1. There are three guarantees in life - death, taxes, and rock and roll. Answer these questions about death and rock and roll for ten points each.
    1. The original bassist for Metallica, he was killed in 1986 when his bandıs tour bas hit a patch of ice and flipped over on a highway in Sweden.
       Answer: Cliff BURTON
    2. This man, the original guitarist for Def Leppard, drank himself to death in 1991.
       Answer: Steve CLARK
    3. One of the founding members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, he was paralyzed in a 1986 car accident and died from complications four years later.
       Answer: Allen COLLINS
  2. Time now for Eating with Mark Martin. The NASCAR driver is looking for fast-food restaurants where he can calm his hunger pains. Name these eateries Mark visits for ten points each.
    1. Since he finished second to Jeff Gordon in last year's Winston Cup points standings, it's only appropriate that Martin first gets a bite at this eatery, the second-largest restaurant chain behind McDonald's.
       Answer: SUBWAY
    2. Since Mark's still hungry, he drops by this restaurant for its signature Frisco Burger. He should stop there, this chain is a minor sponsor of his race team in 1999.
       Answer: HARDEE'S
    3. Since a Winston Cup car costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, Mark doesn't want to leave his car for dinner. So he heads to this Southern-based chain, nicknamed America's Drive-In, for a chili dog and Sweetheart Shake.
       Answer: SONIC
  3. Muhammad Ali may always be The Greatest, but on five nights in his pro career, he wasnıt. For 5 points each, name the five boxers who defeated Ali during his pro career. Name them in order of the defeats and youıll get a 5-point bonus.
     Answer: Joe FRAZIER, Ken NORTON, Leon SPINKS, Larry HOLMES, Trevor BERBICK
  4. Paddy Maloney, piper and producer for The Chieftains, had always held that this Itish standard would never appear on their albums, but reneged on this stand for their latest release.
    1. for five points, name this tune and for ten points name the Chieftains album it's on, released last month.
    2. Maloney changed his mind about Danny Boy when he heard this woman's recording. For 15 points, name the Canadian jazz singer and pianist, known for albums like Only Trust Your Heart and Love Scenes, who sang Danny Boy on Tears of Stone. A: Diana KRALL
  5. Name the sitcom from its high concept recipie for disaster for the stated number of points.
    1. for five points, insert a British butler into the staff of the White House. Make the butler black. Set during the Civil War. Add lots of misdirected uproar and single entendre jokes about Abe Lincoln's repressed homosexuality. Discard as soon as possible.
    2. FPT, take Snow White and her family. Mix into current day Los Angeles. Half-bake on ABC for the 1987-88 season. Serves few.
       Answer: The CHARMINGS
    3. for 15 points, take the rotund James Coco. Add the matronly Geraldine Brooks. Stir in some magic from Norman Lear. Base the show on a comic srip of the same name by Fred Lucky. Place the leads in charge of a diner in New York. Show on NBC in 1976. Cancel.
       Answer: The DUMPLINGS
  6. Money problems are nothing new to the Olympics, though usually it's not bribery. For the stated number of points, name the person or place involved given information.
    1. (5) This American had his medals from the 1912 games at Stockholm stripped when it was revealed he earned $25 a week for playing semipro baseball. He eventually got them back.
       Answer: Jim THORPE
    2. (10) This city originally estimated that their games would cost $310 million. Throw in mismanagement, cost overruns, and an extra $100 million layout for security, and the budget went over $1.5 billion. The main stadium built for the games will have costed the city $1.7 billion when all is said and done.
       Answer: MONTREAL
    3. (15) He wasn't allowed to participate in the first LA Olympics when the IOC ruled he accepted too much money for running in Germany in 1929. It was said of this Finn that he had "the lowest heartbeat and the highest asking price of any athlete in the world."
       Answer: Paavo NURMI
  7. When it comes to toys, Hasbro and Mattel are the only games in town. Name these two companies that have been purchased by either Hasbro or Mattel for the stated number of points.
    1. (10) Hasbro purchased this company in early 1998 for 335 million dollars, just in time for this company's Furby doll to become the holiday sensation.
       Answer: TIGER Electronics
    2. (5) In 1996, Mattel bought this owner of the Fisher-Price brand of toys in a billion dollar deal.
