1. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  2. It was first competed in 1882 as a match between England and Wales. The rest of the British Isles were added, and France joined in 1910, only to be expelled in 1931 due to a lack of skill in the sport. They were reinstated in 1947. Such is the limited membership of, for ten points, what rugby tournament?
     Answer: FIVE NATIONS
  3. Born Janina Stronski in Jerusalem, her family emigrated to Canada in the late 40s. As a teen, she played drums with a number of bands, and had her greatest musical success as a backup for Wayne Newton. For ten points, name this former standup comic and current trash talk show hostess best known for bad boob jobs, and a lawsuit by the family of slain guest Scott Amedure.
     Answer: Jenny JONES
  4. Warning: two answers required. In Salt Lake City one April, Mike Brkovich, Greg Kelser, Ron Charles and Terry Donnelly took on Brad Miley, Alex Gilbert, Carl Nicks and Steve Reed in a game of five-on-five among these two schools. Among these eight, only Kelser would ever play in the NBA. The fifth starters on each team, on the other hand, played a combined 26 seasons in the NBA and won eight world titles between them. For ten points name these Big Ten and Missouri Valley schools, who met for the NCAA championship in 1979.
  5. He received $300 for clearing a ticket for Giancarlo Uzielli, and increased his work for the family to cover the cost of in-vitro fertilization. While his partner was thought to be the dirty cop in New York's 27th precinct due to his expensive clothing, he was caught when his prints turned up on a mattress found near a crime scene. So ended the TV police career of, for ten points, what exposition-spewing Manhattan detective, played by John Fiore on Law & Order?
     Answer: Tony PROFACI
  6. Elvis Presley hated him so much that he would shoot the TV screen if this man appeared on it. His big break came with the Lancelot role in the 1960 Broadway musical Camelot, though his acting career has largely consisted of playing himself: on Alice, Boy Meets World, The Simpsons, and in a Weird Al video. For ten points name this lounge singer who also played Quentin Hapsburg in Naked Gun 2 and a Half.
     Answer: Robert GOULET (goo-LAY)
  7. Brian "Kato" Kaelin made his first TV guest spot on this short-lived anthology series, playing one of the myriad people who lived, worked, and visited the city that never sleeps. From his suite atop the Desert Flower Hotel, the title character followed the activities of the myriad, providing his observations in sometimes cryptic verse. For ten points name this 1995 series, one of the first shows to premiere on UPN, starring Sir Mix-A-Lot as the mysterious commentator and host.
     Answer: THE WATCHER
  8. In his 7 minute long 1996 campaign for President, he admitted to eating marijuana brownies at an office party and to being Deep Throat. Using Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good To Me" as a theme, it turned out the reason he was running was to find the one thing his life was missing: female companionship. He succeeded here where his wife search failed, to some extent, as his admission of lonliness led to 70,000 dates. So went the brief political fling of, for ten points, what crazy billionaire owner of WNYX, played by Steven Root on NewsRadio?
     Answer: Jimmy JAMES
  9. Before Cal Ripken, Jr., he was the last man to be the active leader in consecutive games played, going 740 straight from 1981 to July 1986. The first major leaguer in the 1980’s to join the 30-30 club, doing so in 1983, he led the National League in homers in 1983 and 1984, and retired a Colorado Rockie with 398 career home runs. For ten points name this catcher turned outfielder, who won consecutive National League MVP honors in 1982 and 1983, while with the Atlanta Braves.
     Answer: Dale MURPHY
  10. The second Canadian to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart, doing so in 1964, this man replaced Peter Jennings's dad as chief news broadcaster for the Canadian Broadcasting Company in 1940. Nicknamed the Voice of Doom and the Voice of Canada, he came to the attention of NBC while demonstrating a backward-counting stopwatch he invented, and was hired to star on a new western program, which he helmed for 14 years. For ten points name this actor, who topped the charts with Ringo, while starring as Ben Cartwright on Bonanza.
     Answer: Lorne GREENE
  11. Her filmography lists only 24 feature films over a 60-year period, from 1917's Weavers of Life to 1977's Candleshoe. She won Academy Awards both times she was nominated--as Best Actress in for The Sin of Madelon Claudet in 1932, and as Best Supporting Actress 38 years later. For ten points name this stage and screen legend whose role as compulsive stowaway Ada Quonsett stole the show in 1970's Airport, and who was nicknamed the First Lady of the American Theater.
