1. Itıs the revenge of the Big Hair Bands. Given lyrics to a 1980ıs "heavy" metal classic, name the song for ten points each. If you need the name of the band, youıll only receive five points.
    1. (10) I donıt know where Iım going / But I sure know where I've been / Hanging on the promises and the songs of yesterday / But Iıve made up my mind / I ainıt wasting no more time (5) Whitesnake
       Answer: HERE I GO AGAIN
    2. (10) There were times I got hot with you, little girl / Iım a-hummin and a-strummin, all over Godıs world / You canıt remember when you got your last meal / And you donıt know just how a woman feels. (5) Great White
    3. (10) Sheıs always something special / Diamonds shining right at me / Everybody dreams of angels / No one would ever know / How much I loved you so (5) L.A. Guns
       Answer: THE BALLAD OF JAYNE
  2. In their December 1998 issue, Wired listed 83 reasons why BilL Gates's reign is over. Given some background, name the reason for ten points each.
    1. Reason 5 was this man's becoming Microsoft president, an unknown quantity even after 18 years with the company.
       Answer: Steve BALLMER
    2. Reason 52 was the inability of this Microsoft division, the folks behind MSN.com, Expedia, and Hotmail among others, to create a profitable Web presence.
    3. Reason 71 pointed out that this OS, for hand-held devices like the Palm Pilot, is barely making a dent in what should be a growth market.
       Answer: WINDOWS CE
  3. Chips Ahoy were introduced to the cookie loving public in 1963. Since that time, four other types of Chips Ahoy have been introduced. Five points for one, 15 for 2 or 30 for 3, name any three of these four newer brands.
  4. Identify these first and last Number One hits of specific decades for ten points each.
    1. The final Number One song of the 1980ıs was this first single off the album, But Seriously, and was originally titled Homeless.
    2. The first Number One song of the 1990ıs was this remake of a 1983 Laura Branigan song, co-written by the singer who took it to Number One in 1990, Michael Bolton.
    3. This final Number One song of the 1970ıs tells the story of a man so bored with his girlfriend he answers an ad in the personals, an ad that turns out to be from said girlfriend.
       Answer: ESCAPE (The Pina Colada Song)
  5. General Hospital is responsible for more hit singles than any other daytime soap. Name these songs or artists that benefitted from General Hospital for the stated number of points.
    1. [5] His role as Frisco Jones on GH helped Jack Wagner achieve a Top 10 pop hit in 1984 with this ballad.
       Answer: ALL I NEED
    2. [15] When Genie Francis and her Laura character first left GH in 1982, Luke had to have appropriate music for his first moment of passion with his new love. This Patti Austin/James Ingram song was chosen, and its appearance on GH helped it become Americaıs #1 song in early 1983.
       Answer: BABY, COME TO ME
    3. [10] The spirit of Laura remained on GH in 1983 with the song Think of Laura, performed by this 1980 Grammy winner for Best New Artist.
       Answer: Christopher CROSS
  6. Name the dart game from a description for ten points each.
     Answer: Players must hit the numbers 15 to 20 and the bull three times. Double and triple spaces still count. The winner is the first person to "close" all scoring spaces.
     Answer: CRICKET
    1. This version of cricket also requires players to score three doubles, three triples, and three "bed shots," or all darts in one number space.
    2. Six numbers are chosen at random. Those numbers, and the bull, have to be closed as in cricket, but only the triple spaces count, and they only count for one hit. The winner is the first person to close all spaces.
       Answer: MULLIGAN
  7. 40-30-20-10 Name the man
    1. [40] Name him right now
    2. [30] As a basketball player, he is credited as the first man in NBA history to shatter a backboard in a professional game.
    3. [20] As a film actor, he played The Sarge in Airplane II: The Sequel, Tab Fielding in Soylent Green, and the title character in 1962's Geronimo.
    4. [10] He's best known for playing Lucas McCain on TV's The Rifleman,
       Answer: Chuck CONNORS
  8. Name the failed news and information show for ten points each.
    1. In an attempt to move into "serious" news, Geraldo Rivera helmed this dramatically-titled newsmag in 1991, but couldn't make it stick.
       Answer: NOW IT CAN BE TOLD
    2. The first post-NBC project for Grant Tinker was the TV version of this publication. Airing in 1988, it averaged more than a story a minute. That wasn't far off from its print level of reportage, but it did't work on air.
       Answer: USA TODAY: The Television Show or USA TODAY On TV
    3. NBC attempted to take on 60 Minutes with this program in 1984. It consisted of live broadcasts by Linda Ellerbee covering various topics; if the stories weren't dull, technical problems got people to turn the channel.
       Answer: SUMMER SUNDAY USA
  9. When the NHL billed their 1999 All-Star Game as "North America Vs. The World," what they really meant was a Bunch of Canadians vs. Guys from Europe -- as there didn't seem to be a whole lot of players from Nigeria. The North American team did include a few token Americans. For ten points each, name the 5 U.S.-born players who played with Team North America during the 1999 NHL All-Star Game.
     Answer: Jeremy ROENICK, Keith TKACHUK (kuh-chuk), Tony AMONTE, John LECLAIR, Mike MODANO
  10. Peter Falk is more than the trenchcoat wearing, cheap cigar smoking Lieutenant Columbo. Given his role, name the film he appeared in for ten points each.
    1. He played Guy Gisborne, enemy of Frank Sinatra's charitable mobster in this Rat Pack flick from 1964.
    2. In this 1990 film based on a story by Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa (YO-sa), Falk plays Peter Carmichael, a radio writer who takes his stories and dialog from people he sees in the community. His odd hatred for Albanians leads to a film-ending riot.
