1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 15

  1. F. Murray Abraham and Anthony Zerbe are the villains; 11-year-old Michael Welch and Tony award winner Donna Murphy are additional good guys. Michael Piller's original, darker screenplay has been scrapped in favor of something more lighthearted. Now the Ba'ku are in danger, and Picard and company have to rescue them from the evil Son'a in, FTP, what upcoming latest installment of the Star Trek movie series?

  2. It was originally made by the American Indians, who used freshly-cut spruce bark resin. Later, inventor Thomas Adams noticed that his neighbor, deposed Mexican dictator Santa Ana, relaxed noticeably with lumps of chicle, a vast improvement over the limp paraffin used by the Americans. Gis in combat use it at a rate 5 times more than the general public, and it's included in field rations. FTP, name this product, made famous in the US by William Wrigley.

  3. A long-time denizen of New York City's glam-rock mecca Max's Kansas City, he began his career in the late '60s selling hippie fashions. He designed Jordache jeans in the late '70s and early '80s, and in 1986 announced that he had arrived by running an ad claiming he was one of the top 4 fashion designers, even though his line of preppy clothes was virtually unknown at the time. FTP name this designer with a signature red, white and blue flag trademark.

  4. A wedding in Vegas is always reason to celebrate--especially when it features special guest performances by Nell Carter and the Radio City Rockettes.  FTP, name the show that features the fabulous Swimsuit Squad, and recently celebrated such an event, the re-marriage of Mr. and the former Mrs. Lapin.

  5. She was the lone freshman in the starting lineup of either team at the 1994 NCAA women’s basketball championship, scoring two points and blocking a shot as North Carolina’s point guard. Three years later, she had the second-slowest reaction time out of the blocks, but won the 100 meters at the World Championships of Track and Field in Athens. FTP, name this basketball-cum-track star, who became the first American woman in 50 years to win the 100 meters, 200 meters, and long jump at the U.S. National Championship, doing so in 1998.
    ANSWER: Marion JONES

  6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Omaha, Nebraska.  Scottsdale, Arizona.  Lincoln, Nebraska.  Oklahoma City.  Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  Oneonta, New York.  Sioux City, Iowa.  Grand Rapids, Michigan.  All of these cities have been, FTP, the location for what, which thanks to superior bribes is currently housed in Wahoo, Nebraska, the source of the Top 10 lists on Late Night and The Late Show with David Letterman?

  7. In 1985, he was the band leader on the cruise ship Fairsea, where he first met Patti LuPone.  Collaborators since then, he was the director and pianist on her 1993 live album, 1996 concert tour, and recent PBS special.  A native of St. Louis, he served as resident conductor of the Long Beach Civic Light Opera, but spent time on Broadway as well.  There he conducted two cast albums for Grease, one while Brooke Shields played Rizzo, the other when his current TV boss took that roll.  FTP, name this musician who serves as band leader of the McDLTs on the Rosie O'Donnell Show.

  8. The current U-S champions in this sport are Hannah Chilen and Vakhtang Iagorashvili of San Antonio. Dolph Lundgren made a feature film about this sport in 1994, and served as the honorary coach of the U-S team at the Atlanta Olympics. First competed in the 1912 Stockholm Games, it has long been considered the first sport to go if and when the International Olympic Committee decides to dump specific sports from the Summer Games. FTP name this hoary combination of running, swimming, shooting, equestrian, and fencing.
    ANSWER: MODERN PENTATHLON (more specific on "pentathlon")

  9. Margaret O¹ Brien in Big City, Deborah Kerr (CARR) in The King And I, Natalie Wood in West Side Story, and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. All of these people had their singing voices dubbed by, FTP, what vocalist, whose only onscreen appearance was as a nun in The Sound Of Music?


  10. The three characters who share this last name are refugees, having been thrown out of their home after a get-rich-quick scheme gone awry, and following a map drawn by a five-year-old to Granny's cabin, where they are put to menial labor. Meanwhile, they run into a dragon, attempt to fix the annual cow race, and have many run-ins with "stupid, stupid rat creatures!" FTP, name this indie comic favorite, drawn by Jeff Smith.

  11. It is the oldest and most stable of all current Continental Basketball Association franchises, having played in the same place with the same name since the 1989-90 season. Such stability extends to its players, such as center Barry Sumpter, who has spent 8 of his 10 pro seasons with the team and is the team's all time leader in rebounds, blocks, and games played. In the most recent CBA draft they took Rhode Island's Tyson Wheeler and Michigan's Maceo Baston. FTP, name this team that plays in Rock Island, Illinois and is the current CBA champ.

