1. He probably would have been the seventh quaterback chosen in the 1983 NFL draft coming out of Northwestern State had he not already signed on with the USFL--a wise move considering he was the first-ever Sporting News USfor L pointslayer of the Year as a rookie. After leading the Panthers and the Invaders to championship games he signed with New Orleans, where he became the first quarterback to lead the Saints to the playoffs. For ten points name this former Saint and Falcon hurler.
     Answer: Bobby HEBERT
  2. (AUDIO) Two Answers Required for this Audio tossup. For ten points, name that tune AND the artist.
  3. As a ventriloquist, he's the great Ventriliquodini. He throws knives as Throwgali. He tap dances at a semi-professional level, has made 4H gold-medal winning preserves, was highly proficient at the video game Stargate Defender, and may have played Danny Zucco in a high school production of Grease. And, by all accounts, he's a pretty good news director, too. Name, for ten points, this multi-talented employee of WNYX, played by Dave Foley on NewsRadio.
     Answer: Dave NELSON
  4. It was formed in 1937 by three Akron, Ohio-based companies - General Electric, Goodyear, and Firestone - who wanted to move up from the midwest industrial hoops circuit. The Goodyear Wingfoots were the first champions, defeating the Oshkosh All-Stars two games to one in 1938. Other champions in this league included the Sheboygan Redskins, Chicago Gears, and Rochester Royals. For ten points name this league, which merged with the Basketball Association of America in 1949 to form the NBA.
  5. Combining the questionable healing practices of reflexology, acupressure, and magnetic therapy, this product has 500 "accupressure nubs" which are supposed to stimulate foot nerves, thereby easing pain all over your body. They also have five magnetic disks "strategially placed" for benefit, though we never learn what the strategy is. This describes, for ten points, what bit of quackery, a shoe-based cure all?
     Answer: THERASOLES
  6. Upon winning this title, Rana Raslan stated that she would represent her country as best as she could, adding that "[w]e must live in coexistence." Since winning the title on March 9, she's been called a token winner by both her country's religious majority and by her own people, who say her victory is a cover for the poor conditions they live under. Rana also receives a lot of mail asking her to resign in favor of a Jewish woman. So goes the embattled life of, for ten points, the first Arab winner of what beauty crown?
     Answer: MISS ISRAEL
  7. In 1972, California governor Ronald Reagan granted a full pardon to this country singer, who served three years at San Quentin in the late 1950's for burglarizing a tavern. Born in 1937 in Bakersfield, California, he signed to Capitol Records in 1965 and quickly formed his backing band, the Strangers. For ten points name this Country Music Hall of Fame singer/songwriter, whose more than 40 Top 10 hits include Okie from Muskogee, Sing Me Back Home, and Silver Wings.
     Answer: Merle HAGGARD
  8. Two each of the butter cream caramel, chocolate truffle, chocolate nut fudge, vermont fudge and hand-dipped cherry cordial. One serving each of the almonds, jumbo peanuts, almond nougat, pecan/English walnut cluster, cashew cluster, molasses chew, hand made toffee chip, coconut cream, hand dipped chocolate whip, and vanilla butter cream. In the middle, a solid chocolate messenger boy. You'd find 2 levels of this in, for ten points, the one pound box of what chocolate assortment whose box looks like a needlepoint project?
  9. Itís the nickname of the fictional New Jersey team in the Front Page Sports Football Pro series from Dynamix. Itís the nickname of choice for two Division One basketball teams - Cal State-Fullerton and Detroit Mercy. Sammy Baugh coached an AFL team with this nickname in 1960 and 1961. For ten points all these teams share what nickname, which will be the new nom de plume of the NFLís Tennessee franchise?
     Answer: TITANS
  10. It circulated on the Internet falsely labeled as a speech by Kurt Vonnegut at an MIT commencement, but was actually a column in the Chicago Tribune by Mary Schmich (SHMEEK). After edited from 7 minutes down to 4 and a half by a Portland DJ, it has become the first radio hit for the director of Strictly Ballroom and Romeo and Juliet. For ten points identify this spoken word exultation by Baz Luhrmann, advising people to avoid beauty magazines, sing, floss, and of course to use their SPF-15.
     Answer: EVERYBODY'S FREE (To Wear Sunscreen)
  11. Its theme song was written by music director Steve Goldstein. His announcer is cartoon voice guy Maurice LaMarche. It debuted June 22, 1998, and changed executive producers 3 months in, bringing in Diane Rappoport, fomerly of Maury Povitch and Oprah. It lost 24% of its lead in on average, but is still on the air, thanks to Paramount owned stations, who keep it on daytime rather than really late night. For ten points, name this talk show hosted and named for the man behind voices on Bobby's World and Muppet Babies, who played Wayne Fiscus on St. Elsewhere.
