1. A fire, a barfight over a woman, a hot Arkansas night in the 1940s. The leader of the band playing that night, a man known to fans as the Beale Street Blues Boy, raced back into the building for his axe, a customized Gibson. For ten points, identify the instrument, named for the woman the barfighters battled over by its owner, B.B. King.
     Answer: LUCILLE
  2. When he first arrived in the majors, this pitcher would jump and click his heels over the baseline when taking the field, drew crosses on the mound, and chewed so much black licorice he had to brush his teeth between innings. Most of his on-field quirks have died down, but his eccentricity is demonstrated in his new contract. He'll receive $1.2 million and 99 cents in 1999, and could get a $4,999 bonus for appearing in between 67 and 69 games. For ten points name this superstitious reliever and former Cub who wears number 99 for the Mets.
     Answer: Steven John "Turk" WENDELL
  3. Appearing on the album Longer Fuse in 1977, it was Dan Hill's all-time greatest hit, selling over 700,000 copies. The backlash against it was so extreme that people whose honesty really was "too much" started calling him Dan Hell. For ten points, name this one-hit wonder with lines like "l want to hold you till I die," and "I have to close my eyes and cry."
  4. Metheglin uses spices. Morat includes mulberries. Capiscumel uses chili peppers. Braggot uses malt. Cyser includes apples. Hippocras adds grapes and spices, while omphacomel usesverjuice, the juice of unripened grapes. Of course, all of these beverages include honey, the fermentable base of, for ten points, what alcoholic beverage?
     Answer: MEAD
  5. This 1976 miniseries brought Nick Nolte into the Hollywood spotlight in his role as rebel boxer Tom Jordache. Based on the 1970 best-seller by Irwin Shaw, it told of the divergent careers of two brothers, Rudy and Tom Jordache, through 12 hours of lovers, enemies, scoundrels, and friends. For ten points name this miniseries, which featured Nolte and Peter Strauss as the title brothers, considered one of the biggest dramatic spectaculars in the history of television.
     Answer: RICH MAN, POOR MAN
  6. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  7. Between 1982 and 1989, this game show won six Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Game Show. First debuting in March 1973, the show featured two teams - made up of a celebrity and a contestant, having to describe seven words in 30 seconds or less. In the bonus round, the giver had to give a list of words based on a category, and the receiver had to guess the category. Get six categories correct, you won the jackpot. For ten points name this gameshow, whose jackpot prize rose from $10,000 to $100,000 over the years, long hosted by Dick Clark.
     Answer: The $10,000/$20,000/$25,000/$50,000/$100,000 PYRAMID
  8. A rugged guy and his lady are driving with the top down. The music sounds vaguely like Van Halen. All of a sudden, a tire blows. But it's not just a flat; the tire was shot out by a sniper! The car comes to a halt. A guy wielding a bazooka aims and fires. His only comment: "Damn yuppies." This spoof of the Barbie and GI Joe Nissan ad promoted, for ten points, what video game sequel?
     Answer: ARMY MEN 3D
  9. While heading to an interview, LA Sun reporter Tim O'Hara wanders across a UFO crash. He befriends the UFO pilot, Exagitious 12 1/2, and takes him home. Once there, they work together to protect his identity from Tim's landlady, Loreli Brown, and police detective Bill Brennan. Featuring Bill Bixby as Tim, for ten points name this sitcom recently made into a movie, which starred Ray Walston as the titular alien.
  10. He choreographed many of the action sequences in the Van Damme- Rodman movie Double Team and has directed over 30 films in his native Hong Kong, most recently Jackie Chan's Mr. Nice Guy. He has also appeared in over 80 action films, including a role opposite Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Game of Death, but this 5-foot-7, 220 pound actor was little known in America until this fall. For ten points name this man who stars with Arsenio Hall in the CBS action series Martial Law.
     Answer: Sammo HUNG Kam-Bo
  11. Jasmin St. Clair, the current record holder, claims that Spontaneous Xtasy rigged her movie and only really tallied 40 to 50. St. Clair had 350, and Xstasy claims 551, so maybe Houston shouldn't even bother to do the 500 she had planned. For ten points, name this sexual practice lauded recently by the porno industry and, years ago, by the teens in the Porky's movies.
