1. A museum dedicated to him opened on February 8th, just blocks away from his Montgomery, Alabama gravestone. The key display item is a baby blue Cadillac, valued at $3 million, in which he was being driven to a concert in Canton, Ohio, the night he died. For ten points name this country music legend who apparently wasn't ready for football--or anything else--on that night of January 1, 1953.
     Answer: Hank WILLIAMS SR.
  2. A graduate of Lafayette College and Columbia Law School, Franklin Roosevelt appointed him to the bench in April 1930. While on vacation in Maine he returned to New York, where he withdrew thousands from bank accounts and sold $16,000 in stock. His wife, who stayed in Maine when he returned to the city, later found almost $7000 in cash and a list of securities in a desk drawer with a note saying "Am very weary. Love, Joe.". Though sightings were common, this note was the last communication from, for ten points, what man who disappeared for good on August 6, 1930?
     Answer: Joseph Force CRATER
  3. In 1989 this band¹s new lineup, featuring Cynthia Rhodes of Dirty Dancing and Staying Alive infamy, released ³Room To Move,² a single from the My Stepmother Is An Alien soundtrack. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard charts, but is mostly forgotten today compared to their earlier hit under vocalists Astrid Plane and Bill Wadhams. For ten points, name this one-and-a-half-hit wonder whose song ³Obsession² hit #6 in 1985.
     Answer: ANIMOTION
  4. Send in the Clowns, Over the Rainbow, A Village People medley, and a routine to classical music performed while dressed as a violin was part of this figure skater's routine. He carried a hoop and wore the rainbow flag on his back. He also won a U.S. National championship in 1996, and was world bronze medalist. For ten points, name this openly gay figure skater, who once won the U.S. Junior Nationals in pairs skating as Kristie Yamaguchi's partner.
     Answer: Rudy GALINDO
  5. During a guest host stint on the Today show, he noted that some things hadn't changed since his last early morning job, such as the homeless poeple he saw on the way in. He then added "[b]ut you also envy the extra hour of sleep that they're getting. I mean, you go by and say, 'If I were them, I would still be sleeping." Name, for ten points, this apparently still logy newsman, more used to the civilized hours he puts in during the week as anchor NBC's Nightly News.
     Answer: Tom BROKAW
  6. Working titles included Fellin' All Right, Reeling in the Years, and Teenage Wasteland, all of which were scrapped when test audiences continually used another phrase to describe the sitcom. Four of its six main characters had no previous acting experience, including Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, and Wilmer Valderamma. For ten points, name this Fox show, which has hustled to good reviews and good ratings in its position between The Simpsons and The X-Files.
     Answer: THAT '70S SHOW
  7. Henry Waechter (WAX-ter) in Super Bowl 20, George Martin in Super Bowl 21, Dwight White in Super Bowl 9, and Bruce Smith in Super Bowl 25 went the traditional route, while Reggie Harrison did it in Super Bowl 10 with a blocked punt. These men are the only five, for ten points, to have done what in a Super Bowl, all but Harrison utilizing the quarterback sack.
     Answer: scored a SAFETY (prompt on "scored" until "traditional", and prompt on "scored 2 points" until "only")
  8. Its cast included stand-up Laura Kightlinger, Suddenly Susan's Kathy Griffin, and 11 year old Jason Davis. Each episode featured two musical guests, Melissa Ethridge and Bush on its first one. Sharon Stone, Eric Idle, and Scott Wolf had cameos in that episode as well. Based around sketch comedy and recurring characters, it not only failed to dethrone Saturday Night Live, it failed to supplant its network's incumbent show, MAD TV. Name, for ten points, this Fox late night show created by and featuring Roseanne.
  9. This man played in the minors with the Fredericton Aces before moving up to the Boston Bruins in 1958. He played only 45 NHL games, but would have played none had the league known he was blind in one eye. For ten points, name the National Hockey League's current director of youth hockey programs, the first African-American to play in the NHL.
     Answer: Willie O'REE
  10. Several late '60s movies, though not filmed with this process, could be shown in it with a special lens--including 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Greatest Story Ever Told. Very few narrative films were made using it, with the most notable being How the West Was Won, and with Paul Allen reopening one in Seattle, there will soon be three theaters in the world that are set up to accomodate such movies. For ten points name this process which featured a 2.35 to 1 aspect ratio and extremely convex screen.
