1. Name these songs from daytime-TV-themed lyrics for ten points each. If you need the artist, you¹ll only receive five points.
    1. (10) Alone and bored/On a thirtieth-century night./ Will I see you/On The Price Is Right?/ Will I cry?/Will I smile?/ As you run/Down the aisle.
      (5) Barenaked Ladies
       Answer: IT¹S ALL BEEN DONE
    2. (10) Don't know what I was thinkin' of/ I guess I just wasn't too bright/ Well, I sure hope I do better/ Next weekend on the Price Is Right
      (5) Weird Al Yankovic
       Answer: I LOST ON JEOPARDY
    3. (10) He's gonna play the field, and keep it real/ For you no way, for you no way/ So if you don't rate, just overcompensate/ At least you'll know you can always go on Ricki Lake
      (5) The Offspring
       Answer: PRETTY FLY (For a White Guy)
  2. Name these crappy movies or film stars that have something to do with actors nominated for this year's Oscars for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Robert Duvall would prefer you forget his role as the voice of penny-pinching publisher Joseph Pulitzer in this 1992 musical bomb with a lot of cute kids and cardboard characters.
       Answer: NEWSIES
    2. (10) Roberto Benigni made his American mainstream debut in this disastrous 1993 sequel, where he played the illegitimate child of Inspector Clouseau.
    3. (15) Although we don't think this actress is related to the Brazilian nominated for Central Station, we prefer this woman's work in such films as Preacher With a Shovel and Calling All Quakers, both co-starring Troy McClure.
       Answer: DOLORES MONTENEGRO (Need both)
  3. One of the finest pieces of TV in the '90s was Ken Burns' PBS documentary on the Civil War. We'll ask questions about it anyway. Given a Civil War figure, identify the person who provided their voice for that series for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Frederick Douglass
       Answer: Morgan FREEMAN
    2. (10) Ulysses S. Grant
       Answer: Jason ROBARDS
    3. (15) General William Sherman
       Answer: Arthur MILLER
  4. Given a celebrity and type of medication, name the prescription drug they endorse for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Joan Lunden, allergy pill
       Answer: CLARITIN
    2. (10) Terrell Davis, migraine medication
       Answer: MIGRANOL
    3. (15) Cal Ripkin, Jr., hypertension drug
       Answer: PRINIVIL
  5. Given a quote from an Elvis Presley song, identify it for ten points each. Hint: the songs are connected beyond just being Elvis hits.
    1. "Never let me go; You have made my life so sweet, and I love you so."
       Answer: LOVE ME TENDER (do not accept or prompt on: "Love Me")
    2. "This time I'm gonna take it myself and put it right in her hand. And if she comes back the very next day, then I'll understand."
       Answer: RETURN TO SENDER
    3. "All the stars would tell the story of our love and all its glory; Let us take this night of magic, and make it a night of love."
       Answer: SURRENDER
  6. Perfection, thy name is Gary Anderson. In 1998, Anderson became the first kicker in NFL history to finish the season perfect on field goals and extra points. Answer these questions related to Anderson for the stated number of points.
    1. (10) Since 1997, Anderson has kicked 40 straight field goals without a miss. The previous record holder was this Viking, who kicked 31 straight from 1994 to 1995, and also became the first kicker in NFL history to draw an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, doing so in 1993.
       Answer: Fuad REVEIZ
    2. (5) Anderson’s 164 points in 1998 is an NFL record for pure kickers, but not for all players. This Packer scored 176 points in 1960.
       Answer: Paul HORNUNG
    3. (15) Anderson’s 59 extra points in 1998 broke the NFL record for most extra points without a miss of 56, set by three players. Name any one of them. Hint: the record was set in 1966, 1984, and 1991.
  7. Name these people associated with the first episode of the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn for ten points each.
    1. Not only was he the first person to get 5 of 5 in the Five Questions, he was the first guest ever, as he was for Late Night and Late Show with David Letterman.
       Answer: Bill MURRAY
    2. To help him demonstrate how he'd hug a female guest, this athlete offered her services- in a gold dress, pigtails and a red top, and flowing hair wearing a white outfit and go-go boots.
       Answer: Anna KOURNIKOVA (NOTE: How Kournikova's hair got the boots on, we don't know...)
    3. This easy listening singer, not his long-dead namesake and composer of Hansel and Gretel, gave bits of advice to Kilby throughout the show.
       Answer: Engelbert HUMPERDINK
  8. Given a character from the TV show Maverick, name the actor who played them for the stated number of points.
    1. for five points, Bret Maverick
       Answer: Jim GARNER
    2. for ten points, the British-educated Beauregard Maverick
       Answer: Roger MOORE
    3. for 15 points, "Old Pappy" Maverick
       Answer: Jim GARNER
  9. Contrary to popular belief, the 1972 Miami Dolphins are NOT the only team in the 78 history of the NFL to finish the season undefeated. Name these teams that also went undefeated for ten points each.
    1. In 1920, when the NFL was called the American Professional Football Association, this Ohio team, co-coached by Fritz Pollard and Elgie Tobin, went 8-0-3, and are considered the first NFL champions.
       Answer: Akron Pros
    2. The only NFL team to go undefeated in two consecutive seasons was this Ohio-based team, coached by Guy Chamberlin, which went 10-0-2 in 1922 and 11-0-1 in 1923.
