1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 13

  1. Developed by R.J. Reynolds, its famous features included a metal package that was hermetically sealed to serve later as a humidor. Its name was chosen both to convey gentility and to tweak Queen Victoria, an anti-smoking crusader whose son was an equally avid puffer. FTP, name this brand of tobacco, famous as the lead-in to a joke whose punchline was, "well, let him out!"
    ANSWER: PRINCE ALBERT (in a can)

  2. Blankety Blanks. The Love Experts. Down You Go. Give and Take.† Winner Take All. Bank on the Stars.† Password Plus.† I've Got A Secret.† Name That Tune.† Child's Play.† Place the Face.† Winning Streak.† Blockbusters.† Break the Bank.† FTP, these are all game shows hosted by what man, better known for hosting Chain Reaction, Hot Potato, and being the original host of The Price is Right.

  3. Mbabane, Swaziland, has produced its share of British character actors, if its share is one. Appearing in movies as diverse as Warlock, Spiceworld, and The Age of Innocence, he epitomizes the effete Brit in his roles as a fashion designer in Pret-a-Porter and as the writer in The Player who pitches a film with "no staahs". FTP name this man whose staahing roles are camp personified in How to Get Ahead In Advertising and as the evil superrich Darwin Mayflower in Hudson Hawk.

  4. In this movie, Carleton Hendricks isn't the same as he was in the songs -- now he's updated, finding his victims on the internet and infusing his torture scenes with "modern primitive" babble about purifying pain. When Twisted Sister sang about him, he was just a filthy child molester. FTP, name the film that features Captain Howdy, produced by, written by and starring former Twisted Sister Dee Snider.

  5. With anti-LASD and marijuana messages being widely disseminated in the late 60's, this drug's popularity took off, prompting Allen Ginsberg to say, "All the nice gentle dope fiends are getting screwed up by the real horror monster Frankensteins" using this drug, which Ginsberg described as "antisocial, paranoid-making, it's a drag, bad for your body, bad for your mind, in the long run, uncreative, and it's a plague in the whole dope community." The drug was first popularized by American servicemen in Korea, the first to inject it, often with heroin. FTP, name this "upper".

  6. Itís official name is the Jules Rimet Cup, having been named after the then-FIFA president in 1946, and was presented quadrenially until 1970, when it disappeared after being presented in Mexico City. Remade in 1974, itís made of solid 18 carat gold with two malachite rings inlaid at the base. The winning team does not get this award though, they receive a gold-plated replica. FTP name this award, presented to the best in international soccer every four years, last awarded in 1998.

  7. A museum dedicated to this man and his baseball career opened in 1998, next to the stadium named in his honor at Montclair State University in New Jersey. As a player, he set World Series records for career games played with 75 and hits with 71. As a manager, he led the Yankees to the World Series in 1964, and did the same crosstown with the Mets nine years later. FTP name this three-time American League MVP, best known for coining such quips as It Ainít Over Till Its Over and When You See A Fork In The Road, Take It.
    ANSWER: Lawrence "Yogi" BERRA

  8. It is the most-recently-introduced of the world's top ten selling candy bars, weighing in at number 6. While some of this success is due to the candy itself- wafer layers covered in chocolate- some is also due to the catchy jingle. FTP, name this candy bar named after a famous New York City strip club, whose distinctive shape consists of four bars lying along each other, which can be broken apart to "give someone a break" of it.

  9. The Raleigh Super 50, Honda Novio, Torrot Turismo, Puch Maxi, Kriedler Amazon, Peugeot TSA, JC Penney Pinto, Garelli Rally Sport, and Schwinn- Solex. FTP these are all models of what type of vehicle which you must be 16 years old to operate in South Carolina?

  10. A fighter pilot in World War II, he was discharged for psychological reasons during a tour of duty in Korea. Later, during his political career, he patronized New Orleans' Playboy Club and packed a pistol. In the years 1966 to 1967, his office maintained tight silence, and investigators combed the country on a secret mission that was finally revealed, to vast media attention, in 1967, when he announced that "there would be arrests" for the murder of President Kennedy. FTP, name this district attorney, a primary source for Stone's JFK, who had his name legally changed from "Earling Carothers" to "Jim".

  11. When her first album went platinum, BNA Records gave her a platinum navel ring. Although she has yet to win any major awards, she was nominated for Favorite New Artist at the 1997 American Music Awards and for Female Star of Tomorrow at the TNN Awards. FTP, name this singer and girlfriend of Dean Cain, whose songs include Ten Thousand Angels and Guys Do It All The Time, and whose latest album is If I Don't Stay The Night.

