1. Crayola doesn't change the names of its colors much, but when they do change, it's big news. Name these defunct crayon names for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) In 1999, Crayola announced it would change the name of this color, a reddish-brown pigment, because kids mistakenly believe the color has to do with Native Americans.
       Answer: INDIAN RED
    2. (10) In 1962, this color was changed to peach to recognize that everyone's skin tone is not the same.
       Answer: FLESH
    3. (15) In 1958, this color was re-named midnight blue because students were no longer familiar with the history of the European people the crayon was named for.
       Answer: PRUSSIAN BLUE
  2. Anyone here who saw the cover of the April 19 issue of People and didn't think it would be in TRASHionals should really know better. For the rest of you, ID these members of the Brat Pack from these brief post-80s biographies, for ten points each:
    1. She's a 36-year-old ex-Halcion addict who played a lesbian heroin addict in the 1998 indie film High Art.
       Answer: Ally SHEEDY
    2. Married to Sheryl Berkoff with two sons, his primary job now is fatherhood. He returned to film slowly with roles in Wayne's World, Contact and the upcoming Austin Powers sequel, after torpedoing his career with a 1988 self-produced video piece.
       Answer: Rob LOWE
    3. After dating the likes of Dweezil Zappa and the Beastie Boys' Adam Horovitz, she went to Paris for a few years; she's now engaged to French writer Valery Lameignere.
       Answer: Molly RINGWALD
  3. 30-20-10, name the recording artist from her hits.
    1. [30] Silver Threads and Golden Needles; Wishin' and Hopin'
    2. [20] What Have l Done to Deserve This; The Look of Love
    3. [10] Son of a Preacherman
       Answer: Dusty SPRINGFIELD
  4. First, there was the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Now, there’s the Degrees of the Chicago White Sox, where every major league baseball player is connected in some way to a member of the 1998 Chicago White Sox. For this question, Babe Ruth has a White Sox number of five, as it takes five steps to get from Ruth to White Sox reliever Tom Fordham. Name these players that stand between Ruth and Fordham for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) This designated hitter, who played with Fordham in 1997, has his number three retired by the White Sox.
       Answer: Harold BAINES
    2. (10) This man became the first player in major league history to play in five different decades, when he had two at-bats for the 1980 White Sox, Baines’s first year with the club.
       Answer: Minnie MINOSO
    3. (15) Considered the ace of the 1927 Murderer’s Row Yankees pitching staff, his 237 career wins included eight straight years of 15 wins or better between 1921 and 1928.
       Answer: Waite HOYT (Moderator’s Note: the chain is Babe Ruth-Waite Hoyt-Bert Haas-Minnie Minoso-Harold Baines-Tom Fordham)
  5. Identify the They Might Be Giants songs from the lyrics, for 10 points each:
    1. I like to play the drums/I think Iım getting good, but I can handle criticism/Iıll show you what I know/And you can tell me if you think I'm getting better on the drums.
       Answer: DR. WORM
    2. If anything was broken I'm sure it could be mended/My head is tired from bobbing and pretending/Listen to some bullet-head/And the madness that heıs saying
    3. Bachrach & David use to write his favorite songs/Never would he worry, heıd just run and fetch the ball.
  6. Double your pleasure, double your fun by answering these questions on rockınıroll twins for ten points each.
    1. All or nothing, which two Bee Gees are twins?
       Answer: MAURICE and ROBIN Gibb
    2. This legendary Chicago rock quintet featured John Panozzo on drums and his twin brother Chuck on bass.
       Answer: STYX
    3. Twins Craig and Charlie Reid form this group, which had a Top 10 hit in 1993 with Iım Gonna Be (500 Miles), featured on the Benny and Joon soundtrack.
