1. Ken Reeves was a forward for the Chicago Bulls who was forced to retire in 1978 due to chronic knee problems. Soon after he retired, he got a call from college friend Jim Willis, now principal of Carver High School in Los Angeles, who offered him the boy^̉s basketball coaching position. In his first season, Ken dealt with such players as Salami, Goldstein, Gomez, and Curtis Jackson, who was shot to death two years later in a liquor-store holdup. For ten points name this drama, starring Ken Howard and airing from 1978-1981 on CBS.
  2. The protagonist of this song attends a Saturday night party, but gets into a fight instead of getting laid. Later, as she¹s mired in a traffic jam on her way to work, she recalls asking her father for ten dollars. She considers telling the Saturday night party story again, but reminds her boyfriend that telling the story the first time made everything all right. For ten points this is the basic premise to what 1988 hair metal classic, the first Top 30 hit for Lita Ford.
     Answer: KISS ME DEADLY
  3. According to Forbes Magazine, this team has the least value of any “Big 4” major league sports franchise, with an estimated value of 67 million dollars. One of the 12 original franchises of the WHA in 1972, it made the WHA finals only once, in 1979, losing to Winnipeg in six games. This team’s Dave Dryden won MVP honors in 1979, while Rookie of the Year went to a center this team picked up from the Indianapolis Racers in mid-season. For ten points name this Pacific Division team, which won five Stanley Cups in their first 11 seasons in the NHL.
     Answer: Edmonton Oilers
  4. Its correspondents include Chris Wragge, Mark Steines, Jann Carl, and recent addition Tony Potts. It debuted in 1981, and has grown into a daily fixture seen by over 12 million viewers daily in over 70 countries. Recent scoops included Nancy Sinatra's first interview after her father's death and Kirk Douglas after his stroke. Taped in Hollywood, it has bureaus in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, London, and Tokyo. For ten points, name this newsmagazine currently hosted by Bob Goen and 17 year fixture Mary Hart.
  5. They were the first rappers to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone, as well as the first rap act to have an album go gold, platinum, and triple platinum. The only rap act at Live Aid, they were also the first rappers to perform at the Grammys, doing so in 1988. The first rappers to receive a corporate endorsement deal, from Adidas, they¹re also the only act to appear on all three Very Special Christmas albums. For ten points, name this rap trio, featuring Jason Mizell, Joseph Simmons, and Darryl McDaniels, who achieved the first rock/rap crossover hit with Walk This Way.
     Answer: RUN D-M-C
  6. When this owner wanted Detroit Wolverines quarterback Benny Friedman on his team in 1929, he bought the Detroit franchise, put them out of business, and signed Friedman. He entered the NFL in 1925 via a 500 dollar franchise fee, and won his first NFL title two years ago. Eight years later, he sold his shares in the team to sons Jack and Wellington, the latter of whom remains a co-owner of said franchise today. For ten points name this owner, patriarch of the New York football Giants, elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963.
     Answer: Tim MARA
  7. Adapted from a novel by Dorothy Allison, it was to air originally on TNT, but they passed. It tells the story of Ruth Ann Boatwright, who gains confidence by protecting her younger sister from the beating she and her mom take from Daddy Glen, her stepfather. The violence of Allison's book is translated directly to the screen, causing TNT's snub. It was picked up by Showtime and first aired in December 1996. Starring Ron Eldard as Glen, Jena Malone as Ruth Ann, and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Ruth An's mom, for ten points name this made for TV movie, the directorial debut of Anjelica Huston.
  8. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  9. In 1999, the British Board of Film Classification approved this 1974 film for movie-goers 18 and over, 24 years after originally banning it. John Larroquette can be heard but not seen as the narrator in this film, which the director loosely based on the crime spree of Ed Gein. For ten points name this Tobe Hooper film, about a cannibalistic family who more than make up in power tools what they lack in social skills, starring Gunnar Hansen as Leatherface.
  10. Her breasts are named Lyle and Erik. She danced on tour with ZZ Top for a few months. She once opened a store that didn't sell anything, but had enough customers for Starbucks to want to buy her out. She goes to Reno for pie, once drove a school bus as her main mode of transportation, and lives in a renovated battery factory. These are just some of the quirks of, for ten points, what ABC sitcom character played by Jenna Elfman?
     Answer: DHARMA Finkelstein-Montgomery
  11. A movie of his life is in production that will star Russell Crowe of L.A. Confidential fame. No one knows yet who will play Paula Yates, Helena Christiansen or Bob Geldoff. For ten points, name this singer and songwriter of Listen Like Thieves and I Need You Tonight, the lead vocalist of INXS who hanged himself in 1998.
