. Shows he produced through Mark VII include Emergency, Mobile One, and Adam-12.
    4. [10] His best known role is as the board stiff, no-nonsense, just the facts, ma'am Sargent Joe Friday on Dragnet.
       Answer: Jack WEBB
  4. answer the following questions about the Frank Herbert novel God Emperor of Dune, for the stated number of points:
    1. The body of Emperor Leto II is only partly human. For five points each, what other two Dune animals, actually two developmental phases of the same animal, make up most of his physique? Hint: one can't tolerate water, and the other, smaller one seeks water out and seals it up.
       Answer: SANDWORM and SANDTROUT
    2. for ten points, Leto has one race of genetic engineers repeatedly clone what ancient retainer of the Atreides family? First and Last name required.
       Answer: DUNCAN IDAHO
    3. Each chapter in the book begins with excerpts from this body of work, part of a larger work by Leto himself. For ten points, name it.
       Answer: the STOLEN JOURNALS
  5. Name the character from Hogan's Heroes for ten points each.
    1. This Gestapo major, a thorn in Colonel Klink's side, could do nothing to replace the bumbling commandant due to his "perfect" no escape record.
       Answer: Wolfgang HOCHSTETTER
    2. A gourmet chef and ladies man, he often distracted Sargeant Shultz with food during important moments. He was played by Robert Clary, an actual Holocaust survivor.
       Answer: Corporal Louis LE BEAU
    3. This oft-captured British colonel causes problems in Stalag 13 during his times there as he outranks Hogan and is, technically, the ranking POW. Played by Bernard Fox, he always manages to escape in such a way that it doesn't hurt Klink's record.
       Answer: Colonel CRITTENDON
  6. If I were to say ³Scandinavian musical import² and there were any justice in this world, the first name that came to your mind would not be ABBA, A-Ha or Roxette, but Bjork. Since leaving the Sugarcubes, Bjork has recorded three studio albums, and released a remix album. Name any three of these four albums for 10 points each.
  7. Name the person from their appearance in the Late Night with Conan O'Brian bit New Stamps for ten points each.
    1. This comic and Tae-Bo enthusiast appears in stamps dressed as famous Americans, including Ben Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower.
       Answer: SINBAD
    2. His many moods- angry, triumphant, wistful, and depressed- show this former Presidential candidate four times, all with the same face.
       Answer: Bob DOLE
    3. This actor's decline is shown from 1954, when he was lean and handsome, through his bulking up in 1972, his continued bulking and balding in 1979, to his planetary size- and rocket booster on back- in 2010.
       Answer: Marlon BRANDO
  8. Answer these questions about the nominees for the 1998-99 Daytime Emmy Awards for ten points each.
    1. While Susan Lucci was again nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series, name any of the four other nominees who, given history, are more likely to win.
       Answer: Kim ZIMMER or Elizabeth HUBBARD or Melody Thomas SCOTT or Jeanne COOPER
    2. This game show got 5 nominations, for Outstanding show and host, sound mixing, technical direction and video control, and directing.
    3. The nomination show was done live on CBS This Morning. The announcement host is also a co-host for the CBS program. Name him.
       Answer: Mark MCEWEN
  9. Given the name of an athlete with a Muslim name, give his birth name for ten points each. For example, if I said Muhammad Ali, you’d say Cassius Clay.
    1. Ahmad Rashad
       Answer: Bobby MOORE
    2. Tariq Abdul-Wahad
       Answer: Olivier SAINT-JEAN
    3. Bison Dele
       Answer: Brian WILLIAMS
  10. Answer these questions on the history of the Stanley Cup FSNOP.
    1. (5) This team has won the most Stanley Cups with 23.
       Answer: Montreal Canadiens
    2. (10) With his eighth Stanley Cup title in 1998, Scotty Bowman tied the record for most Cups won by a coach with this man, who won eight Cups with Montreal between 1956 and 1968.
       Answer: Hector “Toe” BLAKE
    3. (15) The first American team to win the Stanley Cup, this team was the last club to win the Cup before the formation of the NHL, doing so in 1917.
       Answer: Seattle Metropolitans
  11. Name these questions on NBA free throw shooting for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) He holds the NBA record for worst career free throw percentage at 51.1 percent, but ironically holds the marks for most free throws made in a game, with 28 on March 2, 1962.
       Answer: Wilt CHAMBERLAIN
    2. (10) He’s the NBA’s all-time leader in free-throw percentage, retiring with a 90.4 percent average, earning his shots with Cleveland, Golden State, Washington, and Orlando.
       Answer: Mark PRICE
    3. (15) Playing with both Cleveland and New Jersey during the 1989-90 season, this center set the single-season record for worst free throw percentage, with 31-point-9 percent in 64 games.
       Answer: Chris DUDLEY
  12. Shazam! Calgon Take Me Away! Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! It's time to recall spoken incantations with magical powers or grave consequences. There are five phrases of varying difficulty; and you must choose a 30, 20, 10, or 5-point clue. Choose your point value now.
