1. Caffeine and college go great together, even more so, caffeine and TRASH editing sessions. Rank these products in order from most caffeine to least. They are: 12 ounces of Jolt Cola, 1 cup of Ben and Jerry's No Fat Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt, 1 ounce of Starbucks Espresso, 16-point-9 ounces of Water Joe caffeinated water, 2 Excedrin tablets, and 8 ounces of instant coffee.
     Answer: EXCEDRIN (130 milligrams), INSTANT COFFEE (90 mg), STARBUCKS (89 mg), BEN AND JERRY'S (85 mg), JOLT (71 mg), WATER JOE (60-70 mg)
  2. ID the movies from quotes for ten points each:
    1. "There's two kinds of people in this world -- the kind who have loaded guns and the kind who dig. You dig."
    2. "Are all men from the future loud-mouthed braggarts?"
       Answer: ARMY OF DARKNESS
    3. "Clear as crystal. Clear as an unmuddied lake."
       Answer: a CLOCKWORK ORANGE
  3. Given a WWF tag team from the '80s, identify its members for 5 points per member.
    1. Power and Glory
       Answer: HERCULES and Paul ROMA
    2. The Bolsheviks
       Answer: Nikolai VOLKOFF and Boris ZHUKOV
    3. The Can-Am Connection
       Answer: Rick MARTEL and Tom ZENK
  4. "Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me. A town to keep me movin' keep me groovin' with some energy."
    1. for 5 points, identify the title town referred to in this lyric.
       Answer: FUNKYTOWN
    2. Not one but two '80s one-hit wonders had their one hit with Funkytown. For ten points for one, 25 for both, name these bands that took Funkytown to No. 1 in 1980 and No. 6 in 1987.
       Answer: LIPPS INC. And PSEUDO ECHO (take answers in either order)
  5. Name the Toledoan from their TV work for the stated number of points. A hint: none of these people are Toledo's favorite son, Jamie Farr.
    1. for five points, she plays Josephine Potter, Capeside's most angst-ridden almost beauty queen, and is a WB fave.
       Answer: Katie HOLMES
    2. for ten points, you may not recognize his face, but you'd certainly know his voice, as he was the man behind the voice of Chilly Willy, Bingo on The Banana Splits, and Cap'n Crunch.
       Answer: Daws BUTLER
    3. for 15 points, better known for film work, his TV work includes roles as William Vaughn on Michael Hayes, Judge Joseph Vinocour on The Practice, and library inspector Bookman on Seinfeld.
       Answer: Philip Baker HALL
  6. Name these celebrities born or raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) This 1984 Olympic gold medalist, nicknamed "Sweet Pea," was the world lightweight champion from 1990-1992, and held the WBC welterweight belt from 1993-1997, before dropping it to Oscar de la Hoya.
       Answer: Pernell WHITAKER
    2. (10) This pop-country singer and equestrienne had four consecutive Top 10 hits from 1981-1982, including Angel in the Morning and Queen of Hearts.
       Answer: Judy Kay "Juice" NEWTON
    3. . (15) Born Philip Blondheim, this co-writer of the 1988 Beach Boys hit Kokomo had his own hippie hit in 1967 with San Francisco.
       Answer: Scott MCKENZIE
  7. 40-30-20-10, name the group:
    1. [40] Name them right now
    2. [30] This group took its name from a 1960 Robert Wagner-Natalie Wood film that no one in the band had seen.
    3. [20] The group was founded by two former members of the English Beat, David Steele and Andrew Cox.
    4. [10] They wrote and performed four songs for the movie Tin Men, including the 1990 Number One hit "Good Thing".
  8. Name the TV channel created for a TV show for ten points each.
    1. Its most popular show, I Want To Know, was hosted by Edison Carter and sometimes hijacked by Max Headroom. Its president is Ben Cheviot.
       Answer: NETWORK 23
    2. When Gabbo was fabbo in Springfield, the Krusty the Klown Show was losing in the ratings to this station, whose programming seems to consist solely of the Spanish-speaking Bumblebee Man.
       Answer: CHANNEL OCHO
    3. This cable channel is where you'd find West Coast Update and SportsNight.
  9. Remember when every packet seemed to have a Pulp Fiction question in it? No? Time to jog your memory. Given lyrics from a song from the soundtrack, name the song for ten points each.
    1. You can buy a dream or two/ To last you all through the years/ And the only price you pay/ Is a heart full of tears
       Answer: LONESOME TOWN by Rick Nelson
    2. I love you so much, can't count all the ways/ I'd die for you girl, and all they can say is "He's not your kind"
       Answer: GIRL, YOU'LL BE A WOMAN SOON by Urge Overkill
    3. They bought a souped-up jitney, 'twas a cherry red '53/ They drove it down to Orleans to celebrate the anniversary
       Answer: YOU NEVER CAN TELL by Chuck Berry
  10. Given plot from a final episode, name the TV show for ten points each.
    1. The station house is gutted by fire, and Buntz asks Furillo to set up a shadow investigation to find out who's framing him.
       Answer: HILL STREET BLUES
    2. A DJ at a radio station changing from classical to talk formats is cleared of killing a shock jock though the help of a friend from back east.
       Answer: MURDER, SHE WROTE
    3. Hoffs and McCann investigate a car theft ring which may be led by on of McCann's students.
       Answer: 21 JUMP STREET
  11. Teams are crawling out of the woodwork to get into March Madness. Name these schools whose men’s basketball teams debuted in Division I in 1998 for ten points each.
    1. This Hamden, Connecticut school jumped from Division II into the Northeast Conference in 1998. They were welcomed to Division I by getting stomped by UConn in their first game.
       Answer: QUINNIPIAC College
    2. This Colorado school returned to Division I play after a 20-year absence in 1998. Better known for their success in college hockey, where they won five Division I titles between 1958 and 1969.
