1. Answer these questions about eating worms for ten points each.
    1. In this Troma classic, New York policeman Harry Griswold has to eat a box of worms as a step towards becoming this kimono-clad supercop.
       Answer: SGT. KABUKIMAN
    2. In a bet to win $50, Billy must eat 15 worms over 15 days in this children's book by Thomas Rockwell.
    3. This Klingon food is any one of a number of species of worms, eaten while alive.
       Answer: GAHK B: Given the description of a game from Milton Bradley's GameMaster series, name it for the stated number of points.
    4. for five points, this game brought World War II to your table. Players could choose one of 5 countries to play as: the US, Britain, Germany, the Soviet Union, and Japan.
       Answer: AXIS & ALLIES
    5. for ten points, set in ancient Rome, it was originally called Six Caesars. The object is to become sole ruler of Rome and its lands.
    6. for 15 points, set in recent time, it pictures a future United States broken into factions. Players fight for ultimate control of the former 50 states.
  2. Sarah McLachlan kicks Alanis Morisettešs sorry ass. She actually writes her own music, and her lyrics rhyme. Given a McLachlan lyric, name the songs for ten points each.
    1. Grieve not for the memory
       Answer: I will Remember You
    2. Winter here's cold and bitter/It chills us to the bone
       Answer: Full of Grace
    3. You're so beautiful, with an ancient charm/and you're so careful, when I'm in your arms
       Answer: Building a Mystery
  3. Show your excellence by naming these exotic people for the stated number of points.
    1. for five points, this Warrior Princess can be seen flighting and providing lesbian subtext every week on her syndicated TV show.
       Answer: XENA
    2. for ten points, this Brazilian has appeared on a number of Portuguese and Spanish TV shows, but is best known for her English-language kids show in syndication in 1993
       Answer: XUXA (ZOO-sha)
    3. for 15 points, according to the beliefs of Scientology, this being picked up all of the people who were overpopulating the galaxy, dropped them on Earth, and killed them with hydrogen bombs.
       Answer: XEMU or XENU
  4. 40-30-20-10, name the TV character.
    1. [40] Name the character now.
    2. [30] This character's last name is also the phone number to Moe's Tavern in Springfield.
    3. [20] His spine was removed in the aftermath of a piano accident and replaced with a steel rod. He is also missing a kidney. He may or may not be named for a character from the movie Desk Set, a publisher of gay literature in the Victorian era, or Veronica's butler in Archie Comics.
    4. [10] He may be animated TV's least successfully closeted homosexual, given his vacation at an all-male resort, collection of Malibu Stacey dolls, and his screen saver that says he knows how to turn C. Montgomery Burns on.
       Answer: Waylon SMITHERS
  5. Was anyone in as many bad '80s movies as Rebecca De Mornay? OK, probably someone was, but this question is about her, dammit. Identify these films she starred in for ten points each.
    1. De Mornay plays a rock singer married to a baseball player who can't perform at the plate when she's not in the stadium in this Freudian 1985 Neil Simon adaptation.
       Answer: The SLUGGER'S WIFE
    2. De Mornay plays a female prisoner who is paroled with the help of a politician and a handyman in this 1987 film that shares its director and title, but not its plot, with a Brigitte Bardot movie.
    3. De Mornay is an ex-Marine teamed up with college girl Mary Gross in this 1988 female buddy movie about training to join the FBI.
       Answer: FEDS
  6. for ten points each, name any 3 of the 12 homeworlds whose destruction led to the search for th rumored homeworld of Kobol, known to us as Earth, on Battlestar Galactica.
  7. Rap and originality is a pop music oxymoron. Given the rap ditty, name the song which is heavily sampled and the singer or group for five points each.
    1. Ghetto Superstar by Mace
       Answer: ISLANDS IN THE STREAM by Kenny ROGERS and Dolly PARTON
    2. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss by P.M. Dawn
       Answer: TRUE by SPANDAU BALLET
    3. Rapperšs Delight by the Sugarhill Gang
       Answer: GOOD TIMES by CHIC
  8. Remember the ABA? Multi-colored basketballs, super-fros, and the like? Given the city or state of an ABA team, give the nickname for five points each, with a five point bonus for all five.
    1. St. Louis
       Answer: SPIRITS
    2. Carolina
       Answer: COUGARS
    3. Virginia
       Answer: SQUIRES
    4. Kentucky
       Answer: COLONELS
    5. Anaheim
       Answer: AMIGOS
  9. While The Newlywed Game is the best known game show to pit couples against each other, it's not the only one. From a description, name the show that had marrieds play for cash and prizes for ten points each.
    1. The original version of this game show, revived in 1990 by Lifetime, had wives win time by guessing the price of food items and husbands using that time to get the highest value products off the shelves.
    2. A '70s revival of He Said She Said, it was hosted by Bert Convy. One spouse would answer questions about their domestic life, while the other would try to guess which one was given by their better half.
       Answer: TATTLETALES
    3. On ABC from 1968 to 1970, it was revived by NBC in 1983. Created by Don Reid, couples answered questions for the change to win the title object, thereby removing concern as to where they'd live.
       Answer: DREAM HOUSE
  10. It's inconceivable that, given an actor or actress from The Princess Bride, you will not be able to give their character's name, for 5 points each and a 5-point bonus for all correct.
