1. The Roots are taking hold in the world of hip hop. Prove you're down with all that and answer questions about their latest album for ten points each.
    1. Their new album takes its title from a poem by Yeats and a book by Chinua Achebe. For ten points, name it.
       Answer: Things Fall Apart
    2. The album features samples from a Spike Lee movie. Name the movie.
       Answer: Mo' Better Blues
    3. The album contains a love song called "You Got Me." for ten points, name the guest artist featured on this song whose last album was produced by members of The Roots.
       Answer: Erykah Badu
  2. Given their role in the SCTV hierarchy, name the character for ten points each.
    1. Wheelchair bound for sympathy rather than any problem, he is the owner of SCTV.
       Answer: GUY CABALLERO
    2. His film series, including the House of Cats and 3-D House of Stewardesses, were mainstays of his Monster Chiller Horror Theater.
       Answer: DR. TONGUE
    3. A cross-eyed albino nightclub singer, he wrote a memoir of his father, whose name he shares, entitled Damn You, Daddy, Sir.
       Answer: JACKIE RODGERS, JR.
  3. Three basketball players have played on teams that won two consecutive NCAA Division One championships and two consecutive NBA championships? for ten points each, name them.
     Answer: Bill RUSSELL, K.C. JONES, Kareem ABDUL-JABBAR
  4. 30-20-10-1, name the film.
    1. (30) It's based on Ray Faraday Nelson's 8-page short story, "Eight O'Clock In The Morning."
    2. (20) This 1988 film stars Meg Foster, Keith David, and the actor/sports figure born Roderick Toombs.
    3. (10) Toombs, better known as Rowdy Roddy Piper, utters the immortal line "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubble gum," as he fights undercover alien invaders.
    4. (1) Its alternate title is "John Carpenter's They Live."
       Answer: THEY LIVE B: Name the friends of Bill -- Bill the Cat that is -- for ten points each.
    5. Bill dated this conservative and Reagan appointee to the UN, but only to get secrets from her he could give to the Soviets.
       Answer: Jeanne KIRKPATRICK
    6. Bill served as the repository for this man's brain towards the end of the strip.
       Answer: Donald TRUMP
    7. In 1972, he spent a fair amount of time smoking banana peels with Tipper Gore and this man, then Harvard Law professor, later rejected Supreme Court nominee due to his admitted past use of marijuana.
       Answer: Douglas GINSBURG
  5. Name the member of the 4077th based on their involvement in some sort of prank or spoof for ten points each.
    1. This officer was the butt of numerous foxhole pranks, including jumping into a foxhole full of water and getting trapped in a foxhole by having a jeep park over it.
       Answer: FRANK or BURNS
    2. This character was victim to an April Fool's anti-prank, whereby everyone pretended to get got in order to drive this person to absurd lengths to avoid being fooled.
       Answer: HAWKEYE or Benjamin Franklin PIERCE
    3. A prank played on the entire outfit, he was a figment of Hawkeye and Trapper's imagination. This fake doctor, a graduate of Berliner Polytechnische, was described by Henry Blake as "the best damn OD we ever had."
       Answer: Captain John TUTTLE
  6. 30-20-10, name the Bluesman
    1. [30] His Albums include Some Rainy Morning and False Accusations
    2. [20] - In 1986, he became the first blues guitarist to crack the top twenty since Bobby Blue Bland in 1972.
    3. [10] His most famous album, Strong Pursuader, included hits like Smoking Gun, and won him a Grammy.
       Answer: Robert CRAY
  7. for ten points each, name these TV shows about talk radio people who aren't Frasier Crane.
    1. Out of the many, many crappy shows McLean Stevenson appeared in post-MASH, this was his least crappy. In it, he played a divorced Portland, Oregon, talk radio host dealing with two teenaged daughters.
       Answer: HELLO, LARRY
    2. This early 1990s NBC series followed Jack Killian, former San Francisco cop, in his exploits as he became personally involved in the porblems of his listeners.
       Answer: MIDNIGHT CALLER
    3. Based on NPR's Car Talk, this short-lived 1995 sitcom followed Madison, Wisconsin residents George and Dan Coleman as they fixed cars, spatted, and rarely used the broadcast booth located in their garage.
       Answer: The GEORGE WENDT SHOW
  8. 40-30-20-10, identify the baseball player given some of his accomplishments.
    1. (40) Name him now.
    2. (30)--Along with Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner, he is one of 3 players with 3,000 hits, 600 doubles, and 500 steals. He also holds the American League record for most stolen bases in a season without getting caught.
    3. (20)--He is the only player in history with 5 hits in one World Series game, and he is the only man since 1930 to have a 200-hit season after the age of 40.
    4. (10)--He was World Series MVP in 1993 and compiled 3,319 hits with Milwaukee, Toronto, and Minnesota before retiring last December.
       Answer: Paul MOLITOR
  9. Here¹s to the Ross Perots of the music biz, the RC Colas, the Wendy¹s restaurants -- the Number-Threes. None of these artists got higher than Number 3 on the Billboard singles charts. Identify the songs that got them there.
    1. This 1975 Hot Chocolate song enjoyed some new attention a few years ago with its use in Burger King ads and in The Full Monty.
       Answer: YOU SEXY THING
    2. Frank Mills hit Number 3 in 1979 with this piano-based instrumental.
       Answer: MUSIC BOX DANCER
    3. While they charted again in 1982 and 1983, Quarterflash¹s biggest chart success was this 1981 song.
       Answer: HARDEN MY HEART
  10. Answer these questions about ABC's Nightline for ten points each.
    1. Nightline came out of special reports on the Iran hostage crisis. They were hosted, until November 29, 1979, by what ABC news anchor, who took that night off for his birthday only to be replaced for good by Ted Koppel?
