1. The German philosopher Hegel wrote about a dialectic method whereby a thesis and its antithesis would clash, thereby producing a new thesis with its own antithesis, and so forth. Answer these questions about Miller Lite commercials.
    1. Miller's classic dialectic of "less filling" vs. "tastes great" has apparently been resolved in favor of "tastes great", as the new ads discuss the nature of tasting great. For 5 points each, what two concepts are posited as to why Miller Lite tastes great.
       Answer: CHOICE HOPS and because it's SMOOTH
    2. These two poles are personified in one commercial by, for 5 points each, what two retired relief pitchers whose differences also extend to their dart and beer receptacle preferences.
       Answer: Lee SMITH and Mitch "Wild Thing" WILLIAMS
    3. for 5 points each identify the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and sports- writer who argue over who sells more magazines, and of course about Miller Lite as well.
       Answer: Rick REILLY and Rebecca ROMIJN-Stamos (Ro-MAIN)
  2. 40-30-20-10, name the item.
    1. [40] Name it now
    2. [30] In April 1999, Hans Kupperfahrenberg returned to Tilly-La-Compagne 54 years after stealing one of these to make amends, which he did by giving the woman he stole the original from a German one and a French one.
    3. [20] This was the entree at the dinner party thrown by Marge Simpson at which Louann and Kirk Van Houten ended their marriage.
    4. [10] David Letterman is facinated with these. He gave away canned ones to audience members for years, and his ficticious Big Ass company has this meat product in its name.
       Answer: HAM
  3. Some guys never score -- especially when they're goalies in the NHL. Recently, Ottawa's Damian Rhodes was credited with a goal the other team scored on themselves during a delayed penalty. For ten points each, identify the three active NHL goalies who've scored the old-fashioned way, by actually shooting the puck into an empty net.
     Answer: Ron HEXTALL, Chris OSGOOD, Martin BRODEUR
  4. Name the X-Files character from info for ten points each.
    1. Once the head of The Syndicate, he considered Alex Krycek an enemy, especially after Krycek mistakenly killed Melissa rather than Dana Scully. In the movie, he is killed when his car explodes.
    2. He replaced Deep Throat as Mulder and Scully's information contact, though he was controlled by the Cigarette Smoking Man. A long-time government worker, the Smoking Man had the Grey Haired Man kill him when he tried to use his position to his personal benefit.
       Answer: X
    3. He originally assigned Scully to work with Mulder on the X-Files, under the orders of the Cigarette Smoking Man. He was eventually killed, due to his connection with Roush Technologies.
       Answer: Scott BLEVINS
  5. Given some bands, name the city, American or otherwise, they came from, for 10 points each. For instance, given Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, you would respond ≥Seattle.≤
    1. The Trashmen; Lipps, Inc.; Semisonic; The Replacements
       Answer: MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.
    2. Def Leppard, the Human League
       Answer: SHEFFIELD, England
    3. Del Amitri, The Soup Dragons
       Answer: GLASGOW, Scotland
  6. Given an A&E original program, name its host for ten points each.
    1. L. A. Detectives
       Answer: Bill KURTIS
    2. Investigative Reports
       Answer: Bill KURTIS
    3. The New Explorers
       Answer: Bill KURTIS
  7. Dave Matthews is everyone's favorite South African pop star. Answer these Dave questions for fifteen points each.
    1. He's just released a new live album without his band. Give its full title.
    2. On Live at Luther College, he's accompanied by a long-time friend and collaborator. For 15 points, name him.
       Answer: Tim REYNOLDS
  8. (AUDIO) 40-30-20-10-1 Name the entertainer
    1. [40] Name him right now
    2. [30] (AUDIO) He's the singer and writer of the following game show theme.
    3. [20] Behind the camera, he was head writer and producer for the controversial comedies Fernwood 2-Night and America 2-Night in the 1970s.
    4. [10] The host of the short-lived game show Pictionary, he played Jason Seaver on Growing Pains.
    5. [1] He briefly starred on his own talk show, "Thicke of the Night" (Moderator: if they still look puzzled, spell "Thicke" for them)
       Answer: Alan THICKE
  9. Only two placekickers have ever made it to the Super Bowl with two different teams. For 15 points each, name them. You'll get 10 points if you need the Super Bowls they kicked in, and 5 points if you need the teams.
    1. (10) 14 and 25, and 15 and 20 (5) Steelers and Giants, and Eagles and Patriots
       Answer: Matt BAHR and Tony FRANKLIN (Moderator note: If they get one right on the 15 or 10, they get those points, and continue with the other.)
  10. Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, both or neither. Given a movie, tell me if it starred Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, both, or neither for 5 points each.
    1. National Lampoon's Last Resort
       Answer: BOTH
    2. Fast Getaway
       Answer: HAIM
    3. Demolition High
       Answer: HAIM
    4. Round Trip to Heaven
       Answer: FELDMAN
    5. Snowboard Academy
       Answer: HAIM
    6. South Beach Academy
       Answer: FELDMAN
  11. Have some recent TV ads been giving you pause? You know that person in the ad, but what's his or her name? Given a description of the commercial, name the actor or actress for 15 points each. If you need another role, you'll only receive five points.
    1. [15] In a Bud Light spot, this actor discovers a discreet cabal of husbands watching football and drinking beer under a rack of dresses while their wives shop. [5] He plays Jack on Will and Grace.