       Answer: TYCO
    3. (15) More than a year after purchasing Tyco, Mattel struck again, buying these makers of the American Doll series.
       Answer: PLEASANT Co.
  8. Given the name and description of an album, tell me if itıs an actual album or CD, or if itıs made up for five points each.
    1. U2 by Negativland was a maxi-single containing a recording of Casey Kasem uttering profanities while recording a U2 segment for his radio show, as well as two novelty renditions of the U2 song, I Still Havenıt Found What Iım Looking For.
       Answer: REAL
    2. Klark Kent by Klark Kent was a 10-inch record released on green vinyl in a regular-size album sleeve with a sticker warning that the album would shrink and turn green if you exposed the album to air.
       Answer: REAL (Moderator's note: Klark Kent was actually Stewart Copeland of The Police)
    3. I Like Air is a 1967 recording produced by the parents of and starring a then four-year-old Myra Ellen ³Tori² Amos. The record consists of Toriıs father interviewing her on various subjects, like air.
       Answer: PHONY
    4. Fabian Road Warrior is one of many albums recorded by Wesley Willis, a 320-pound schizophrenic black man. Every song has the same rhythm, chord progression, melody, and verse structure, concerns bands Willis likes or concerts heıs attended, and ends with random ad slogans
       Answer: REAL
    5. Interplay by the The Virtual Five would be just any jazz album if it werenıt for the fact that the recording session took place live over high-speed Internet connections, and that no two of the five musicians were in the same country when the recording occurred.
       Answer: PHONY
    6. Solo for Wounded CD by Yasunao Tone is actually a recording of another CD by the same composer, the only difference being the Solo for Wounded CD is covered by heavily-pinpricked Scotch tape, making the CD skip wildly and randomly when played.
       Answer: REAL
  9. Given the title song from a James Bond movie, name the artist who performed it for five points each.
    1. For Your Eyes Only
       Answer: Sheena EASTON
    2. Goldfinger
       Answer: Shirley BASSEY
    3. Thunderball
       Answer: Tom JONES
    4. All-Time High (from Octopussy)
       Answer: Rita COOLIDGE
    5. Nobody Does It Better (from The Spy Who Loved Me)
       Answer: Carly SIMON
    6. Diamonds are Forever
       Answer: Shirley BASSEY
  10. Name the unfortunately titled show for 15 points each.
    1. This 15 minute music show from the late '40s on NBC sounds like it showed one of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands doing blow.
    2. A suspense and drama anthology series on CBS from 1954 to 1958, its episodes include Basil Rathbone in A Christmas Carol and Casino Royale with Barry Nelson as Bond. Sadly, the show's title sounds like a one-word stage direction from a porn director.
       Answer: CLIMAX
  11. 40-30-20-10 Name the football coach
    1. 40: Name him right now 30: In a 20-year pro career, he had a career record of 130 wins, 129 losses, and seven ties. 20: He is the only coach in pro football history to win titles in both the NFL and AFL. 10: This coach won his NFL title in 1958 with the Colts, and his AFL title with the Jets in 1968.
       Answer: Weeb EWBANK
  12. Answer these questions about Letterman holiday traditions for ten points each.
    1. Every year, Dave has this woman, a former member of the Crystals, on to sing what he considers the greatest Christmas song of all time "Merry Christmas Baby Please Come Home"
       Answer: Darlene LOVE
    2. Paul Shaffer also does a song every year, but in jest. He does his impression of what singer doing "O Holy Night" on her old variety show?
       Answer: CHER
    3. The in-studio Christmas tree is always topped with something made of what substance?
       Answer: MEAT
  13. You remember the brides, but do you remember the bridesmaids? Name these sports "seconds" for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) UCLA has won the most men’s Division One college basketball championships with 111. This team stands second with six titles.
       Answer: University of KENTUCKY
    2. (10) Michael Jordan won NBA scoring titles in 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992. This power forward finished second to Jordan all four years.
       Answer: Karl MALONE
    3. (15) The New York Yankees have won 24 World Series championships. Five points for one, 15 for both, name the two clubs that are tied for second for most titles with nine.
