1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 16

  1. Formerly a member of Gods And Monsters, his 1994 debut, Grace, drew plenty of critical acclaim and a cult following.  In May, 1997, he drowned in Memphis' Wolf River at age 30, leading his mother to release a 2 disc collection of rough demos of his new songs.  FTP, name this folk/rocker whose postumous album is Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk.

  2. Abandoned by his real father before birth, his adoptive father directed The Next Karate Kid and Gone Fishin'.  His first TV role was in a four-episode arc of Beverly Hills 90210 as one of Brenda's flings. In real life he's dated Pamela Anderson Lee, Gabrielle Reece, and Brooke Shields.  His best known TV character lost his virginity to a character played by Teri Hatcher.  Not bad, even for a Man of Steel.  FTP, name this actor whose lack of further TV work could stem from the Superman curse, attaching from his being the Clark half of the ABC show Lois & Clark.

  3. In 1991 he was the National Association of Theatre Owners¹ "Male Star of Tomorrow." He then disappeared for much of the 90s, turning down Speed but finding time to make Mobsters and If Looks Could Kill. FTP, name this former teen heartthrob who plays himself in A Night At The Roxbury, and is best known for his work on the early Fox shows Booker and 21 Jumpstreet.
    ANSWER: Richard GRIECO

  4. It was invented by Earl Mitchell, Sr., in 1917. Mitchell, a salesman for the Chattanooga Bakery Company, asked a group of coal miners what products they would like. They wanted a sweet lunchtime snack of astronomical size. Mitchell responded by dipping graham crackers in multiple sweet goos, and giving the product an astronomical name. FTP, name this product, the primary sponsor of NASCAR's recent anniversary gala, a s'more-like confection famously eaten in the south in conjunction with RC Cola.

  5. Their popularity is said to have been killed in the early '60s by Dobie Gillis character Maynard G. Krebs. Their original popularity in Europe is said to derive from 17th-century Flemish portrait painter Sir Anthony Van Dyke, and they have been seen on Benjamin Disraeli, Buffalo Bill Cody, Colonel Sanders, Dizzy Gillespie, and seemingly every adult male in the '90s. FTP identify this style of facial hair.

  6. Their success was assured when they were sold individually wrapped, a potential impulse buy "for the nickel in a man's pocket". Made with milk from Mennonite cows in a company town near Derry Church, Pennsylvania, these incarnations of the product were among the first to be available on a national scale, as opposed to the specialty boxes of one and two pounds that were then prevalent. FTP, name these candy treats, now available in variety packs with their brethren Krackel, Mr. Goodbar, and Special Dark.

  7. Its name ceoms from the Portuguese verb "to whip." The man put his right arm around the woman's waist, and took her right hand in his left, holding it out to the side. The woman's left hand rested on the man's shoulder. Below the waist, the man presses his crotch against the woman's thigh.  With a basic up and down movement, no wonder the dance was said to be banned in Brazil. FTP, name this "forbidden dance."

  8. He was awakened from a centuries-old sleep in the Arctic Ocean by a nuclear blast in 1966, and was promptly rocketed into an outer-space prison. He returned a year later to fight the 130-foot lizard Barugon, and became the fan favorite when he beat the bat-like Gaos in 1968. FTP name this nuclear super-turtle, loved by all the children of Japan and star of 11 films.

  9. The British band that sang this 1974 song can be forgiven for their blatant geographical error, as the city in question has no "East Side". Depending on your ideology, this song is heroic, either because revolt is put down or because about 100 cops are killed in the process of battling the gangsters of Al Capone. FTP name this Paper Lace song where the narrator's father turns out to be alive after he heard his momma cry and heard her pray.

  10. The Sacramento Capitals defeated the New York OTBzz 4 matches to 1 to repeat as this league's champion.  With teams comprised of two women, two men, and a coach, some of the other teams that competed in its pro division this year included the Kansas City Explorers and the Springfield (Missouri) Lasers.  The Capitals won the King Trophy, named for league founder Billie Jean King.  Thus went another beneath notice season of, FTP, what tennis league?