     Answer: Helen HAYES
  12. Legend has it that this team was saved from bankruptcy in 1901 when a St. Bernard was sent around with a collection box and a businessman contributed 3000 pounds. They changed their name from Newton Heath, and in 1910 moved to their current home at Old Trafford. For ten points name this storied British football club whose '90s success has included a European Super Cup in 1991, and cup doubles in 1994 and 1996.
     Answer: MANCHESTER UNITED Football Club
  13. Howard Stern and Alice Cooper get special thanks, and Tommy Lee is an additional drummer on this album, described as ³13 tales of cadaverous cavorting inside the spookshow international² on the CD cover. Those tales include ³Living Dead Girl,² The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore,² and ³Meet The Creeper,² as well as the single, ³Dragula.² for ten points, name this album, the first solo disc from Rob Zombie.
  14. The two least-experienced in 1998 were Tony Corrente and Ron Winter, at four seasons each. Mike Carey, Ed Hochuli and Phil Luckett are the only other ones with less than 10 years, and their more senior colleagues include Ron Blum, Gerry Austin, Dick Hantack, and Johnny Grier--the first African-American one. For ten points identify this 16-member sports fraternity, whose senior member, Jerry Markbreit, retired after the past season.
     Answer: NFL REFEREES (prompt on "officials"--do not accept "umpires")
  15. This duty has been split as many as 33 ways, as it was in 1972, but is usually done by one person, as it has every year for the past decade. Bob Burns, Frank Sinatra, Chevy Chase, and Donald O'Connor have done it once each, while Johnny Carson did so 5 times and Bob Hope a record 13. For ten points indentify this duty, taken on in the '90s by David Letterman, Whoopi Goldberg, and Billy Crystal.
     Answer: HOSTing the ACADEMY AWARDS (or OSCARS) (accept equivalents)
  16. At birth, he spoke English, Italian and Farsi. And the ladies loved him too. As soon as he reached legal age, he devoted his life to the pursuit of the perfect gin cocktail. After declining dozens of film roles, deeming acting a bore, he shielded himself from the public eye. Years later, through a medium, Charles Tanqueray demanded a debonair spokesmen, and this man was pressed into service. For ten points name this bon vivant gin lover, print spokesman, and figure-head of Tanqueray Gin.
     Answer: Mr. JENKINS
  17. She starred opposite Ernie Reyes and Darrin MacGavin in 1998's well-named film Small Time. In 1989 she married mutiple-time co-star C. Thomas Howell, possibly the only '80s star to fare worse than this actress whose credits included roles in City Limits, Beat Street, The Principal, and The Color Purple. For ten points name this actress, best remembered for her starring role in Soul Man and for being Cheech's partner's kid.
     Answer: Rae Dawn CHONG
  18. Cherry Treats, Love Melody, Daisy Sweet, Ruby Lips, Heart Throb, and Chocolate Delight are not the names of porn stars, but rather the names of these toys. Like porn stars, they had flowing hair, smooth skin, languid eyes, and were completely naked. But unlike porn stars, they spent most of their times defending their homes from evil witches and from the Grundles. For ten points name this equine toys popular in the 1980's.
     Answer: MY LITTLE PONY
  19. Tom Wedloe, a game warden in the Florida Everglades, rescuses the title character after he's shot by a paocher. Raised by the Wedloes, he becomes the 650 family pet, attaching to young Mark Wedloe, played by Clint Howard, brother of Ron. Their adventures each week formed the plots, for ten points, of what late 1960s TV show starring Dennis Weaver as the elder Wedloe and a large bear?
     Answer: GENTLE BEN
  20. You can see her currently in the Broadway production of Closer, which won London's Olivier Award for Best New Play last year. In that she plays Anna, the woman who busts up the lead character's relationship. Being a four person play, Closer may give her the exposure needed to follow up her Tony win for Cabaret. For ten points, name this actress better known for film roles in Nell and The Parent Trap.
     Answer: Natasha RICHARDSON
  21. Lesser-known versions of this movie were made in 1910, 1921, 1925 featuring Oliver Hardy, 1933, and 1978. Filming started, but was not completed, in 1998 on a version starring Warren G, Queen Latifah, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Heavy D in four of the key roles, and this would have been the second version to feature many prominent African-American musicians. For ten points identify this film whose most famous 1939 version starred no African Americans, but did star Bert Lahr, a bunch of short people, and Judy Garland.
     Answer: The WIZARD OF OZ (prompt on: The Wiz)