       Answer: Sean HAYES
    2. [15] On a snowy landscape, he gets out of a Jeep and knocks on Santa's door to protest a broken toy. [5] He plays the young Anakin Skywalker in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace.
       Answer: Jake LLOYD
  12. Name these films directed by the world's worst director, Alan Smithee, for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Martin Brest removed his name as director of this 1992 film, which won Al Pacino his only Academy Award, from a heavily edited version shown on airlines.
       Answer: SCENT OF A WOMAN
    2. (10) Jon Cryer is a boarding school student who returns to try to change the way of his obnoxious, politically ambitious parents, in this 1987 comedy.
    3. (15) An unemployed Mexican-American, played by Cheech Marin, tries his luck at job hunting in Australia in this 1990 alleged comedy.
       Answer: The SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE
  13. As the NBA lockout delayed the start of the regular season for the first time ever, celebrities were forced to feed their basketball joneses in the strangest of places, thanks to a series of ads by Nike. Given the site, name the celebrity who said it was FAN-tastic for ten points each.
    1. Eighth-grade girl's basketball at St. Ignatius Junior High.
       Answer: Spike LEE,
    2. With Spike Lee, a game of Pop-O-Shot at O'Brien's Pub.
       Answer: Jackie CHAN,
    3. The over-40 parks and rec league at Temple City.
       Answer: Dyan CANNON
  14. Given a catch-phrase from ESPN's SportsCenter, finish it for ten points each.
    1. Can I get a witness from the...
       Answer: CONGREGATION
    2. He's listed as day to day, but then again...
       Answer: AREN'T WE ALL
    3. It's a 6-4-3 double play if you're scoring at home. If not, ...
       Answer: TRY FLOWERS
  15. Reaching 100 points in an NHL season is quite a feat--unless you're one of the two men who occupy every slot on the Top 10 list for fewest games in a season to reach 100 points. For five points each, name these two active players and, for an additional ten points each, name the two men who tie for 11th place, each reaching 100 points in just 48 games.
     Answer: 5 PTS. Wayne GRETZKY and Mario LEMIEUX 10 PTS: Jari KURRI and Bernie NICHOLLS
  16. Being good quiz-bowl citizens, TRASH wants to do its share for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community. For the stated number of points, identify these songs or singers on gay themes.
    1. for 5 points, this 1957 song is generally recognized as the first of the rock era to directly mention a homosexual relationship, in this case between number 47 and number 3.
       Answer: JAILHOUSE ROCK
    2. for ten points, the first explicitly gender-bending classic rock song was this 1970 hit for The Kinks, their only hit of that decade.
       Answer: LOLA
    3. for 15 points, this singer provided perhaps the least-veiled popular song about homosexuality to date with her 1995 hit "I Kissed A Girl".
       Answer: Jill SOBULE
  17. Name these American soccer stars playing abroad for ten points each.
    1. This goalkeeper started two of the three U-S games at World Cup 1998, and currently mans the nets for Leicester City in Englandís Premier League.
       Answer: Kasey KELLER
    2. This 22-year-old played for five seasons with the youth and reserve teams for Manchester United, and signed with German powerhouse Borussia Dortmund in 1996. He scored the first goal in Americaís 3-0 victory over Germany in a 1999 friendly.
       Answer: Jovan KIROVSKI
    3. This former St. Benedictís Prep and Virginia standout was named captain of Wolfsburg of the German First Division in August 1998.
       Answer: Claudio REYNA
  18. 40-30-20-10-1 Name the TV show
    1. [40] Name it right now.
    2. [30] When describing this show's creation to a California magazine, Brandon Tartikoff said it was based on a proposal called The Man of Six Words. It would begin with the guy getting out of a woman's bed, saying "thank you." Then he'd chase the bad guys and say "Freeze." Then the almost-victims would thank him and he'd say "You're welcome." End of show.
    3. [20] Debuting on September 26, 1982 with a two-hour movie, this Sunday night staple on NBC was the 25th ranked show of the 1983-84 season. Leaving the air for good in 1986, it spawned a 1991 reunion movie and a 1997 spinoff show.
    4. [10] Stars of this series included Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson, and the voice of William Daniels.
    5. [1] A much less successful take-off on it was Knight Rider 2000.
       Answer: KNIGHT RIDER
  19. Is this a classic rock bonus, man? Yeah, man! Well, let's see if you can turn it up. Given lines from a classic of classic rock, name the song, 5-10-15.
    1. (5) No one here gets out alive/ Now you'll get yours, baby/ And I'll get mine/ Gonna make it baby, if we try.
       Answer: FIVE TO ONE
    2. (10) Last night I tried to tease her/ I gave my love a little pinch/ she said "Now stop that jivin'."
       Answer: BIG TEN INCH RECORD
    3. (15) He-man drag in the glittering ballroom/ greyly outrageous in my high-heeled shoes/ tightly undone, know what they're showing.
       Answer: 5:15
  20. 40-30-20-10, name the hockey team.
    1. 40: Name them now.
    2. 30: They share the record for most penalty minutes in a single game, 406, with the Boston Bruins for a 1981 brawl/game they won 5-1.
    3. 20: Between 1988-90, Mike Gartner recorded 2 30+ goal seasons with this team.
    4. 10: In the days of the WHL, the Fighting Saints were their cross-town rivals.
       Answer: MINNESOTA NORTH STARS (for the 40 & 30 point clues only, accept DALLAS STARS, as teams carry their old records to new cities)