     Answer: The HOWIE MANDEL SHOW
  12. When MTV debuted on August 4, 1981, this man had the number one song in America. Born in 1949 in Melbourne, he fronted four bands, the Jordy Boys, Rock House, Wackedy Wack, and Zoot, before going solo in 1972. His first single, Speak to the Sky, went Top 15 in 1972, but turned to acting in soaps in the late 70Ļs during a nine-year music slump. For ten points name this actor/singer, who played Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, and whose 1980Ļs hits included JessieĻs Girl and DonĻt Talk to Strangers.
     Answer: Rick SPRINGFIELD
  13. D.B. Woods, Zeke Beaumont, and Peter Engel are all ASCANS, or Astronaut Candidates. Tamara St. James is a mission specialist, while Reggie Warren and Jack Riles both saw combat as pilots before joining NASA. Henry "Bull" Eckert does his best to get them in shape as Director of Astronaut Training. These characters all appeared in, for ten points, what recent syndicated TV show that starred Corbin Bernsen as Eckert?
     Answer: THE CAPE
  14. He is the only player in NBA history to lead the league in both scoring and assists per game in the same season, doing so in 1972-73 for the Kansas City-Omaha Kings. In 13 NBA seasons, he dished more than 65-hundred assists for five different teams, and won a championship as Boston's floor general in 1981. For ten points name this Texas-El Paso graduate and "little" point guard, elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1990.
     Answer: Nate "Tiny" ARCHIBALD
  15. In 1994's New Book of Rock Lists, authors Dave Marsh and James Bernard declared this 1990 film the worst rock music film ever made. Directed by Joel Silberg, who also helmed the films Breakin' and Rappin', this movie starred J. Eddie Peck of Young and the Restless fame as a Beverly Hills high school teacher who moonlights as a dirty dancer cum tutor of ghetto teens. For ten points name this film, the first of several movies based on the short-lived title dance craze.
     Answer: LAMBADA (do not accept: The Forbidden Dance Is Lambada; different film)
  16. (AUDIO) FAQTP, name this 1991 film given a brief snippet.
     Answer: HOT SHOTS!
  17. Depending on the source, this man's nickname was coined after either he or his wife watched an HBO special on serial killers. Born with the last name Anderson, he debuted in World Championship Wrestling in 1990 with an Atlanta-based exotic dancer as his manager. In five years with WCW, he won the TV title, the U.S. Title twice and, as a Hollywood Blonde with Brian Pillman, the World Tag Team titles. For ten points name this native of Victoria, Texas, and three-time WWF World Champion, who tells fans to "Donít Trust Anybody", because that's the bottom line!
     Answer: "Stone Cold" Steve AUSTIN
  18. It measures 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches by five-eights of an inch, and weighs less than 3 ounces. Its 32 megabytes of flash memory hold up to 60 minutes of digital-quality audio. It's powered by a single AA battery, and it never skips. The MusicMatch Jukebox sofware allows you to convert your CDs into readable files, or you can directly download files from your computer via a 15 pin cable. This describes, for ten points, what hot piece of audio equipment, the most popular portable MP3 player on the market?
     Answer: Diamond RIO PMP300
  19. This man was born around 1905 either on an Oklahoma farm to parents of Cherokee and Cree heritage, or in Louisiana to parents of Italian and Sicilian heritage as Oscar DeCorti. His roles included the quiet owner of a summer camp in Ernest Goes to Camp, a Cheyenne kidnapper in Greyeagle, and an Indian guide in The Longest Drive. For ten points name this actor, who died in 1999, famous for a 1970 anti-pollution ad where he shed a single, bitter tear from his lined face.
     Answer: Oscar "Iron Eyes" CODY
  20. His 1995 novel Finding Moon follows Malcolm "Moon" Mathias, a Colorado newspaper editor, as he travels to Southeast Asia at the close of the Vietnam War to find his niece, orphaned when Moon's brother and sister in-law are killed in a chopper crash. Moon gangs up with a ragtag bunch and they enter Cambodia. This plot is much different from his usual books, mysteries involving the Navajo Tribal Police. For ten points, name this author better known for characters like Joe Leaphorn and Sgt. Jim Chee.
     Answer: Tony HILLERMAN
  21. Its world championship will be decided this August in Papendal, the Netherlands, between players from 20 countries. The first course in the US built to federation standards is located at Boulder Park in Cody, Wyoming. Switzerland won the first world title, and you can find over 90 concrete courses in that country. Known in the US since the 1920s, our courses tend to be more cluttered with things like windmills and lighthouses. For ten points, name this form of entertainment, a smaller version of a club sport.
     Answer: MINITAURE GOLF (accept equivalents)