  12. The name's the same.† One appeared in the film Newsies and was in the now- defunct band EYC (Express Yourself Clearly).† The other, as a film student, made an obscene video in which Santa and Jesus duke it out.† FTP, name these men, one a washed up 80's actor, the other a 90's film and tv success whose films include BASEketball and the upcoming Orgazmo.

  13. The Kansas City Attack, St. Louis Ambush, Milwaukee Wave, Wichita Wings, Edmonton Drillers, Montreal Impact, Florida Thundercats, Buffalo Blizzard, Harrisburg Heat, Philadelphia Kixx, and new Baltimore Blast all play for, FTP, what professional indoor soccer league?

  14. In deference to his heritage, one condition of all his gigs was that he be allowed to sing one song in Slovenian. He had two platinum records, Just Because and Blue Skirt Waltz, both in 1948, and when the Grammy in his category was inaugurated in 1986, he won the first one. FTP identify this recently dead guy whose fan page describes him as "personally responsible for catapulting Slovenian Cleveland-style polkas into national prominence" and who is the second-most-famous musician with his surname, behind a weirdo named Al.

  15. Guy Doleman was the first actor to play this character.† Darren Nesbit and Andre Van Gyseghem played the incoming and outgoing ones in the show's eleventh episode.† The only women to play the role were Rachel Herbert, Georgina Cookson and Mary Morris, who filled in when Trevor Howard couldn't take the role.† In all, 17 actors took the role over 17 episodes.† Colin Gordon played it more than once, as did the best known person to take the role, Leo McKern. FTP, they all played what character, none of whom succeeded to break Number Six in The Prisoner?

  16. It is certain that the innermost layer is an icosahedron adorned with printing in a Sans-Serif Small Caps font. As I see it, yes, you may rely on it without a doubt. Don't count on it, however, when even after you concentrate and ask again, you are told to ask again later. FTP, name this item, which includes "It Is Certain," "As I See It, Yes," "You May Rely On It," "Without a Doubt," "Concentrate And Ask Again," and "Ask Again Later" among the possible responses to any question posed to it, along with the classic "Reply Hazy- Try Again Later."

  17. According to this author, she started writing novels to stave off boredom while waiting for her husband, BBC writer and broadcaster Gordon Snell, to get off work. Living in London, apart from her cohorts in Ireland, she transplanted the people she knew into novels such as Evening Class and Copper Beech. Her latest work, Tara Road, is about a bustling Irish housewife who trades houses with a professor from Connecticut, and how they bond from sharing each other's lives and problems.† Name, FTP, the author behind these works, best known for her novel turned 1995 film Circle of Friends.

  18. As a grammar school student, he discovered Kant. The son of New Hampshire Quakers, he nevertheless served in World War II, and may have served as a member of the OSS, interesting, since he was a Marxist. By 197e, he had become disillusioned enough with the left to order his followers to attack members of the American Communist Party with baseball bats. A believer in untrammeled technological growth and the absolute evil of the British monarchy, he promotes his views through the paper The New Federalist. FTP, name this loony, who was sentenced in 1989 to fifteen years for tax evasion.

  19. Batman never found his parents’ killer. Wonder Woman has no powers on Paradise Island, and the Legion of the Super-Heroes’ entire history has rebooted. All this is the result of, FTP, what continuity- correcting five-issue miniseries, issued in 1994 by DC and numbered in reverse order, starting at 4?

  20. Three of its 10 stories are co-authored, one each with John Shirley, Michael Swanwick, and Bruce Stirling. Originally published in 1986, its sci-fi and cyberpunk tales include The Gernsback Continuum, New Rose Hotel, Hinterlands, and Johnny Mnemonic. FTP name this collection of William Gibson stories.

  21. This activity was practiced by both pioneering English army doctor General James Barry and jazz great Billy Tipton, both of whom did so flawlessly for most of their adult life. Today, many people practice it as a hobby, including New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. FTP, what behavior do these men and women share with FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, diva RuPaul, and much of the casts of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and _To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar_?
    ANSWER: TRANSVESTITISM (accept equivalents, including the PC-ism "transgenderism" and the technical term "Eonism." Do NOT accept "transexuality," which refers to a medical change.)

  22. He made his first public appearance in 1963, singing "You are my Sunshine" with Andy Williams.† As a teen, he became an idol, with hits like Young and Innocent, Puppy Love, and Yo-yo.† FTP, name this singer, who proved he was a little bit rock and roll with later hits like Sacred Emotion and Soldier of Love.