1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 14

  1. Though billed as "The World's Most Deliciously Different Cookie," its primary flavor is vanilla. Somewhat more differently, the vanilla cookie center is painted with caramel top and bottom, rolled in coconut shavings, and then striped with cocoa. FTP, name this cookie, exclusively sold by the Girl Scouts, their second-best seller after Thin Mints.
    ANSWER: SAMOAs (do not accept SAMOANs)

  2. It was first presented in 1978 by USA Baseball, and can be awarded to any amateur player in the U.S. Alex Fernandez is the only junior college player to win it, receiving it in 1990 while at Miami-Dade Community College. Arizona State second baseman Bob Horner was the first winner in 1978, while big-leaguers Dave Magadan, Will Clark, Robin Ventura, and Mark Kotsay all took home this award. FTP name this award, given to the nations best amateur baseball player, whose 1998 winner was Miami third baseman Pat Burrell.

  3. Prior to 1998, this mans lone international coaching experience was leading the under-23 National Team to a medal-less performance at the Atlanta Olympics. He won his first NCAA title in the most bizarre fashion in 1989, when his team and Santa Clara were declared co-champions due to inclement weather after two overtimes. Among his college finds were John Harkes, Tony Meola, and Claudio Reyna. FTP name this coach of Virginia and D-C United fame, named the U.S. National soccer team coach in 1998.

  4. In 1996, this man was signed by Chip Ganassi Racing after a series of disappointing seasons in Formula One, where failed to win a race in three seasons there. In 1996, his first full-time season on the CART series, he was named Rookie of the Year, finishing third in points behind Michael Andretti and teammate Jimmy Vasser. Over the next two years, hed win 12 races in only 33 starts, and two CART points titles in the process. FTP name this Italian, whos leaving CART to return to Formula One and Williams-Mecachrome Racing in 1999.
    ANSWER: Alessandro "Alex" ZANARDI

  5. Used-clothing salesman Fritz Haarman of Hannover, Germany. Scottish bandit Sawney Beane, his wife, and their 46 inbred children and grandchildren. Uruguayan soccer players Antonio Balbi, Nando Parrado, and Antonio "Tintin" Vizintin. American prospector and guide Alferd Packer. FTP, what common thread unites this odd lot, a trait shared by Hannibal Lecter, the Donner Party, and others who are unwilling or unable to eat more traditional foods?
    ANSWER: CANNIBALISM (accept equivalents; prompt on SERIAL KILLERs or equivalents before "Balbi".)

  6. Her current TV gig touts a lineup of "4 bitches and 1 ho," with the latter title circulating. She claims to have a vivacious attitude, which may come through in her new book, You Have To Stand For Something Or You'll Fall For Anything. FTP, name this author, former Brooklyn assistant DA, and panel member on The View.

  7. Originally a reptilian race, they were wiped out by androids of their own creation, which also look reptilian. Their directives eventually crystallized into the Edict of Extermination, which calls for them to wipe all out living beings in the galaxy. You're probably most familiar with the slow-witted Centurion type, but there is also the 1-L Series, which is more human-like. The Imperious Leader, who rules their Empire, is of this series. FTP, what alien group is this, the main enemy of Commanders Cain and Adama on Battlestar: Galactica.

  8. The Spring 1994 edition, to pick a representative sample, had information on building a DTMF decoder, how to hack the LED display of a Stairmaster, getting cable channels you haven't paid for, and a guide to the guts of the NYNEX charge card. Billing itself as "the hacker quarterly", this NY-based magazine offers technical info on viruses, computer hacking, and beating Ma Bell. FTP, identify this magazine, whose name has very little to do with Atari.
    ANSWER: 2600

  9. I got all the patterns down up to the ninth key. I got Speedy on my tail and I know its either him or me. So Im heading out the back door and in the other side, gonna eat the cherries up and take 'em all fora ride. FTP, what disease do I have, according to Buckner and Garcia?

  10. By day, the Butabi brothers of Beverly Hills work in a silk plant shop owned by their father. By night, they wait with the roped-off riffraff outside exclusive hotspots or use lame anecdots to impress girls inside the not-so-exculsive ones. Their greatest dream is to get into an exclusive club run by Zadir, played by an unbilled and bearded Chazz Palminteri. FTP name this 1998 movie, featuring the club geeks who jerk their heads and grope women on Saturday Night Live.

  11. TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. The first strip to appear under their own names was 1935's Henri Duval of France, Famed Soldier of Fortune. Then came Dr. Occult, the Ghost Detective, Federal Men, Radio Squad, and Slam Bradley, who became the first original comic-book character to appear in 100 stories. After these successes, they were finally able to sell an earlier creation which had been rejected in 1934 for being "crude" and "immature." FTP, name this writer/illustrater duo who first sold a Superman story in 1938.

