1. Answer these questions about celebrities who appear in Adam Sandlerıs Hanukkah Song, Version Two, for ten points each.
    1. According to Adam, this singerıs not Jewish, but Adamıs mother thinks he is.
       Answer: Bruce SPRINGSTEEN
    2. Adam says this ex-Baywatch star is Jewish, and yes, her boobs are real!
       Answer: Yasmine BLEETH
    3. As in Version One, O.J. Simpsonıs not a Jew. But in Part II, guess who is, the man who originally voiced Scooby-Doo! Name this man, who also voiced Boo-Boo and many other Hanna-Barbara characters, who died in 1997.
       Answer: Don MESSICK
  2. Given the real name of an actor or actress, past or present, give the well-known stage name for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Timothy Dick
       Answer: Tim ALLEN
    2. (10) Tara Patrick
       Answer: Carmen ELECTRA
    3. (15) Donna Belle Mullenger
       Answer: Donna REED
  3. 40-30-20-10, name the TV series.
    1. [40] Name it now.
    2. [30] Its first episode opened with narrator Leonard Groves intoning "War has begun. Ships are sinking. Men are dying."
    3. [20] The music for this series was done by Richard Rogers, appropriate since it followed events in the South Pacific. His score was performed by the NBC Orchestra, conducted by Robert Russell Bennett.
    4. [10] A documentary series culled from war footage and made with a lot of help from the US Navy, this 26 episode series from 1952-53 tells how the US won the war on the water during WW2. It can currently be seen in reruns on the History Channel.
       Answer: VICTORY AT SEA
  4. Name these musical groups that may or may not have something in common given members for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield
    2. (10) Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie, and Joe Leeway
       Answer: THOMPSON TWINS
    3. (15) Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune, Harold and Don Reid
  5. Arrange these Melrose Place and 90210 cast members in birth order, oldest to youngest. Alphabetically, they are: Josie Bissett, Gabrielle Carteris, Heather Locklear, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Jack Wagner, Ian Ziering.
     Answer: Jack WAGNER (10/3/59), Gabrielle CARTERIS (1/2/61), Heather LOCKLEAR (9/25/61), Ian ZIERING (3/30/64), Josie Bissett (10/5/70), Tiffani-Amber THIESSEN (1/23/74)
  6. Given an astronaut, name who played him in HBO's From the Earth to the Moon. If you need another TV credit, you'll get 5 points.
    1. 10: Jim Lovell
      5: Joe Hackett on Wings
       Answer: Timothy DALY
    2. 10: Wally Schirra
      5: Jack McNeil on Chicago Hope
       Answer: Mark HARMON
    3. 10: Pete Conrad
      5: Robert "Rocket" Romano on ER
       Answer: Paul MCCRANE
  7. Given a TV school, name its principal for the stated number of points.
    1. for five points, South Park Elementary
       Answer: Principal VICTORIA
    2. for ten points, Sunnydale High School (as of the start of this season)
       Answer: SNYDER
    3. for 15 points, Buchanan High School in Brooklyn (the first principal)
       Answer: John LAZARUS (from Welcome Back, Kotter)
  8. Name the Negro League baseball team for ten points each.
    1. Owned by Abe and Effa Manley, they won the Negro World Series in 1946, overpowering the Kansas City Monarchs with a line-up that included Larry Doby, Monte Irvin, and Leon Day. They moved to Houston and New Orleans before folding in 1956.
       Answer: Newark Eagles
    2. Funded by racketeer Eddie Gottlieb, they operated from 1934 intothe 1950s, originally as a member of the Negro National League. Star players included pitcher Slim Jones and power-hitter Gene Benson.
       Answer: Philadelphia Stars
    3. At various times members of the Negro National, American, and Southern Leagues, they operated from 1920 into the 1950s. Stars developed by this team included Piper Davis, Ed Steele, and a young Willie Mays.
       Answer: Birmingham Black Barons
  9. for ten points each, name...
    1. Either of the hosts of You Bet Your Life who weren't Groucho Marx.
       Answer: Buddy HACKETT or Bill COSBY
    2. Any of the hosts of Password or its sequels who wasn't Alan Ludden.
       Answer: Bill CULLEN or Tom KENNEDY or Bert CONVY
    3. Any of the hosts of the Liar's Club who wasn't Alan Ludden.
       Answer: Eric BOARDMAN or Rod SERLING or Bill ARMSTRONG
  10. As we all know from her hosting Saturday Night Live, Gwyneth Paltrow isn't British, she just acts like she is. For the stated number of points, given her British role, name the film.
    1. for 5 points, The title character, a romantically scheming aristocrat's daughter in a 1996 Jane Austen adaptation.
       Answer: EMMA
    2. for ten points, Helen Quilley, a recently fired ad exec whose life changes dramatically by missing an Underground train.
       Answer: SLIDING DOORS
    3. for 15 points, the younger version of Granny Wendy in a 1991 flop.
       Answer: HOOK
  11. A travels with question at TRASHionals? Only if it’s Travels with James the Ultimate Sports Fan. Name these places James is going on his international sports tour for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Since James is a big fan of Mike Tyson making a fool of himself, he would love to travel to the city where Iron Mike got knocked out by James “Buster” Douglas. What city was the Tyson-Douglas fight held?