       Answer: St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia/Oakland ATHLETICS or A’S
  14. 30-20-10, name the pop pioneer.
    1. [30] He got top-billing over his first band, the Timberlanes, on their 1957 release, The Chosen Few. [20]: In 1958 and 59, with a new band named for a street in the Bronx, he had hits with I Wonder Why, No One Knows, and his first top-10 hit, A Teenager In Love. [10]: In 1960 he had abandoned the Belmonts, and the next year scored back-to-back Number-One and Number-Two hits with Runaround Sue and The Wanderer.
       Answer: DION DiMucci
  15. Answer these questions about record-breaking players in the NHL All-Star Game for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) This 19-year-old center became the first rookie and youngest player to win All-Star MVP honors, scoring two goals in the 1985 Game.
       Answer: Mario LEMIEUX
    2. (10) The record for most goals scored by a winning team in an All-Star game was set by the Wales Conference in 1993. Within one, how many goals did the Wales score?
       Answer: 16 (15-17)
    3. (15) This Hall of Fame goaltender, the last goalie to play without a facemask, appeared in 13 All-Star games between 1955 and 1969, most for a goaltender.
       Answer: Glenn HALL
  16. Name the films that were remade in 1998 based on the original's year of release, cast, and director information, for ten points each. For instance, if I said "1960, Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, directed by Alfred Hitchcock," you'd say Psycho. If you need the remake's director and a star, you'll get 5 points.
    1. (10) 1949, Terry Moore, Robert Armstrong, directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack (5) Ron Underwood, Charlize Theron
       Answer: MIGHTY JOE YOUNG
    2. (10) 1980, John Adames, Gena Rowlands, directed by John Cassavettes. (5) Sidney Lumet, Sharon Stone
       Answer: GLORIA
    3. (10) 1964, Jack Warden, Kier Dullea, directed by Andrew Marton (5) Terence Malick, Sean Penn
       Answer: THE THIN RED LINE
  17. Induldge in some some 16th-century trash by playing "Elizabeth, Shakespeare In Love, Both, or Neither." Given the actors, tell whether they appeared in both, either, or neither of the 1998 Oscar favorites:
    1. Richard Attenborough
       Answer: ELIZABETH
    2. Geoffrey Rush
       Answer: BOTH
    3. Simon Callow
    4. Christopher Eccleston
       Answer: ELIZABETH
    5. Nicol Williamson
       Answer: NEITHER
    6. Rupert Everett
  18. Identify these actors left on the cutting-room floor, 5-10-15.
    1. [5] Last year's 15th-anniversary re-release of The Big Chill didn't restore this actor's scenes as Alex, the man whose suicide brings the rest of the cast together.
       Answer: Kevin COSTNER
    2. [10] Flashback scenes in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension featuring this actress as Buckarooıs mother were shot, but cut.
       Answer: Jamie Lee CURTIS
    3. [15] The Star Wars special edition restores a scene where Luke and Biggs reunite on Yavin, but not the Tatooine scenes with Luke and his friends, including Biggs and a woman named Camie. Camie was played by this actress, who in 1982 caused a scandal for an actual empire on this planet.
       Answer: Koo STARK
  19. Given a TV doctor, name their speciality for ten points each. For example, if I said "Doug Ross," you'd say "pediatrician."
    1. Mickey Malph, from Happy Days
       Answer: OPTOMETRIST (DNA opthamologist)
    2. Margaret Fish, from Bob and Margaret
    3. Monica Quartermaine, from General Hospital
       Answer: CARDIOLOGY or CARDIAC SURGEON (prompt on surgeon or surgery)
  20. The cable universe continues to expand with no end in sight. Name these forthcoming cable channels for ten points each.
    1. This network for women plans to challenge Lifetime's stranglehold on the format with the financial backing of Oprah Winfrey and TV producer Marcy Carsey.
       Answer: OXYGEN
    2. This new kids channel, created by Nickelodeon and the Children's Television Workshop, sets to debut in 1999 with a 24-hour, commercial-free format.
       Answer: NOGGIN
    3. All or nothing, name the two gender-oriented kids cable channel being developed by the folks at Fox Family Channel.
       Answer: BOYZ, GIRLZ