       Answer: Canton Bulldogs
    3. Coached by a guy nicknamed “Curly,” this club won its first NFL title in 1929 by going 12-0-1.
       Answer: Green Bay Packers
  10. Elizabeth Taylor has been married eight times to seven different people. No points for one, five points for two, 10 points for three, 15 points for four, 20 points for five, 25 points for six, and 30 points for all seven, name the seven men who've served as "Mr. Elizabeth Taylor."
     Answer: Richard BURTON, Nicky HILTON, Jr., Michael WILDING, Michael TODD, Eddie FISHER, John WARNER, Larry FORTENSKY
  11. Name these shows found on the Food Network for ten points each.
    1. A pair of motorcycle-riding Brits, Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright, have a taste for clotted cream and lard on this show.
       Answer: TWO FAT LADIES
    2. This program, the Food Network's first attempt at creating a game show, pits two chefs against each other with limited ingredients and even less time to create the perfect dish.
       Answer: READY SET COOK!
    3. Good Morning America's weatherman drops some oeneology on us in this series.
  12. 30-20-10-5-1, identify this person associated with Hollywood.
    1. He received six screenwriting credits, for the movie Slave Ship and for five films directed by Howard Hawks.
    2. As a major script doctor of the '30s and '40s, he also did uncredited work on numerous films, including Mildred Pierce, Drums Along The Mohawk, Intruder in the Dust, and The Adventures of Don Juan.
    3. The character W.P. Mayhew in Barton Fink is based on him, and many of his books have been turned into movies such as The Tarnished Angels and The Story of Temple Drake.
    4. Because he adapted Hemingway's To Have and Have Not for the screen, it is the only film to have two Nobel Prize winners for Literature associated with it.
    5. His short story The Old Man was turned into a 1997 TV movie, Willam Faulkner's Old Man.
       Answer: William FAULKNER
  13. for ten points each, tell me which sport you can find the following terms...
    1. Fronton (frohn-tohn)
       Answer: JAI-ALAI (hi-li) (Note: It’s the building where the game’s played)
    2. Wooly Bugger
       Answer: FISHING (Note: It’s a fly used it trout fishing)
    3. Veronica
       Answer: BULLFIGHTING (Note: it’s a cape movement)
  14. Given a slang term found in Variety magazine's dictionary of "slanguage" that begins with the letter "B," tell me what the slang term means for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) B.O.
       Answer: BOX OFFICE
    2. (5) Boff
       Answer: OUTSTANDING (accept equivalent)
    3. (10) Beertown
       Answer: MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin
    4. (10) Blighty
       Answer: Great BRITAIN
  15. Actors, writers and directors get too much credit for good TV. Given shows, identify the real geniuses behind the magic--the executive producers.
    1. Seventh Heaven
       Answer: Aaron SPELLING
    2. The Practice
       Answer: David E. KELLY
    3. Maude
       Answer: Norman LEAR
  16. 30-20-10, identify the musician.
    1. (30) Between 1960 and '65 he recorded four Top 40 hits--Three O'Clock in the Morning, Red Roses For A Blue Lady, Tenderly, and the Number 22 song of 1960 Wonderland By Night.
    2. (20) He was the producer on the Beatles very first recording session.
    3. (10) According to the Barenaked Ladies' "One Week", he's "got the mad hits."
       Answer: Bert KAEMPFERT
  17. Asking you to identify the Sacramento Kings' assistant coaches might sound like an invitation to yell "lame!", but all 3 are better known for previous jobs. For ten points each identify:
    1. First, the Showtime Laker who spent the last several years of his career as an outside shooter for Indiana and Vancouver and in Greece.
       Answer: Byron SCOTT
    2. Next, the man who coached his college team to a national title in 1989 and to the NIT title in 1997, one of only six coaches to win both postseason tourneys.
       Answer: Steve FISHER
    3. Finally, the college coaching legend who signed on in Sacramento after retiring from Princeton in 1996.
       Answer: Pete CARRIL (kuh-RILL)
  18. Given a character in a Disney movie, name the actor who provided the voice for ten points each. If you need another role, you'll only receive five points.
    1. (10) Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast
      (5) Detective Lenny Briscoe on Law and Order
       Answer: Jerry ORBACH
    2. (10) Zazu in The Lion King
      (5) Edmund in Blackadder
       Answer: Rowan ATKINSON
    3. (10) Victor in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
      (5) Jim Dial on Murphy Brown
       Answer: Charles KIMBROUGH
  19. Before the Spice Girls, there was Bananarama. Answer these questions about the 80s pop trio for 10 points each:
    1. Name the former Sex Pistol who discovered Bananarama and produced their first single.
       Answer: Paul COOK
    2. Bananarama¹s biggest hit, ³Venus,² was No.1 in the US for exactly one week, the same as the group which originally performed the song. Name the bad Bananarama covered.
       Answer: The SHOCKING BLUE
    3. After leaving Bananarama, Siobhan Fahey married former Eurythmic David Stewart and joined what duo, which charted in 1992 with ³Stay?²
  20. Between reruns and the movie remake, you've had plenty of time to learn the names of the Robinson family from "Lost in Space". And this ain't regionals, so forget about Wil. For ten points each, identify:
    1. The Robinson's youngest daughter?
       Answer: PENNY Robinson
    2. The first name of the Robinson patriarch?
       Answer: JOHN
    3. Oh yes, and Dr. Smith stowed away. What was Dr. Smith's first name?
       Answer: ZACHARY