1. Articles in the most recent edition include a debunking of the myth that humans only use 10 percent of their brain, a scientific inquiry into the efficacy of dowsing, and a discussion on superstition and its impact on career growth. Regular columns include Notes of A Fringe-Watcher and Psychic Vibrations. Published bimonthly, name, for ten points, this magazine, the official journal of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
  2. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  3. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED! Their upcoming work, Feel This Book, starts off by having the co-authors discuss their past romantic entanglement. He describes it as "the worst relationship ever," while she notes that "[s]ome incients in life are blocked out for a reason." Seemingly juicy dish, except that it's a joke. This sets the tone for the rest of the book written by, for ten points, what star of There's Something About Mary and what stand-up comic stuck in films like Clay Pigeons?
     Answer: Ben STILLER and Janeane GAROFALO
  4. At its height, it recorded over 100000 hits a day. Acquired by American Cybercast in 1995, one the first changes made was to cease allowing fans to email in ideas for shaping characters and plot. As the hits dried up, the company put $90,000 a month into it, but failed to save it. It folded July 1, 1997. So went, for ten points, what Net-based soap opera, 1995's Cool Site of the Year.
     Answer: The SPOT or WWW.THESPOT.COM
  5. Eazy-E, Ice-T, Oaktown 3-5-7, Tone Loc, Young MC, Def Jef, Hammer, NWA and Digital Underground were some of the performers teaming up for this one-shot single. Produced by Dr. Dre, this fundraiser for inner-city youth programs had an anti-violence slant. For ten points, name this 1990 song, which 15 artists and groups recorded as the West Coast Rap All-Stars.
  6. He's the only player in NFL history to record two safeties in a regular season game, doing so on October 21, 1973 against Green Bay. A 1968 graduate of San Diego State, this defensive end was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1997. As an actor, he played a Marine sergeant in 1987's Death Before Dishonor, and starred in the short-lived syndicated series Land's End. For ten points name this football player-turned-actor, best known for playing Los Angeles Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter for seven seasons.
     Answer: Fred DRYER
  7. Performing since early childhood in local dance reviews and church choirs, this Kentwood, Louisiana native auditioned for the Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club series at age eight. Too young for the show, a producer helped her secure an agent in New York City, where she appeared in such Off-Broadway shows as 1991's Ruthless. Finally old enough at age 11, Britney earned a coveted place on MMC, which she appeared for two years. For ten points name this 16-year-old singer, whose become the latest teenpop one-hit wonder with Baby...One More Time.
     Answer: Britney SPEARS
  8. Trevor Martin. Peter Cushing. William Hartnell. Patrick Troughton. John Pertwee. Tom Baker. Peter Davison. Colin Baker. Sylvester McCoy. Paul McGann. These ten men have all played, for ten points, what TV sci-fi title character from his 1963 debut on the BBC to the 1996 TV film on Fox?
     Answer: DOCTOR WHO (ACC: The DOCTOR) (NOTE: Trevor Martin played The Doctor in a stage play -- as did John Pertwee and Colin Baker, but both played the character on TV, too.)
  9. Its first basketball championship was in 1972, as Immaculata defeated state rival West Chester 52-48. Immaculata appeared in the first five championships, losing the 1975 and 1976 finals to Delta State, who also won in 1977. It held its last exclusive championship in 1981, with Louisiana Tech beating Tennessee. They held one more championship in 1982, but most Division One schools opted to enter the first NCAA championship. For ten points name his defunct organization, which sponsored all women's collegiate sports championships before the NCAA.
  10. Five years ago, as an unsigned act,they tried to play their way onto Letterman's Late Show from the lobby of his building. This January, their dream came true, and they appeared on the show with a #1 album, Wide Open Spaces. For ten points, name this trio whose members, Natalie Maines, Marie Seidel and Emily Erwin, named themselves after a Little Feat song.
     Answer: The DIXIE CHICKS
  11. When former special forces operative and current PI Trent Malloy joins forces with police detective Carlos Sandoval, they keep the streets of Dallas safe in an especially beating-oriented way. Assisted from time to time by ex-prize fighter Butch McMann, they also get help from James Trivette and Cordell Walker, the Texas Rangers CBS fans know and love. Name, for ten points, this Saturday night kickfest, a spin-off of Chuck Norris's Walker, Texas Ranger.
     Answer: SONS OF THUNDER
  12. In 1999, this performer earned a record 22nd Golden Raspberry nomination for his supporting role in the satiric bomb An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn. As of 1998, he's won a record eight Razzies, including five Worst Actor nods between 1984 and 1992. In 1985 he garnered two Worst Actor crowns, and one each for Worst Writer and Worst Director, while his brother won for Worst Song. For ten points name this actor, whose earned Worst Actor nods for such films as Assassins, Daylight, Judge Dredd, and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.
