1. Former thief Code Foster stumbles upon an alien infiltration of Earth. Enrolled into an alien experiment on human willpower, he is the only survivor. Set up for the murder of his wife, he's chased by the cops and the aliens. Using the lost prophecies of Nostradamus, he works to foil the aliens and see if he's the "twice blessed man" prophesised as Earth's savior. This sets up, for ten points, the premise of what Sci-Fi Channel series produced by Francis Ford Coppola?
     Answer: FIRST WAVE
  2. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  3. Victor Ward is the "It Boy" of the moment. While planning the gala opening of a downtown nightclub, he pines for a part in the film Flatliners Two. Instead, however, Victor ends up in Europe with a violent gang of terrorist supermodels who commit murder and mayhem at the drop of a name. All the while, Victor wanders the landscape of fashion and fame. For ten points name this novel, eight years and 482 pages in the making, the latest from American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis.
     Answer: GLAMORAMA
  4. This actor's nephew is New York Mets third baseman/pinch hitter Matt Franco. He had a modestly successful minor league baseball career, until injuries ended his major league dreams in 1979. He quickly returned to the big screen, where he was an early 1970s Disney child star in such films as The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Barefoot Executive, and The Strongest Man in the World. For ten points name this actor, whose later films include Tequila Sunrise, Big Trouble in Little China, and Tango and Cash.
     Answer: Kurt RUSSELL
  5. She sang backup for her sister, Shelby Lynne, before recording her own debut, Alabama Song. On that album she sings Is Heaven Good Enough for You -- a tune about her mother, who was shot to death by her father when she was 13. For ten points, name this artist who was nominated for an Oscar for ³A Soft Place To Fall² from the Horse Whisperer soundtrack.
     Answer: Alison MOORER
  6. Breeze O'Rourke is the chambermaid, and is apparently one of the few virgins ever to step foot in Whispering Pines. Mo speaks little English and is a typically bumbling bell boy. Connie is apparently the only think keeping the place from collapsing, as husband Royal has a distinct dislike for guests. You can (or could; with luck it's been cancelled by now) find all of these folks on, for ten points, what 1999 CBS remake of Fawlty Towers starring John Larroquette?
     Answer: PAYNE
  7. In 137 career regular-season games, this defensive lineman has registered only 128 tackles and nine sacks. Drafted in the 10th round out of U-C-L-A in 1989, he regularly played special teams and backed up both Bruce Smith and Jeff Wright for six seasons, starting 10 games. Signed by Denver in 1995, he started every game in 1996, but only once since. However, he holds a unique Super Bowl record that he once shared with ex-teammates Don Beebe and Gale Gilbert. For ten points name this journeyman defensive lineman, who somehow become the first player in NFL history to play in six Super Bowls, doing so with Denver in 1999.
     Answer: Mike LODISH
  8. One was the son of an American soldier and a German stripper who competed in the 1984 International Breakdancing Championship in New York. The other was a native of Guadaloupe and a French trampoline champion. They first met at a L.A. Dance club in 1987 and moved to Munich, where they worked in a post office before being discovered by producer Frank Farian. For ten points name this disgraced pop duo, whose name actually came from a defunct dance club in Berlin, not from the alleged Turkish words for ³positive energy.²
     Answer: MILLI VANILLI (Accept ³Rob and Fab² or equivalent on an early buzz)
  9. Luther croons, while James screams. Slyıs the original - the originator, and Marvinıs the innovator. But when this happens, lead singer Martin Fry hears violins and forgets everything. An unnamed woman, on the other hand, packs her things and spreads her wings when this happens. For ten points, what exactly happens, also the name of the song, a 1987 tribute to singer William Robinson by ABC.
  10. Louie Anderson will host a syndicated revival of this game show this fall. First premiering on July 1976 on ABC, the classic version began with a face- off to control the board. The team with control of the board could earn points by giving a correct answer. But if they gave three wrong answers, the opposing team could steal the points by giving an unrevealed answer. First team to 300 points wins and gets to play Fast Money. For ten points name this game show, first hosted by Richard Dawson and later by Ray Combs.
     Answer: FAMILY FEUD
  11. When this event made its debut at the Squaw Valley Olympics in 1960, it was called Military Patrol, and featured only a 20 kilometer race. Frank-Peter Roesch is the only competitor to win the 10 and 20 kilo races in the same Games, doing so in 1988. A summer version of this event, popular in Alaska and California, replaces skiing with running. For ten points name this Winter Olympics support, a bizarre hybrid of cross-country skiing and target shooting.