  12. They were created because Arthur Dorrance's company felt that the best way to reach the housewife is through child appeal. Advertising an innovative brand of condensed, canned convenience food, these "roly-polies", on the red-and-white can that made them famous, were first drawn by Grace Dayton. FTP, name these chubby soup salesmen.

  13. He became the first two million dollar a year player in baseball history in 1982, when he left the Reds after 11 seasons to sign with the Mets. In 18 seasons with four teams, this outfielder hit 348 home runs and more than 12-hundred RBIs, including three straight RBI titles between 1976 and 1978, two National League home run titles, and the 1977 National League Most Valuable Player. FTP name this outfielder, who hit 52 home runs and 149 runs batted in for the Big Red Machine in 1977.

  14. Eighty countries or other political units have had at least one semifinalist, including independent Alaska and Hawaii, and 29 countries have won, including Namibia, Trinidad and Tobago, and New Zealand. The best damn country in the world has won 7 times, with the next highest total being Venezuela's 4. FTP name this annual contest at which the U.S. is not represented by Miss America but rather by Miss USA.

  15. Reading material here includes several art books and copies of Redbook from 1989. Its artwork comes from crew members, such as set designer Scott Bruza. Its central orange couch is a refurbished studio prop from the 1920s. Bean types here include Empire Roast, Ms. Liberty Blend, Long Island Cream, and Tin Pan Java. Its Pasquini brew machine is topped by an antique one, though neither actually works. It also has a closet which Chandler and Monica recently did the deed. FTP, all of this is in what coffee house, as seen on Friends?

  16. Their enemies included the evil Lawhinnea and the nefarious criminal mastermind Fat Cat. They numbered five: Zipper, Monterey Jack (aka Monty), technical genius Gadget Hackwrench, and their two leaders. Of their two leaders, one wore an Indiana Jones-style coat and hat, the other wore a Hawaiian shirt, and neither wore any pants. FTP, name this Disney cartoon team, led by the immortal duo of Chip and Dale.
    ANSWER: Chip and Dale's RESCUE RANGERS

  17. Christina Hance, a porn star who appeared in films such as Our Wildest Orgies, was cast last December to play this woman. The film will be financed by David Puttnam, whose former business partner was the film subject's last boyfriend. Hance already has experience playing this woman, as she appeared in a video which purported to portray the woman romping in the buff with James Hewitt. FTP, Hance will play what woman, who was considering appearing in a sequel to The Bodyguard prior to her death in an automobile accident in Paris last summer.
    ANSWER: Princess DIANA

  18. The 1995 live-action version starred Christopher Penn, Malcolm McDowell and Gary Daniels. In it, the main character, Kenshiro, comes back from the dead to avenge his family -- and presumably, his pathetically ambiguous showing in the first, anime version. FTP, name this film or its 1986 anime antecedent.

  19. A 1987 grad from UNC, he first worked as a news reporter and weekend sports anchor at WPDE in Florence, South Carolina. He moved on to news reporting at WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1990 he started at WESH in Orlando, where for three years he was a sports reporter and anchor. He moved to cable as an anchor on SportSmash, then became a co-host of ESPN2's SportsNight. Since 1995 he's been an anchor on SportsNight's college football edition and SportsCenter. FTP, this covers the career of what ESPN personality who's "as cool as the other side of the pillow."
    ANSWER: Stuart SCOTT

  20. When the evil Plutarkians blew up their home civilization, they escaped to Chicago. There, they found the Plutarkians were already there, led by the evil Lawrence Limburger. What else could they do but ride and rock and roll until the Plutarkians were defeated? FTP, give the collective name for Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie, who from 1993 to 1995 set records for cheesy merchandizing during their reign as the cartoon world's pre-eminent motorcycle-riding extraterrestrial rodents?

  21. He has an extensive criminal record dating back to his connection with a Long Beach drug gang, and his trial and aquittal for murder in the death of Phillip Woldemarian. FTP, name this former Death Row rapper formerly known as Calvin Broadus, whose latest album, released by Master P's No Limit label, debuted at #1.

  22. In the Night Court episode where a bunch of expectant mothers have babies at the courthouse, she plays the mother who names her child after Dan Fielding. She has worked consistently since 1970, but until last year her biggest fame was 20 years behind her, as the star of films like Sheba Baby, Friday Foster, and Coffy. FTP name this blaxploitation queen known to '90s audiences as the star of Foxy -- er, Jackie Brown.