       Answer: University of DENVER
    3. This school out of Rochester, Michigan, nicknamed the Golden Grizzlies, jumped from Division II to the Mid-Continent Conference in 1998.
       Answer: OAKLAND University
  12. Some authors seem to churn out books just so they can become movies. As an example, identify these movies based on Ira Levin novels for the stated number of points.
    1. for 5 points, in this 1968 movie John Cassavetes and Mia Farrow have a child only to discover that, whoops!, it's the anti-Christ.
       Answer: ROSEMARY'S BABY
    2. for 5 points, Sharon Stone moves into an exclusive building only to be haunted by two mysterious men in this 1993 Joe Eszterhas movie.
       Answer: SLIVER
    3. for ten points two suburban housewives discover the horrible reason why the town's other women seem so docile in this 1975 thriller.
       Answer: The STEPFORD WIVES
    4. for ten points two investigators discover that Dr. Josef Mengele is leading a plot to resurrect Hitler and create a Fourth Reich in this 1978 Gregory Peck-Laurence Olivier film.
       Answer: The BOYS FROM BRAZIL
  13. Name these great college football running backs for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) He holds the single-season record for most rushing yards in a season, running for 2,628 yards for Oklahoma State in 1988.
       Answer: Barry SANDERS
    2. (10) Southern Cal has long been known as Tailback U, and this man is the BMOC of Tailback U, rushing for a school-best 5,598 yards between 1976 and 1979.
       Answer: Charles WHITE
    3. (15) This man, who played for Pitt from 1936-1938, is considered the first all-time rushing leader in NCAA history, running for 1,961 career yards.
       Answer: Marshall GOLDBERG
  14. for 5 points each and a 5-point bonus for all correct, given the second half of a really, really bad movie sequel's title, provide the series and number.
    1. On The Rocks
       Answer: ARTHUR 2
    2. The Quest For Peace
       Answer: SUPERMAN IV
    3. Season of the Witch
       Answer: HALLOWEEN III
    4. Your Sister Is a Werewolf
       Answer: HOWLING II
    5. The Spawning
       Answer: PIRANHA II
  15. Given lyrics, name the Shania Twain song for ten points each.
    1. I give my hand to you with all my heart/Can't wait to live my life without you/You and I will never be apart/My dreams came true because of you.
       Answer: FROM THIS MOMENT ON
    2. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse/I realized I forgot my purse/With all this stress, I must confess/This could be worse than PMS
       Answer: HONEY I'M HOME
    3. I never knew a guy who carried a mirror in his pocket/And a comb up his sleeve, just in case.
  16. Name these inaugural inductees into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame for ten points each.
    1. This four-time All-American was the first woman to receive a full athletic scholarship to UCLA. The 1978 Broderick Award winner, she is the widow of Don Drysdale.
    2. This Montclair State grad was the first winner of the Wade Trophy as most outstanding player in 1977, and is currently general manager of the WNBA’s New York Liberty.
    3. From 1980-1984, she led Southern Cal to a 112-20 record, and guided the U.S. Women to Olympic gold in 1984. She now coaches the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury.
       Answer: Ann MEYERS, Carol BLAZEJOWSKI, Cheryl MILLER
  17. The success of You've Got Mail got us to thinking about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's first romantic comedy together.
    1. for 5 points, name that movie.
    2. Hanks' character is sent to a tropical island where he is to sacrifice himself by jumping into a volcano. For 15 points name either the island or the volcano.
       Answer: WAPONI WOO or the BIG WOO
    3. for ten points what veteran comic actor outdoes himself as the chief of the Waponis (wa-PONIES)?
       Answer: Abe VIGODA (NOTE: They said "Sleepless in Seattle" for any of these? Suckers. :)
  18. Answer these questions about Olympic mascots for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) This computer-generated mascot nearly put the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta off the map. Give either name of this mascot.
       Answer: IZZY or WHATIZIT
    2. (10) The 1988 Calgary Winter Games featured the exploits of brother-and-sister mascots Heidi and Howdy, who were this kind of animal.
       Answer: POLAR BEAR
    3. (15) One of the first Olympic mascots was Olympiamandi for the 1976 Montreal Summer games. For 15 points, what kind of creature was Olympiamandi?
       Answer: SNOWMAN
  19. In between his gigs as pro wresting celeb and politician, Jesse "The Body", er, I mean "The Mind" Ventura dabbled in a bit of acting. Name these Ventura films for ten points each.
    1. Ventura is Captain Freedom, a retired assassin from a futuristic game show hosted by Richard Dawson, in this 1987 film, based on a Stephen King novel.
       Answer: THE RUNNING MAN
    2. The Body is a CIA-trained mercenary who comes face-to-face with an alien force in the Central American jungle, and loses, in this 1987 flick.
       Answer: PREDATOR
    3. Ventura and Mean Gene Okerlund provide the play-by-play of an exorcism in this 1990 spoof, starring Leslie Nielsen and Linda Blair.
       Answer: REPOSSESSED
  20. Fatboy Slim seems to be everywhere these days. Answer these questions about his current album, You¹ve Come A Long Way, Baby, for the stated number of points.
    1. [5] Name the leadoff single, which finds its way into a lot of movie ads as of late, and whose only intelligible lyrics are ³Right about now, the funk soul brother/Check it out now, the funk soul brother.²
    2. [10] The album¹s first track is used in a current car ad. Its only lyrics are the four words in the song¹s title, which is also the title of an old Jesus Jones song.
       Answer: RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW
    3. [15] The album¹s Parental Advisory label comes from the third track, ³In Heaven,² whose only lyrics are what six-word phrase, plus the vocalist's disclaimer: "Please don't play this for anyone, I don't normally do this"?