    1. [5] The phrase which figures prominently in The Day The Earth Stood Still and Army of Darkness.
    2. [10] This phrase and song title is part of the Fairy Godmother's spell in Disney's Cinderella.
    3. [20] The magical incantation used by the Amazing Mumford on Sesame Street.
    4. [30] The phrase which turns Wilby Daniels into a sheepdog in Disney's The Shaggy Dog.
  13. Name the car maker from info for ten points each.
    1. This South Bend, Indiana carmaker went belly up in 1963, even though their Hawk and Avanti models were quite popular.
       Answer: STUDEBAKER
    2. With a line-up of ugly cars like the Gremlin, Eagle, Matador, and Pacer, it's no wonder this car maker was bought out by Jeep, who stopped making their cars.
    3. Of the 7500 cars built by this company, 1200 survive, including all of their Royales. Owned by an Italian but located in France, it closed in the aftermath of World War II.
       Answer: BUGATTI
  14. The Brat Pack movies of the '80s were as notable for their soundtracks as for their stars. Given some songs from a Brat Pack soundtrack, identify the movie for ten points each.
    1. Elegia by New Order, Left of Center by Suzanne Vega, If You Leave by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.
       Answer: PRETTY IN PINK
    2. If You Were Here by the Thompson Twins, Gloria by Patti Smith, Kajagoogoo by Kajagoogoo.
       Answer: SIXTEEN CANDLES
    3. Fight Like a Brave by Red Hot Chili Peppers, How To Love Again by Oran "Juice" Jones and Allyson Williams, A Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles.
       Answer: LESS THAN ZERO
  15. Rocky Balboa is the best-known, but not the only boxer to grace the big screen. Identify these other boxing-related movies for ten points each.
    1. This 1996 Leon Gast documentary chronicled the Muhammad Ali-George Foreman "Rumble in the Jungle".
       Answer: WHEN WE WERE KINGS
    2. The champ, James "The Grim Reaper" Roper has fallen out of shape, so promoter Reverend Sultan find the only man, a Caucasian, who has ever beaten the champ in order to stage a rematch.
       Answer: The GREAT WHITE HYPE
    3. "Honey" Roy Palmer must defeat 10 men in 24 hours with the help of his partners, Gabriel Caine and Fitz, in order to win over $1 milion in bets and to avenge the drugging of another great fighter.
       Answer: DIGGSTOWN
  16. While some Monty Python veterans have gone onto very good film careers, Eric Idle as made some truly horrific movies this decade. For ten points each identify:
    1. First, the 1990 comedy where he stars opposite Robbie Coltrane as former gangsters hiding out in a convent.
       Answer: NUNS ON THE RUN
    2. The 1992 film, referred to by one reviewer as Planet of the Oops, The Director Doesn't Know What He's Doing, where Idle appears as King Raff opposite John Lovitz, Teri Garr, and Jeffrey Jones.
    3. Finally, the 1993 film where Idle discovers he is the rightful successor to a British lordship wrongfully held by Rick Moranis.
       Answer: SPLITTING HEIRS
  17. Name the car based on the car it copied for ten points each.
    1. This Geo model was based on the Toyota Sprinter, a model not sold in the US. Both cars have identical mechanics but different bodies.
       Answer: PRIZM
    2. This Mazda car was modeled after the Lotus Elan. Mazda engineers disassembled an Elan for what they termed "reference" in making this car.
       Answer: MIATA
    3. This Toyota model, introduced to the US in 1968, was actually based on two forerunners, the Corona and the Crown.
       Answer: COROLLA
  18. Given an NCAA sport, name the school which has the most division 1 national titles in it for the stated number of points
    1. (5) Baseball
       Answer: University of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA or USC or SOUTHERN CAL
    2. (10) Field Hockey
       Answer: OLD DOMINION University
    3. (15) Rifle
       Answer: University of WEST VIRGINIA
  19. Ah, those fabulous 80s. Given the lyric, name the song, 5 points each:
    1. Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together
       Answer: THRILLER (Michael Jackson)
    2. Well tonight thank God itıs them instead of you
       Answer: DO THEY KNOW ITıS CHRISTMAS? (Band Aid)
    3. Iım not the kind of girl who gives up just like that
       Answer: THE TIDE IS HIGH (Blondie)
    4. Siamıs gonna be the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness
       Answer: ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK (Murray Head)
    5. No money man can win my love, itıs sweetness that Iım thinking of
       Answer: BUFFALO STANCE (Neneh Cherry)
    6. Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box
       Answer: WHAT I AM (Edie Brickell & New Bohemians)
  20. ID the publication -- paper or otherwise -- from its slogan, for the stated number of points:
    1. [5] "Entertainment for Men"
       Answer: PLAYBOY
    2. [10] "All the News that Fits"
       Answer: ROLLING STONE
    3. [15] "A Fish, A Barrel, And A Smoking Gun"
       Answer: SUCK