    1. Robin Wright
       Answer: BUTTERCUP
    2. Andre the Giant
       Answer: FEZZIK
    3. Wallace Shawn
       Answer: VEZZINI
    4. Christopher Guest
       Answer: Count RUGEN (prompt on: The Six-Fingered Man)
    5. Billy Crystal
       Answer: Miracle MAX
  11. Name the CNN show from a description for ten points each.
    1. Hosted by Bobbie Batista, it airs weekdays at 3 PM Eastern. It takes an interactive approach to discussing the news, using a studio audience, callers, faxes, and emailed comments and questions.
       Answer: TALK BACK LIVE
    2. Airing at 5:30 Eastern on Sunday, this public affairs discussion program, with topics ranging from international, domestic, and social issues, is hosted by Jesse Jackson.
       Answer: BOTH SIDES With Jesse Jackson
    3. Brooke Alexander in New York hosts, Steve Wright contributes from London, on this half-hour weekend program. Airing on CNN's domestic and international feeds, it is the network's first global music news program.
       Answer: WORLD BEAT
  12. Since the American League Cy Young Award was first presented, only four times was the winner a unanimous selection. Roger Clemens did it twice, in 1986 and 1998. For 15 points each, name the other two. Or, if you need the years, you’ll only get five points each. (Moderator: ask if the teams wants to take a guess for 15 points each, or go for the five-point clues) The five-point clues are: 1968 and 1978
     Answer: Denny McLAIN, Ron GUIDRY
  13. Identify these films from the strange and interesting career of Sally Field for ten points each.
    1. Often used as exhibit A for arguments that aging women in Hollywood are treated worse than aging men is this film in which, 6 years before playing Tom Hanks' mother in Forrest Gump, Field played Hanks' love interest.
       Answer: PUNCHLINE
    2. Perhaps one of recent cinema's most notably racist films, this 1991 film about a woman who marries an Iranian and then must fight her way out of that country was parodied when Field appeared on Saturday Night Live.
    3. Field's most famous line comes not from a movie but from her speech at the 1984 Oscars. In what 1984 film did the Academy Award voters really, really like her?
       Answer: PLACES IN THE HEART
  14. 40-30-20-10 Name the football coach given portions of his resume
    1. 40: Name him right now
    2. 30: Director of football operations, Montreal Alouettes, 1983-1985
    3. 20: Head coach, Kansas City Chiefs, 1979-1982
    4. 10: Head coach, Buffalo Bills, 1986-1997
       Answer: Marv LEVY
  15. There have been more classic movies involving chain gangs than you might think! Identify these for the stated number of points.
    1. For 5 points, Paul Newman exudes non-chalant machismo, escapes and is captured several times, and eats fifty eggs in this 1967 classic.
       Answer: COOL HAND LUKE
    2. for ten points, this 1932 movie was one of early Hollywood's most radical, showing chain gangs and prison camps as corrupt and inhumane. Paul Muni stars as a war hero thrust into despair by the Depression, imprisoned wrongly, and double-crossed by the legal system.
    3. for 15 points this 1941 film presages The Player in its insider look at a Hollywood director who journeys through the country to find what real misery is like, but who ends up imprisoned before learning that the real pupose of movies is to entertain.
  16. answer the following questions about why the Gobots were really way cooler than the Transformers, for ten points each:
    1. Looking for durability in a children's toy? Gobots were made by this maker of industrial-strength toys -- when the bombs drop and apes evolve from men, Gobots will still be around.
       Answer: TONKA
    2. Who was the leader of the Autobots? Optimus Prime. The Gobots, realizing that the average 5-10 year old hasn't learned Latin, wisely gave their leader this name.
       Answer: LEADER-1
    3. The Gobots were not without their faults -- but then, perfection would be so boring. For ten points, give the cheesy name for the evil Gobots' leader, who could change into an evil...uh, motorbike.
       Answer: CY-KILL
  17. Name the book about Michael Jordan for ten points each.
    1. Written by David Halberstam, it tells the story of MJ as a public icon and basketball player, but says little about his private life. Jordan backed out of a 1997 agreement to be interviewed for the book.
       Answer: PLAYING FOR KEEPS
    2. With over 200 pictured, this book edited by Mark Vancil has something most other books on His Airness don't: text actually written by Jordan himself.
       Answer: FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME: My Story
    3. Covering the Bulls' first title season of 1990-91, this Sam Smith book uncovers some of the less savory facets of Jordan, including battles with management and conflicts- sometimes physical- with teammates.
       Answer: THE JORDAN RULES: The Inside Story of a Turbulent Season with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.
  18. Given a description of a Good Humor ice cream product, name it for ten points each.
    1. Vanilla flavored ice cream in a chocolate-lined sugar cone, topped with milk chocolate flavored coating and roasted peanuts.
       Answer: KING CONE
    2. A blend of banana and chocolate ices with a chocolate ice center.
       Answer: BANANA BONANZA!
    3. Cherry ice in the shape of a baseball glove, with a bubble gum baseball in the glove.
       Answer: BUBBLE PLAY
  19. for 5 points each, identify the hair bands who perform the following songs on the Monster Ballads collection-- which is not available in stores; order today!
    1. When I See You Smile
       Answer: BAD ENGLISH
    2. Love Is On The Way
       Answer: SAIGON KICK
    3. Heaven
       Answer: WARRANT
    4. Only Time Will Tell
       Answer: NELSON
    5. Carrie
       Answer: EUROPE
    6. Headed For A Heatbreak
       Answer: WINGER