     Answer: CINERAMA
  11. Leo Seltzer and Damon Runyon co-created this sport in the 1930's as an alternative to dance marathons. Seltzer's son, Jerry, serves as commissioner in this sport's latest incarnation, which features such teams as the New York Enforcers and Florida Sundogs. For ten points, name this sport, now featured on a weekly two-hour series on the Nashville Network, famed for babes, skates and gruesome injury, celebrated by Raquel Welch's movie, Kansas City Bomber
     Answer: ROLLER DERBY (prompt on "Roller Jam," which is the TV show)
  12. Her first national exposure came when, as a child, her face was used on the Milk Bone Brand Flavored Snacks box. Her first film break came when she was cast as Mary-Ann Spier in The Babysitter's Club, which she followed with roles as Becky Thatcher in Tom and Huck and as the young Jackie-O in The House of Yes. For ten points name this actress who can currently be seen parodying Alan Thicke by smashing up a kitchen in public service announcements, and as Laney Boggs, the bet in She's All That.
     Answer: Rachael Leigh COOK
  13. This 1994 movie is very loosely based on the Dickens novel Martin Chuzzlewit. Jere Burns, Bob Balaban, Ed Begley Jr., Phil Hartman, and Michael J. Fox appear as relatives of Uncle Joe McTeague, a sickly, rich patriarch who they all attempt to gain the favor of. For ten points identify this comedy starring Kirk Douglas as Uncle Joe, a film which was, for the lack of a better word, bad.
     Answer: GREEDY
  14. The author's alter ego looks a lot like Richard Benjamin, and his fantasy women look like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Demi Moore. During a trip to his alma mater for an awards ceremony, he starts seeing his characters, possibly due to contact high from the joint his hooker pal Cookie was smoking. For ten points, name this Woody Allen film, also starring Kirstie Alley and Billy Crystal.
  15. In 1983, the German magazine Stern acquired rights to 62 volumes of this, which were immediately declared genuine by British historians David Irving and Hugh Trevor-Roper. But others had their doubts - the "author" never liked to take notes, and entries continued even while the author was injured after a bombing attempt on his life. Chemical analysis showed the books binding and glue contained postwar chemicals, and all pages were miraculously unstained and unworn. For ten points, name this 62-volume work, which turned out to be a fraud.
     Answer: The Adolf HITLER DIARIES
  16. In Novembe 1994, while the San Francisco Examiner was embroiled in a labor dispute, arts editor David Talbot and several of his colleagues left the paper for the unknown world of Internet publishing. Launced in late 1995, it was first described as an interactive magazine of books, arts and ideas. But in 1997, it became a weekday magazine, and emphasized more breaking and interactive news, including an extramarital affair involving Henry Hyde. For ten points name this Internet magazine, whose readership estimates at around 850-thousand visitors a month.
     Answer: SALON
  17. Big breasts aren't fun for everyone--just ask Natasha Leone. She uses them to snare her Manson-loving, pot-dealing neighbor and later considers a reduction. She also makes use of her cousin's vibrator all while hoping she won't have to move to yet another crappy California apartment. For ten points, name the movie she stars in, an indie flick also starring Adam Arkin, about a family's desperate attempt to maintain a certain famous zip code.
  18. Of all minor league organizations in football, baseball, hockey, and basketball, it has the largest number of teams, with 27 during the 1998-99 season. Founded with only five teams in 1988, its last two active charter members are the Johnstown Chiefs and Pee Dee Pride, which moved from Knoxville to Florence, South Carolina in 1997. For ten points name this Double-A hockey league, whose teams play for the Patrick J. Kelly Cup, and was won in 1998 by the Hampton Roads Admirals.
  19. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  20. Willem Dafoe has a strange, copper-related illness and puts leeches on himself. A bunch of Scotsmen, none as cool as James Doohan, can't seem to run their vessel. Jason Patric gets sea sick, but later swims under the boat to avert disaster. For ten points, name this suckfest of a movie also starring Sandra Bullock, proof that relationships forged in extreme conditions never last.
     Answer: SPEED 2: Cruise Control (do not accept or prompt on SPEED)
  21. This band was formed in 1964 in Jersey City, New Jersey by then-14-year-old bassist Robert Bell, and was called the Jazziacs. Their first Top 40 hit, Funky Stuff, came in 1973, and Hollywood Swinging a year later. In 1979, Bell hired James "J.T" Taylor to be lead singer, and their first album with him, Ladies Night, was their biggest recording to date. For ten points name this eight-man funk group, whose hits included Too Hot, Jungle Boogie, Joanna, and Celebration.
     Answer: KOOL AND THE GANG