     Answer: Michael HUTCHENCE
  12. TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED: These limited-edition action figures retail for $40 as a pair. One comes with a bong, a stash baggie, different decals for his T-shirt, and a voice chip that says six phrases. The other comes with a six-pack, a carton of smokes, flight goggles, and a voice chip that doesn't do anything. Both are available at View Askew's website. For ten points, name these characters, portrayed by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith in Smith's "New Jersey Trilogy" films.
     Answer: JAY and SILENT BOB
  13. A three-year starter for Penn State from 1977-1979, this linebacker was named an All-American his junior year. The second round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders in 1980, he started every game his rookie season and earned the first of four Super Bowl rings. He’s the only player to win at least one Super Bowl with three different teams, winning twice with the Raiders in Bowls 15 and 18, with the Niners in 1989, and the Redskins in his final season, 1991. For ten points name this linebacker, currently manning the Fox Sports booth as a football commentator.
     Answer: Matt MILLEN
  14. After a four-line part on a Family Matters episode, this actor did some afterschool specials before getting his first film role in To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday. He soon landed his breakout role, as Ray Bronson in I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel. For ten points, name this actor, most recently seen in Wing Commander, the son of a comedian who committed suicide in 1977.
     Answer: Freddie PRINZE, JR.
  15. Back in 1630, the Mogi and Takanashi families originated this brand, which was a refined version of an antiquated recipe. The group decided to name their delicacy for the Japanese words for tortoise shell and ten thousand, because they believed the tortoise lived for 10-thousand years. Then they adopted the hexagon pattern found on many tortoise shells as the company trademark. For ten points name this brand of soy sauce, one of the oldest food brands in the world and America's top-selling soy sauce.
     Answer: KIKKOMAN (more specific on "soy sauce" on early buzz)
  16. E.G. Marshall, Leslie Nielsen, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, and then-unknowns Ed Harris and Ted Danson star in this 1982 film. The screenwriter's son appears in opening and closing framing segments, and the screenwriter himself takes a starring role in the second segment, The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill. For ten points, name this 1982 horror anthology, the first collaboration between director George Romero and Stephen King.
     Answer: CREEPSHOW
  17. The first and last name’s the same. A six-foot-six forward from Livonia, Michigan, this Detroit Mercy sophomore has earned only garbage time his first two seasons with the team. A six-foot junior from Philadelphia, he earned all-Big 5 and all-Ivy League credos his sophomore year, and became a tri-captain for Penn in 1998. The author of the coffee table book For the Love of the Game. For ten points, all three share what first and last name.
  18. Her book The Passionate Eye combines poetry, journal entries, and personal vignettes. Pieces include the depiction of a fashion photo shoot and stories like "Hunger Strike" about a jilted anorexic woman. Not since Jewel has a singer written so well! Name, for ten points, the solo artist behind this book, better known for writing- and singing- songs like Luka and Tom's Diner.
     Answer: Suzanne VEGA
  19. When seagulls follow the trawler, it is because that they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. That bizarre comment was courtesy of this man after avoiding a two-week jail sentence in 1995 for kicking a spectator in the chest during a game againstg Crystal Palace. He was barred from the Premiere League for eight months for his actions, but returned to help lead his team to Premier League titles in 1996 and 1997. For ten points name this French striker, voted the greatest player in Manchester United history in a 1998 SkyTV poll.
     Answer: Eric CANTONA
  20. Focusing on the KYLA news team, this series lasted a whopping four episodes before being replaced with the Ted Danson vehicle Becker. Perhaps the chemistry among featured actors Susan Blommaret, Charles Esten, Wendell Pierce, and the star wasn't up to snuff, but then again maybe CBS just shouldn't have named the series after a lead whose only previous starring roles were the 1994 movie Radioland Murders and a premium cable sitcom. For ten points name this 1998 flop featuring the former star of "Dream On".
     Answer: The BRIAN BENBEN SHOW
  21. Al Gore claims he and his wife were the inspirations for the title characters in this novel, a claim the author vehemently denies. In the film version of the book, the main character's roommate at Harvard is played by Tommy Lee Jones, who roomed with Gore at Harvard. For ten points name this book and 1970 movie, which tells the tale of Harvard student jock Oliver Barrett IV and Radcliffe music wonk Jennifer Cavilleri, written by Erich Segal.
     Answer: LOVE STORY