     Answer: Sylvester STALLONE
  13. The current man in her life is baseball pitcher Chuck Finley, whom she married in November 1997. Born in San Diego in 1962, this actress got her start on the short-lived soap Capitol in 1982, then got her break two years later as Tom Hanks' girlfriend in Bachelor Party. Later roles include her occassional appearances as Deianeira on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. For ten points name this actress, best known for her sexy romps in Whitesnake videos and for marrying the band's singer, David Coverdale, in 1989.
     Answer: Julie "Tawny" KITAEN Finley
  14. Author Robert Schnakenberg's latest book is an encyclopedic compilation of the life and times of this actor, born in 1931 in Montreal. Covering everything from Acting to Adrian Zmed, highlights include his alleged lifelong distaste for fruit salad, being crucified by Ernest Borgnine in the 1975 film, The Devil's Rain, and his song Spleen, featured on his 1968 album, The Transformed Man. For ten points name this graduate of McGill University, for whom McGill's student union is named for, a man former castmate James Doohan refers to as a fathead.
     Answer: William SHATNER
  15. Its first program was Serving Through Science, a half-hour instructional show sponsored by Encyclopedia Britannica that lasted 11 months. Debuting in 1946 in New York, it was founded by an engineer as a way to advertise its own large-screen sets, which debuted eight years earlier. Pioneers like Ted Mack, Jackie Gleason, and Arthur Murray all debuted with shows on this network, but were quickly gobbled up by larger networks with bigger salaries. For ten points name this short-lived fourth TV network, which went off the air for good in 1956.
     Answer: DUMONT Network
  16. All appears to be going well for the first manned mission to Mars until the astronauts are pulled off the ship and whisked off to a desert film studio. Seems the space vehicle has a major defect, so NASA decides to fake the journey and landing to fool the world. Meanwhile, journalist Robert Caufield smells something fishy, but everytime he uncovers something, there's an attempt on his life. For ten points name this 1978 conspiracy drama, starring Elliott Gould, James Brolin, Telly Savalas, Sam Waterston, and O.J. Simpson.
     Answer: CAPRICORN ONE
  17. This business was founded in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton in Florida, with prices ranging from 18 to 37 cents. Purchased by Pillsbury in 1967, this chain is now owned by London-based Diageo. They claim to be the first fast-food chain to introduce dining rooms, and debuted drive-thru service in 1975. Among their advertising campaigns of yore included Best Food for Fast Times, Aren't You Hungry, and Herb. For ten points name this restaurant chain, that tells you to "have it your way."
     Answer: BURGER KING
  18. Gina Cates on General Hospital. Sam Stepjak on Someone Like Me. Alison on California Dreams. Kristen, the only good looking Carey, on The Drew Carey Show. Taylor, the girl who works in a massage parlor in the first episode of The Norm Show. For ten points, all of these roles were played by what actress, seen weekly playing the smart and sexy Tiffany Malloy on Unhappily Ever After?
     Answer: Nikki COX
  19. Born the 4th of 15 children in Erie, Pennsylvania, this man was the captain of the first U.S. Olympic karate team in 1980. The first Amateur Athletic Union karate champion, he moved to Hollywood in 1988, where he became Catherine Bach's bodyguard. He played the crazed, gun-toting football player in The Last Boy Scout, and starred in such straight-to-video forgettables as Tough and Deadly, TC 2000, and King of the Kingboxers. For ten points name this seven-time World Martial Arts champion, who combined self-defense, boxing and dance into the "hottest workout in America," Tae-Bo.
     Answer: Billy BLANKS
  20. She was named ITF Junior World Champion in 1996 after winning the junior French Open and Wimbledon. In 1998 she became the lowest-ranked player to beat two of the world's top three players in the same tournament at the Berlin Open, and the first qualifier to reach a Tier- One event final, but her real breakthrough came in January of this year. For ten points name this openly gay 19-year-old Frenchwoman and 1999 Australian Open runner-up, who Martina Hingis called "half a man."
     Answer: Amelie MAURESMO
  21. It starred Dawsončs dad from Dawsončs Creek in the title role, Theora Jones from Max Headroom as Christina McGee, and Jake from Becker as Julio. Occasionally Luke Skywalker would show up to play The Trickster. For ten points, name this shortlived CBS action series in which John Wesley Shipp transformed from Barry Allen into a costumed superhero.
     Answer: THE FLASH