     Answer: BIATHLON
  12. Former poultry company executive Gerry Thomas is credited with creating this in 1954 while on a plane trip to Pittsburgh. The concept was then tested on a focus group of notable hotel chefs and approximately 1200 housewives. Described by the late James Beard as being aimed the six-year-old palate, it originally sold for 98 cents and may have contained fruit cobbler, but did have turkey as an entree. For ten points name this food concept, first marketed by the Swanson Company, who expanded the concept into the Hungry Man line years later.
     Answer: T-V DINNERS (accept equivalent)
  13. Gangs have taken over the areas surrounding high schools to the point that cops won't even enter, so three cyborg teachers are sent into one of the schools, but they malfunction, leaving the gangs to band together and fight the teachers. For ten points this is the plot of what 1990 Malcolm MacDowell movie reminiscent of The Faculty, and which is referenced in the name of the supergroup which re-recorded Another Brick in the Wall for that movie.
     Answer: CLASS OF 1999
  14. This man holds the San Diego Chargers single-game record for best completion percentage by a quarterback at 81.8 percent, setting the record in a scab game in 1987. This UCLA grad is also the last player to run for a one-point conversion in an NFL game, again a scab contest. The 1984 Rose Bowl MVP, he returned to UCLA as an assistant under Terry Donahue, then went to Boulder in 1994 to work under Bill McCartney. For ten points name this head coach, who left Colorado after four seasons to take the top stop at the University of Washington.
     Answer: Rick NEUHEISEL
  15. Dan Curtis created this show, which premiered on June 1966 on ABC, and ran 1,226 episodes before its cancellation in April 1971. The show briefly returned as a prime-time series on NBC in 1991, with Ben Cross as the main character. On both series, young family governess Victoria Winters comes to Collinwood Mansion in Collingsport, Maine to witness supernatural activity and the blood lust of a 175-year-old vampire, who mistakes Victoria for his beloved Josette, who died 200 years earlier. For ten points name this supernatural anthology series, featuring the neck-munching Barnabas Collins.
     Answer: DARK SHADOWS
  16. He is the only player in major league baseball history to win Cy Young Awards in both leagues. He won the 1972 American League Cy as an Indian, and the 1978 National League Cy as a Padre, two of eight teams he played for in 22 major league seasons. He retired in 1983 with 314 career wins, but it took until his fourth year of eligibility to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, probably due to his admitted reputation as a dirty pitcher. For ten points name this right-hander, who admitted using vaseline, tobacco, and just about anything to doctor the baseball on the mound.
     Answer: Gaylord PERRY
  17. Users aren't losers, in fact in this movie they're considered gods. Thus a user should be in like Flynn--except that the user named Flynn gets sucked into a computer to do ultimate battle with the Master Control Program that he had begun as a mere chess-playing program. For ten points these events occur in what 1982 Disney movie, best-known for its state- of-the-art (at the time) computer graphics.
     Answer: TRON
  18. This character was "Wild" in one movie, "Bad News" in another and "on the Run" in a third, all-in-all appearing in seven movies between 1986 and 1991. The quintessential bitchy, disinterested bad girl, she became one of the most popular recurrent characters in the history of porn. For ten points name this 7-time title character, always played by Jamie Summers, who did not get her name from being a military child or her affinity for sausage.
     Answer: The BRAT
  19. On April 17, he will end his run on MTV and focus on music with his band the 8th Street Kidz. For ten points, name this pencil-thin and mentally defective veejay.
     Answer: Jesse CAMP
  20. A remake of this 1974 film is scheduled to open next year starring Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, and Giovanni Ribisi. The original followed a ring of car thieves, consisting of Maindrain Pace and the Chase brothers, as they stole and chopped their way to infamy. The film is best known for its climactic 40-minute chase scene. For ten points, name this H. B. Halicki film whose title refers to the amount of time it took the theives to steal and chop your ride.
     Answer: GONE IN 60 SECONDS
  21. Son of a crown prince of Cameroon, he also claims descent from Queen Victoria. His current wife, Tessie Sinahon, spent years trying to leave The Phillipines to marry him. On a TV Nation piece, Rusty Cundieff used him to prove a black man can't get a cab in Manhattan. His son Fred is a San Jose police officer, which dovetails nicely with dad's current role. For ten points, name this actor who plays Lieutenant Al Giardello on Homicide: Life on the Street.
     Answer: Yaphet KOTTO