       Answer: TOKYO
    2. (10) Since the NBA’s back on track, James would love to go to the city where the first-ever NBA game was played, back in 1946. Name the city, which was home to the Huskies during the 1946-47 season.
       Answer: TORONTO
    3. (15) Finally, James would love to check out the site of the first Olympics held in a Southern Hemisphere city. What city would James have to go?
       Answer: MELBOURNE
  12. Name these Burt Reynolds movies for the stated number of points.
    1. [5] Burt provided the voice of Charlie the mutt in this 1989 Don Bluth animated movie, which spawned two sequels and a short-lived television series.
       Answer: ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN
    2. [10] Burt plays a NASCAR driver who clashes with the fried chicken mogul that sponsors his racing team in this 1983 bomb, a film so bad, Robert Wuhl wonders why he wasn't in it.
       Answer: STROKER ACE
    3. [15] The only film Burt's ever directed as well as starred in, this 1981 action drama features the toupeed one as an Atlanta vice cop who tries to bring down a powerful Italian drug lord.
       Answer: SHARKY'S MACHINE
  13. Hockey players aren't just big, dumb slabs of meat--they're big, dumb, sentimental slabs of meat. Given a description of patches worn by NHL team, and the teams that wore them, identify the injured, ill or dead people the patches show support FSTNOP.
    1. (15) 1998-99 St. Louis Blues; the patch bears a #14 and a candleflame.
       Answer: Doug WICKENHEISER
    2. (10) 1997-98 Tampa Bay Lightning; a shamrock with a #12 over it.
       Answer: John CULLEN
    3. (5) 1997-98 Detroit Red Wings; name either man honored by the patch that bore the word "believe" in Russian and English, along with a #16.
       Answer: Vladimir KONSTANTINOV or Sergei MNATSIKANOV (pr. Man-yat-see-can-ov)
  14. Elvis movie, cocktail, both, or neither? Given a name, tell me if it's the name of an Elvis Presley movie, a cocktail, both, or neither for 5 points each.
    1. Flaming Star
       Answer: ELVIS
    2. The Girl Mom Warned You About
       Answer: COCKTAIL
    3. Rockaway Beach
       Answer: COCKTAIL
    4. Speedway
       Answer: ELVIS
    5. Aloha
       Answer: COCKTAIL
    6. Clambake
       Answer: ELVIS
  15. P.J. O'Rourke: America's foremost conservative humorist. Identify the O'Rourke book given quotes from it FTPE.
    1. "Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."
      ANS: _Parliament of Whores_
    2. "Maybe the magic of Wall Street can work for everyone in the world. Perhaps the peasants of China can all 'go public' and form a billion corporations with assets of '1 water buffalo, 2 conical hats, wok.'"
      ANS: _Eat the Rich_
    3. "After you have re-enacted the siege of Omduran in your hostess's living room using the Hepplewhite chairs as ramparts, pull out the big roll of bills and toss it to her, cavalierly assuring 'this should cover it'."
      ANS: _Republican Party Reptile_
  16. If you write about hip-hop, watch your back. Or so claims editor-in-chief Jesse Washington, who allegedly had facial bones broken for upsetting a particular performer. Answer questions about the incident, 10 points each:
    1. Name the hip-hop magazine Washington edits.
       Answer: BLAZE
    2. Washington was allegedly attacked for identifying Deric ³D-Dot² Angellettie, as this rapper, whose single is appropriately titled ³Gonna Beat Ya.²
       Answer: THE MADD RAPPER
    3. The Madd Rapper isnıt the first person Washington has accused of trying to hurt him. Last summer, Washington claimed this performer pulled a pistol on him over an album review.
       Answer: WYCLEF JEAN
  17. Very few managers stick around after two or three straight losing seasons. Name these manager who stuck around at least five straight losing seasons for ten points each.
    1. This Hall of Famer managed the Athletics for 10 straight losing seasons, between 1915-1924, and another 13, between 1934-1946.
       Answer: Connie MACK
    2. for ten points each, name the two active managers who have stayed at the helm of their teams for six straight losing seasons, one in the American League, the other in the National League.
       Answer: Phil GARNER, Tom KELLY
  18. Given the following Hershey's candy bars, list them in order of introduction to the US market. They are: Krakel, Skor, Whatchamacalit, Special Dark, and Mr. Goodbar.
     Answer: MR. GOODBAR (1925), KRAKEL (1938), SPECIAL DARK (1971), WHATCHAMACALIT (1978), SKOR (1981)
  19. The only place to get the correct translation of English words into Australian is through Foster's Lager commercials. Given the commercial, give the word or term being described for ten points each. And remember, Foster's is Australian for beer! (Note to moderator: must be exact!)
    1. A game of Australian Rules Football
       Answer: TOUCH FOOTBALL
    2. The referee for an arm-wrestling match between a man and a woman.
    3. The man who opens a woman's front door with his head.
       Answer: LOCKSMITH
  20. Answer these questions about Eddie Murphy's The PJ's, for ten points each:
    1. What is the name of the main character?
       Answer: THURGOOD STUBBS
    2. The housing project Thurgood works and lives in is apparently named for what former star of Welcome Back Kotter?
       Answer: Lawrence HILTON-JACOBS
    3. What Good Times alumna voices Mrs. Avery?
       Answer: Ja'net DUBOIS