  11. He was repsonsible for the mushy-literary dialog on the old Beauty and the Beast TV show, but his primary work is in fantasy. His short story "Sandkings" won a Hugo, eventually becoming both a book and the pilot for the new Outer Limits TV show. However, most recently he's had a hit with his story of a kingdom wracked in turmoil with a feud between the Lannisters and the Starks. FTP, name this author of "A Game of Thrones".
    ANSWER: George R. R. MARTIN

  12. Originally for children, these days they are mostly made for adults, especially for science fiction fans. The most famous possessor of one is Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes fame, who got a battery-powered one from sending in cereal box tops, only to find that it did not permit him to fly. Unlike Calvin's, most of them are unpowered, and depend upon the wind produced by the wearer's motion to rotate. FTP, name these famously comical hats, looking like a cross between a domed cap and a pinwheel.

  13. Its Olympic champions included Meinhard Nehmer, Waldemar Cierpinski, Ulrich Wehling, Karin Enke, Ulf Timmerman, Annet Potzch, Wolfgang Hoppe, and Kristin Otto.  They won 563 medals from 1956 to 1988, at which time they ceased to exist.  FTP, name this Olympic power best known for its steroid-taking women's swim team and figure skater Katerina Witt.

  14. William Lichter became a software mogul and currently dates a supermodel.  Mike Dexter blew out his knee playing college football and now runs a car wash. Denise Fleming and Kenny Fisher broke up the morning after the party they got  together at, but they got back together in a closet 10 minutes later.   And Preston Meyers left 7 hours late for his seminar with Kurt Vonnegut, but he and Amanda Bennett are still together. This is how things ended  up, FTP, for the main characters in what 1998 film?

  15. Experts disagree on whether there is any threat in performing this incorrectly, with some saying any threat is "pseudo-scientific hokum," and others citing cases of damage, sometimes requiring treatment in a hyperbaric chamber to cure, caused by forcing air into the vagina or urethra. FTP, blowing air into an orifice is a possible event in what sexual practice, in which one person, while blowing, vibrates their lips in close proximity to their partner's sexual organs; famously documented in Dave Barry in Cyberspace?

  16. She is the youngest person to join the Grand Ole Opry, though LeAnn Rimes is probably not far behind. Raised in Champaign, Illinois, she signed to Rounder Records at age 14, and released her first album, Too Late To Cry, in 1987. In 1990 she won her first Grammy with I've Got That Old Feeling. FTP, name this bluegrass artist who has won five Grammies with and without her band, Union Station.

  17. The first release from this artist¹s All Out Records is"The Movie" by Harlem World.  He's also signed R&B singer Rashad Thomas. He's recorded "Take Me There" with Mya and Blackstreet, but mostly he sucks up to Puff Daddy. FTP, name this Bad Boy hanger-on, who manages to get a finger in everything Puffy does, most notably Mo Money Mo Problems and Been Around The world.
    ANSWER: MASE (also acc. Mason BETHA)

  18.   FAQTP, what Fox alleged sitcom was the first cancellation of the 1998/99 television season?

  19. Their "Three Chords and An Attitude" tour spawned a book called Mid-Life Confidential.  Not surprising considering members of this group include Robert Fulghum, Barbara Kingsolver, Amy Tan, and Dave Barry.  FTP, name this musical group which Barry claims "plays music like Metallica writes novels," formed from an idea from the obviously twisted mind of author and rhythm guitarist Stephen King.

  20. From the whatever happened to file, this actor's been tapped to play Bill Gates in the TNT movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. A cast member of Saturday Night Live in 1985-86, he was the first Rusty Griswold in National Lampoon's Vacation. FTP name this 80's acting legend, whose roles included playing a geek in detention in The Breakfast Club, a geek creating woman in Weird Science, and breaking typecast to play a too-talented high school quarterback in  Johnny Be Good.
    ANSWER: Anthony Michael HALL

  21.   It was launced in April 1977, and among its first programs were The Campbells, about a Scottish family in the Canadian wilderness in the 1830's, and Another Life, best described as a Christian soap opera. Renamed in 1989, it emphasized "positive value, upbeat programming," as Bonanza reruns and Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop. Renamed in 1998 after being sold by its network founder to Rupert Murdoch, its lone program from its early days remains The 700 Club. FTP name this network, once owned by the Christian Broadcasting Network, now owned by the Rupert Murdoch empire.

  22. A feature film based on this popular cartoon is slated to begin filming this year, with Matthew Broderick as the title character and Rupert Everett as the villain, whose arms were only seen on the cartoon. Created by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban in 1983, this character defended Metro City and the world from the agents of MAD for seven seasons. FTP name this character, voiced by Don Adams, who clumsily used various contraptions to defeat Dr. Claw week after week.