     Answer: GANG BANG (prompt on orgy)
  12. Despite rejecting an Alabama football scholarship to play basketball at Kentucky, this man was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1967. The first draft pick in San Diego Rockets history, he was a bench player for nine NBA seasons before retiring in 1976. The author of The Winner Within: A Life Plan for Team Players, his 70 percent winning percentage places him second all-time among coaches with at least 350 victories. For ten points name this coach, who won four NBA titles as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.
     Answer: Pat RILEY
  13. He started his first business venture at age 13, charging neighborhood kids two bucks to play with a computer BBS in his basement. By 17 he was running a successful national phone-sex service, until the FCC shut down his long-distance switches in 1995. A year later he launched the website which would make him a millionaire. For ten points, name this 25-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the now-infamous Internet Entertainment Group?
     Answer: Seth WARSHAVSKY
  14. Heís the first player to win baseballís Most Valuable Player award as both an infielder and outfielder. He won his first MVP trophy in 1936, hitting 36 homers and 170 RBIís as a first baseman. Four years later, he won his second MVP as an outfielder, hitting 41 homers. He led the American League in homers four times between 1935 and 1946, and retired with 331 career home runs. For ten points name this player, elected to baseballís Hall of Fame in 1956, who hit 58 home runs for the Detroit Tigers in 1938.
     Answer: Hank GREENBERG
  15. Elliot Garfield makes his debut as a very very gay Richard II to reviews that call him "England's fisrt badly dressed interior decorator." He has other problems -- the apartment he sublet was occupied by the last tennant's ex-girlfriend and her daughter. For ten points, name this Richard Dreyfus film, also starring Marsha Mason as the title character.
     Answer: The GOODBYE GIRL
  16. Her first Oscar nomination came for her role in a 60's classic about a girl who marries an old man so she can adopt her room mate's love child. Her next came more than 30 years later, after a terrible scandal about her husband and ex-daughter-in-law broke in the tabloids. For ten points, name this Weight Watcher, the star of Georgy Girl, Shine and Gods and Monsters.
     Answer: Lynn REDGRAVE
  17. His real name is John Bloom, and he had a cushy gig at the Dallas Times until his white trash alter ego wrote an offensive parody of We Are the World. For ten points, name this movie buff who went on the road as a standup before settling down to a show on cable, the host of TNT's Monstervision.
     Answer: Joe Bob BRIGGS
  18. Written by Poppy Z. Brite, her 1997 autobiography details a horrendous childhood. The child of Hank Harrison and Linda Risi Carroll, she was apparently given LSD when she was 4, was shuttled between the States and New Zealand from the age of 8 to 13, and from that point spent time in juvenile halls and foster homes. This eventually turned to working in strip clubs in Japan and LA, and her entry into the punk rock scene in Liverpool. These details are all in, for ten points, the self-named autobiography of what singer and actress, the surviving half of a union with Kurt Cobain.
     Answer: Courtney LOVE
  19. His first paying art job was painting hats and heads for Butterick sewing patterns in 1917. He joined Esquire in 1940, and while his contract kept him from seeing much profit, his pinups gained national notoriety throughout the war years. From 1960 to 1978 his work appeared exclusively in Playboy, were he negotiated a better contract. For ten points, name this ≥king of the pin-up≤, whose style graced the noses of World War Two-era bombers long before The Cars used one of his paintings for the cover of the CarsĻ Candy-O album.
     Answer: Antonio VARGAS
  20. It opens at the 1951 playoff game between the Giants and the Dodgers. As Cotter Martin scoops up Bobby Thompson's home run ball, in another part of the stadium J. Edgar Hoover learns that the Soviets have tested an atomic bomb. Dozens of characters fade in and out through its 800 pages, including waste-management consultant Nick Shay and conceptual artist Klara Sax. Thompson's home run ball is a recurring item as we move through the years to the end of the Cold War. So runs, for ten points, what massive novel by the reclusive Dom DeLillo?
     Answer: UNDERWORLD
  21. The National Park Service apprehended a number of beavers wanted for the felling of 9 trees in less than a week in this city earlier this month. The culprit picked the right time to start gnawing, as this city is in the middle of its Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates the gift of 3000 cherry trees in 1912. For ten points, name the city so affected, whose lone beaver theory may be just another federal government cover-up.
     Answer: WASHINGTON DC