       Answer: Frank REYNOLDS
    2. What LA Dodgers executive lost his job after appearing on Nightline and offering his own rather deleterious thoughts on why there are few African-Americans in baseball front ofices?
       Answer: Al CAMPANIS
    3. Koppel cancelled the 15th anniversary party for the show in order to properly cover the assassination of what world leader?
       Answer: Yitzak RABIN
  11. Identify the soap from its recent plot for ten points each.
    1. Adam and Jake both want to be Liza's baby's father; Erica knows avout David's evil plans.
       Answer: ALL MY CHILDREN
    2. Reva, Josh and David learn Vicki erased their evidence tape; Vanessa wants to divorce Matt.
       Answer: GUIDING LIGHT
    3. Julia has a pill problem; Emily has a baby while locked in her cell; Carly snoops into Reid's past.
       Answer: AS THE WORLD TURNS
  12. This is our homage to the CBI multicultural token question. Identify these heroic African-American pioneers in the field of professional wrestling.
    1. for 5 points, the first African-American WWF world champion is this self- proclaimed "most electrifying man in sports entertainment."
       Answer: Rocky MAIVIA or THE ROCK
    2. for 5 points, though wallowed in WWF obscurity, the first WCW African-American world champ was this former Florida State football legend.
       Answer: Ron SIMMONS or FAAROOQ
    3. The Rock is the son of one-half of the first all African-American WWF tag team champions. For ten points each, identify both The Rock's father and his tag team partner, who wrestled late in his career as Saba Simba.
       Answer: Rocky JOHNSON and Tony ATLAS
  13. They weren't stellar or even heavenly, but for ten points identify these movies whose titles come from outer space.
    1. Sisters Regina and Samantha Belmont fight mutants, a shady organization who want to use their blood, and horrendous '80s music and fashion the day after a celestial event wipes out just about everyone in the world.
       Answer: NIGHT OF THE COMET
    2. In the course of delivering a rare bottle of wine for an auction, Margaret Harwood and bodyguard Oliver Plexico fight off various thug types who want the bottle for themselves in this 1992 film.
       Answer: YEAR OF THE COMET
    3. Timid schoolteacher Jefferson Reed gets hit on the head with a chunk of space debris and becomes the title character of this 1993 film, whose figurines where a prize at last year's TRASHionals.
       Answer: METEOR MAN
  14. The Academy Awards are over, but think back to February when the nominations came out for this question. 5-10-15, name the person who got stiffed from clues.
    1. for 5 points, he did not join Peter Weir or Ed Harris in getting nominations even though he played the title character in The Truman Show.
       Answer: Jim CARREY
    2. for ten points, Ian Bannen, David Kelly, and Fionnula Flanagan were shut out- along with everyone else connected with this lottery comedy- proving that The Full Monty effect couldn't cross the Irish Sea.
       Answer: WAKING NED DEVINE
    3. for 15 points, he helmed Elizabeth to best picture nod, but he was the lone director not to get a best director nod for a nominated film.
       Answer: Shekhar KAPUR
  15. Identify these John Woo movies for ten points each.
    1. Woo's American directorial debut was this 1993 film, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as a Cajun merchant seaman who comes to the rescue of Yancy Butler through a lot of violence.
       Answer: HARD TARGET
    2. Chow Yun-Fat is a gangster gunman who wants out in this 1990 film. He's hired by his best friend to perform one last murder, but it doesn't go as smoothly as planned.
       Answer: THE KILLER
    3. An Air Force pilot, played by John Travolta, steals a couple of nuclear warheads, and its up to Christian Slater and Samanth Mathis to find them in this 1995 Woo actioner.
       Answer: BROKEN ARROW
  16. Time for some tough Barbie trivia? Answer these questions about the Barbie doll FSTNOP.
    1. (20) Barbie was named for its designer's daughter. As a result, the doll has a middle and last name. For ten points each, give me both names.
    2. (10) According to Mattel, Barbie is a graduate of Willows High School in Willows in, for ten points, what state?
       Answer: WISCONSIN
  17. Spring may mean flowers and sunshine to some, but for TV execs, it means that it's time to replace crappy failed shows with crappy new shows bound to fail. For ten points each, given cast members, name the mid-season replacement shows.
    1. Chris Eigeman, Jennifer Grey
       Answer: IT'S LIKE YOU KNOW
    2. Azura Skye, David Moskow, Michael Rosenberg, Selma Blair
    3. William Devane, Matthew Armstrong, Sarah Trigger
       Answer: TURKS
  18. Answer these questions about the work of Mojo Nixon, for 10 points each:
    1. In Mojo Nixon¹s video, ³Debbie Gibson is Pregnant with my Two-Headed Love Child,² What actress plays Debbie?
       Answer: Winona RYDER
    2. Near the end of ³Don Henley Must Die,² Mojo issues the warning, ³That goes for you too,² to what similarly-pompous British artist?
       Answer: STING
    3. Name the former sidekick of Mojo¹s, who went solo in 1989 and occasionally records with the Whirlin¹ Spurs.
       Answer: SKID ROPER
  19. The meek may be slow to inherit the earth, but at the University of Tennessee, they came close to inheriting the NCAA Women's Basketball chamionship four times in a row before being eliminated by Duke in 1999. Five for one, 15 for two, or 30 for all 3, give the last names of the three Lady Vols known collectively as "The Meeks" for their distinctive first names.
     Answer: Chamique HOLDSCLAW, Tamika CATCHINGS, Semeka RANDALL