  12. It was first identified in 1969 in a book co-authored by journalist Raymond Hull. Purporting to explain "why things always go wrong", as the book jacket exclaims, it tells "why incompetence is no mistake in any area of human endeavor." In essence, the title tenet is that people rise to the level of their own incompetence--they continue being promoted until they fail, and then they stay at a job where they fail, producing institutional failure on a grand scale. FTP, identify this perceptive proposition.

  13. On the label, large-headed children swim, play basketball, tennis, and marbles, and ride skateboards, tricycles, and soapbox racers. Inside is a two-layered treat, the outer of which comes in many flavors, including chocolate, but any cocoa used in its creation is in the chewy inner layer. A question long associated with it was answered "three" by an owl, but mostly it is agreed that "the world may never know." FTP, name this candy, about which years of ads have asked "how many licks does it take to get to the center" of one?

  14. In its first season, Lieutenant Dan Muldoon is killed by a hit man known as "the Bumper," leaving his partner, Detective Jim Halloran, to bring The Bumper to justice.  One of the first shows to kill of a main character in the midst of a season, Halloran went on to partner with Lieutenant Mike Parker for the rest of the first season.  Parker teamed with Detective Adam Flint for the show's other three seasons, all of which were and hour long and on ABC, as opposed to the first season of half hour episodes on NBC.  FTP, this describes what early ground-breaking police drama which told us one of the 8 million stories found in the Big Apple.

  15. To support a group of orphans, the Starlight Girls, she founded a rock band. To separate her proper reputation from her band's wild antics, she had the supercomputer Synergy create her an alternate identity- which confused the heck out of her poor boyfriend Rio, who fell in love with both of them. FTP, give the stage name of Jerrica, who was "truly outrageous; truly truly truly outrageous" when backed up on her cartoon by the Holograms.
    ANSWER: JEM (accept JERRICA before it appears in the question)

  16. His first job after leaving film school in 1975 was filming nine porn movies in six days. As a cinematographer, he's worked on Throw Momma From the Train, as well as a trio of Coen Brothers flicks - Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, and Blood Simple. His directorial debut was 1991's The Addams Family, and he earned a Golden Globe nomination for directing Get Shorty. FTP name this director of Men In Black, and creator of TV's Maximum Bob and the updated Fantasy Island.

  17. Written in 1911, this song was a trademark of English music hall comedian Harry Champion. In 1965 it was rerecorded by a British Invasion band who only knew the chorus. It became a #1 hit in the US, but was "too Cockney" to be released as a single in the UK. FTP, name this novelty hit for Herman's Hermits, about a man newly married "to the widow next door."

  18. On this planet, windships carry pilgrims and androids through the plains. The cities are mostly deserted, after Sad King Billy's attempt to establish a poet's haven on the continent of Keats failed, mostly due to a metallic monster's messy murder of most of the inhabitants. FTP, name this planet, the birthplace of Raul Endymion, which features the Time Tombs and a spiky horror named the Shrike, subject of two books by Dan Simmons.

  19. In 1993, this musician released a dance C-D, Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, under the name The Fireman. However, this Brit denied recording the 1998 Fireman album Rushes. He did, however, sing backup on Donovan¹s Mellow Yellow and the Rolling Stones¹ We Love You. His film career spanned five MUSIC, concluding with the 1984 bomb Give My Regards to Broad Street. FTP name this singer and bassist for Wings and the Beatles.
    ANSWER: James Paul McCARTNEY

  20. He was banned from performing in San Antonio for ten years after drunkenly urinating on the Alamo.  He was banned in Boston, and from the officies of his record label, after an incident involving a dove.  FTP, name this metal artist who nearly gave up music after the death of his guitarist, Randy Rhoads, in a plane crash, but who was recently seen at Chef Aid biting the head off Kenny.
    ANSWER: OZZY Osbourne (yes, just Ozzy should be correct)

  21. In 1998, this woman was named the United Nations goodwill ambassador to promote reproductive health, a post given to her because, according to the U-N, she's interested in the issue. She says she wants to spread the word about safe sex and unwanted pregnancies, and doesn't see the irony in the fact that two of her ex-bandmates got pregnant out of wedlock. FTP name this British singer, who earned the U-N post five months after leaving her post as Ginger Spice. 
    ANSWER: Geri HALLIWELL (except Ginger Spice until last sentence)

  22. A 1997 National Enquirer poll reported that there were at least fifty of them in the United States, while the Miami Herald produced an in-depth investigative report proving that then-Florida governor Bob Martinez was not one of them. Their weaknesses include an obsessive need to count loose objects, an inability to cross running water and a hatred of garlic. FTP, name these people, whose most distinctive weakness is their thirst for blood, the most famous of whom is Count Dracula.