       Answer: THE PROCLAIMERS
  7. Given a TV show from the '50s and '60s, name the whitebread, ficticious town it took place in for ten points each.
    1. The Donna Reed Show
       Answer: HILLDALE
    2. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
       Answer: HILLSDALE
    3. Father Knows Best
       Answer: SPRINGFIELD
  8. Name the titular TV detective for ten points each.
    1. Based in LA, he's a heavyset PI whose as likely to yell at his client as his quarry. Given his girth, he's more prone to car chases and verbal banter than on-foot chases. He gets hit on the head a lot, and sounds suspiciously like the narrator for The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.
       Answer: Frank CANNON
    2. Based in San Francisco, he's a heavyset special consultant to the local police, and is as likely to yell at his assistants as act kind towards them. Given that he's in a wheelchair, most of the leg work is done by his police assistants, such as Ed Brown or Eve Whitfield.
       Answer: Robert IRONSIDE
    3. Based in New York, he's in good shape but is difficult to deal with, as police lieutenant Al Rossi can attest to. Given that he's the man who won't cop out when there's danger all about, he doesn't need anyone's damn help. Catchy theme song, too.
       Answer: SHAFT
  9. Itıs a family thing. Each of these bands were composed entirely of family members. Given the names of the individuals, name the band for 15 points, or earn 5 points if you need the bandıs hits.
    1. [15]: Leroy, Eddie, Haini, Rudy, Kathi, Elizabeth and Moana Wolfgramm
    2. [5]: Crush On You, You Got It All.
       Answer: The JETS
    3. [15] Originally siblings Ronald, OıKelly and Rudolph, this Cincinnati-based group added younger brothers Ernie and Marvin and brother-in-law Chris Jasper in 1969.
    4. [5] Twist And Shout; Itıs Your Thing; That Lady (Part 1)
       Answer: The ISLEY BROTHERS
  10. Name the colleges given Lombardi Award winners on a 10-5 basis
    1. (10) Jim Stillwagon, John Hicks (5) Chris Spielman
       Answer: OHIO STATE
    2. (10) Walt Patulski, Ross Browner (5) Chris Zorich
       Answer: NOTRE DAME
    3. (10) Rich Glover, Dave Rimington (5) Grant Wistrom
       Answer: NEBRASKA
  11. Craig Kilborn has moved on and taken Five Questions with him, but The Daily Show lives on. For ten points each identify these regular Daily Show features.
    1. Frank Decaro hosts this weekly look at current film through the eyes of a gay man.
       Answer: OUT AT THE MOVIES
    2. This segment is hosted every Wednesday by an angry comedian who finds the news stories that fall through the cracks and rants about them.
       Answer: BACK IN BLACK
    3. Hosted by Tom Shillue, this feature pokes fun at white supremacist world wide web pages.
       Answer: THIS WEEK IN HATE
  12. The NFL didn’t officially compiling quarterback sacks as a statistic until 1982, screwing many players in the process. Name these quarterback sack legends who aren’t for ten points each.
    1. This Cincinnati Bengal is credited with holding the true record for quarterback sacks in a season, with 26 in 1976.
       Answer: Coy BACON
    2. This member of the Fearsome Foursome, who played from 1961-1976, is often credited with 173 and-a-half career sacks, which would make him the all-time sack leader.
       Answer: David "Deacon" JONES
    3. This Minnesota Viking, who’s current job is as a U.S. Federal Judge, is credited with 148 career sacks, which would make him #5 all-time.
       Answer: Alan PAGE
  13. Identify these very early Oscar winners for the stated number of points.
    1. for 5 points, starring Clara Bow and Buddy Rogers, this movie about World War I fighter pilots won the first Best Picture Oscar.
       Answer: WINGS
    2. for ten points, considered the most anti-war film of classic Hollywood, this 1930 screen adaptation won the third Best Picture award.
    3. for 15 points, MGM's first musical, it was the first Best Picture winner to use sound and the first to be partially in color. The story about two sisters seeking fame and fortune on the Great White Way won the second Best Picture award.