       Answer: TUNE IN TOMORROW
    3. Falk has a brief appearance as a tramp in this 1981 film about 3 investigative reporters looking into the theft of fashion designed Lady Holiday's jewels and trying to clear their friend of the crime.
       Answer: The GREAT MUPPET CAPER
  11. Name these basketball players who have something in common for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) The first UNC player to be named Consensue Player of the Year since Michael Jordan, he was ACC player of the week seven times during the 1997-98 season, and was the first Tar Heel since Billy Cunningham to average 20 points and 10 rebounds in a season.
       Answer: Antawn JAMISON
    2. (10) He holds the NCAA Division One career record for blocked shots, swatting 492 in three seasons for Colgate from 1994-97.
       Answer: Adonal FOYLE
    3. (15) The MVP of the 1996 Final Four, this man holds the Kentucky record for most points by a guard with 1890.
       Answer: Tony DELK
  12. Given information on a race from Star Trek: the Original Series, name the race for ten points each.
    1. The are blue skinned, have white hair, and have antennae which are extensions of their sinus cavities. They live in collectives of 60 to 100 families. They were seen on the episode "Journey to Babel".
       Answer: ANDORians
    2. A humanoid race, the intervention of John Gill, a Federation historian, led them to develop into a society much like Nazi Germany. The crisis is confronted by the Enterprise in the episode "Patterns of Force."
       Answer: EKOSians
    3. Reptilian in form, they evolved on the planet S'sgarnon and now run an alliance, which is controlled by two Autarchs. The Federation entered into the Frontier Accord with them, based on negotiations on Clanhaven. We first meet this race in the episode "Arena".
       Answer: GORNians
  13. Action films live and die by their villains. Name the actor who played these villains for the stated number of points.
    1. [5] Mr. Joshua in Lethal Weapon
       Answer: Gary BUSEY
    2. [5] Hans Gruber in Die Hard
       Answer: Alan RICKMAN
    3. [10] Clarence Boddicker in Robocop
       Answer: Kurtwood SMITH
    4. [10] Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter
       Answer: Brian COX
  14. Answer these questions about great heavyweight boxing upsets of yore for ten points each.
    1. The first great heavyweight upset came in 1892, when the first recognized champ, John L. Sullivan, lost his belt to this man, nicknamed Gentleman, in New Orleans.
       Answer: James CORBETT
    2. The world was shocked in 1926 when Jack Dempsey's seven-year title reign was stopped by this man in Philadelphia, who would later retire as champion two years later.
       Answer: Gene TUNNEY
    3. Larry Holmes's 48-fight winning streak came to a stunning end in 1985 when this former light heavyweight won the IBF heavyweight title in a 15 round decision.
       Answer: MICHAEL SPINKS (more on "Spinks")
  15. Given information, answer these questions about works from the Barricade Books catalog for ten points each.
    1. Written by Michael Powell, who updated Lyle Stuart's 1971 version, it'll tell you how to make explosives from household products, what common plants can get you high, and 1001 other tips for the anti-government crowd.
    2. A novel by Andrew MacDonald, this right-wing fantasy about throwing over the government is best known for its influence on Timothy McVeigh. AS: The TURNER DIARIES
    3. Great Big Beautiful Doll is an autobiography of this Playmate of the Year, Guess? jeans model, and probable gold digger from Mexia, Texas.
       Answer: ANNA NICOLE SMITH
  16. In college hockey, Division One teams are split into four conferences. For five points each, and a 10-point bonus for all four, name these four conferences.
  17. 40-30-20-10-1, name the movie.
    1. [40] Name it now.
    2. [30] Before teaming up as father and daughter in law, Mitchell Ryan and Jenna Elfman appeared together in this film. He played a federal witness marked for death, while she played a woman in a neck brace from an accidental submerging in Lake St. Clair.
    3. [20] Sticking with ABC, Jeremy Piven, late of Ellen and Cupid, appeared playing Paul, a real estate agent who helps his old, long lost friend dispose of a Basque hit man in a furnace.
    4. [10] It stars John Cusack as a professional killer who returns home for his high school reunion and a chance at making things right with the prom date he jilted, played by Minnie Driver.
    5. [1] It takes place mostly in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and Cusack's character's surname is Blank.
  18. Answer these questions about things that are all black for ten points each.
    1. Metallica has the all black cover of their self-named album, and Spinal Tap have the all black cover of Smell the Glove. But what other artist released The Black Album?
       Answer: THE ARTIST or TAfor KA points or PRINCE or PRINCE ROGERS NELSON
    2. The April 1999 issue of this technology-themed magazine featured an all black cover as it was dedicated to the possible results of the Y2K problem.
       Answer: WIRED
    3. This country's national rugby team is called the All Blacks.
       Answer: NEW ZEALAND
  19. for ten points each, given the title of a book about the goings on in the Clinton White House, name the author.
    1. Behind the Oval Office: Getting Re-elected Against All Odds
       Answer: Dick MORRIS
    2. All To Human: A Political Education
       Answer: George STEPHANOPOULOS
    3. Locked in the Cabinet
       Answer: Robert REICH
  20. Given the official song title and the R&B artist who recorded it, give the parenthetical parts of the song's title, for 10 points each. For instance, if I said "I Got You" by James Brown, you would answer, "I Feel Good."
    1. Thank You, by Sly & the Family Stone
       Answer: FALETTIN ME BE MICE ELF AGIN (acc. Phonetic equivalent)
    2. Dance, Dance, Dance by Chic
       Answer: YOWZA, YOWZA, YOWZA
    3. Aqua Boogie, by Parliament