       Answer: BROADWAY MELODY
  14. Name these members of Spinal Tap who met tragic ends for ten points each.
    1. This drummer spontaneously combusted behind his drumkit. His brother, Rick, joined the re-formed trio for their reunion concert at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards.
       Answer: Mick SHRIMPTON
    2. The group's manager, he ran out of blood vessels to burst in his forehead, and he was buried with his beeper and cellular phone.
       Answer: Ian FAITH
    3. This keyboardist died, a victim of his own "have a good time all the time" philosophy.
       Answer: Viv SAVAGE
  15. Time to take a sports spelling test. Spell the last names of these sport stars for ten points each.
    1. All-American linebacker Dat Nguyen (GWEN)
       Answer: N-G-U-Y-E-N
    2. College basketball rifleman Wally Szczerbiak (zer-BEE-ak)
       Answer: S-Z-C-Z-E-R-B-I-A-K
    3. Running back Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala (foo-uh-mah-too mah-uh-fah-lah) - include hyphens and apostrophes if necessary.
       Answer: F-U-A-M-A-U-T-U-(HYPHEN)-M-A-’-A-F-A-L-A
  16. Time to check the celebrity birthday book. Name these celebrities who have birthdays the weekend of April 16-18, TRASHionals weekend, for ten points each.
    1. Born April 16, 1955 in New York City, this actress's film credits include Sea of Love, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and This Boy's Life.
       Answer: Ellen BARKIN
    2. This drummer and co-founder of the Grateful Dead was born in Palo Alto, California on April 17, 1946.
       Answer: Bill KREUTZMAN
    3. Born in Vernal, Utah on April 18, 1947, this actor once worked at the Kwik-E-Mart to prepare for a film role on The Simpsons.
       Answer: James WOODS
  17. Answer these questions on literary pseudonyms for ten points each.
    1. "Monica Quill" is listed as the author of the Sister Mary Teresa series of mysteries. But Monica is actually this man, who writes the Father Dowling mystery series.
       Answer: Ralph McINERNY
    2. This man founded the remarkable writing factory that put out the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, and Bobbsey Twins series of juvenile mysteries among others, using such nom de plumes as Franklin W. Dixon and Carolyn Keene.
       Answer: Edward STRATEMEYER
    3. This literary fiction author occassionally writes lean mystery novels under the pseudonym Rosamond Smith.
       Answer: Joyce Carol OATES
  18. The NBC Mystery Movie was an umbrella name for four individually-named crime shows in the same timeslot from 1971-77. All of them were named after their protagonists. The titles of three of them started with the letters "MC", but the other one was far more popular than the rest. If you can name the "three MC's" you'll get 10 points each. You can replace one of them with the much more popular other one, but that show's only worth 5.
     Answer: MCCOY, MCCLOUD, MCMILLAN AND WIFE, COLUMBO (NOTE: Players get brownie points if they recognize "three MC's" as a Beastie Boys reference. :)
  19. Name these legendary college basketball coaches for ten points each.
    1. Best remembered as coach of the 1972 men's Olympic team that lost the controversial gold medal game to the Soviets, he was the first coach to win back-to-back NCAA titles, at Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State) in 1945 and 1946.
       Answer: Hank IBA
    2. In 1966, he coached Texas Western (now UTEP) to the NCAA title, the first by a team of all-African American starters. He remains at the helm of UTEP to this day.
       Answer: Don HASKINS
    3. A former player at Kansas under James Naismith, he succeeded him as coach in 1907, and won 590 games in 50 years at the school.
       Answer: Forrest "Phog" ALLEN
  20. See what you remember about this yearıs Grammy awards. For ten points each, name the performer who won:
    1. Best Rap Album
       Answer: JAY-Z (Vol. 2...Hard-knock Life)
    2. Best Spoken Word Album
       Answer: Christopher REEVE (Still Me)
    3. Best Pop Album
       Answer: MADONNA Ciccone (Ray of Light)