1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 12

  1. Though now manufactured by Brach's, they were designed in 1949, supposedly by a man named Bucyrus Entwhistle. Being almost pure sugar, there's almost no room for any fats, thus giving rise to its new slogan, "A Fat Free Candy Since 1949." From its first days, it was sold primarily to movie theaters, and its name is a play on one of the top movies of 1949. FTP, name this movietime favorite, which has a creamy middle flavored with wintergreen and other flavors covered with chocolate.

  2. Her mother, Nena Von Schelubrugge, a former model, was once married to Timothy Leary.  Her first husband played Dracula, Sid Vicious and Joe Orton in various movies.  Her current husband, Ethan Hawke, isn't nearly as interesting as her dad, the first westerner ordained as a Bhuddist monk.  FTP, name this actress who met Hawke while starring in Gattaca.

  3. A graduate of Youngstown State and Georgetown Law School, he joined San Francisco's front office in 1983 as vice-president and legal counsel. Eight years later, he became team president, and won the NFL Executive of the Year Award in 1994. FTP name this man, who resigned as 49ers president in 1998, only to return as part of a ownership group trying to purchase the new Cleveland Browns.

  4. When the rich, beautiful and somewhat wild Caitlin Somers picks the quiet, working-class Victoria "Vix" Leonard to go to Martha's Vineyard with her, neither expects the life-long ramifications of the trip.  After a summer of sex and romance, Vix goes to Harvard and becomes an ad exec in New York. Caitlin tours Europe, has a number of short-lived affairs, and returns to face her forgotten friend. FTP, so goes what latest adult novel by noted young adult author Judy Blume?

  5. This word can either mean a narcotic drug or any magical talisman, but is most accurately used to describe a talisman created from monkey fingers and St. John's wort. Popularized by blues music, it has found its way into the mainstream of pop culture, having been both the name of Homer Simpson's helper monkey and a despotic alien movie producer in the "X-Men" comic series. FTP, name this word, best known through rock music, which Jim Morrison, in "L.A. Woman," famously declares he has rising.

  6. Regular departments and columns include  On Good Behavior, Great Grooming, The Vet is In, Readers Bark Back and Breeder Directory. It appears to be one of the better-selling titles in Seahaven, because someone always seems to buy it whenever Truman Burbank visits the newsstand on the way to work. FTP, name this magazine for canine-lovers.

  7. It premiered on September 5, 1994, from its bureau in Glendale, California.  It now has a New York City bureau.  Its current consumer reported is Chuck Whitlock.  Other correspondents include Rick Schwartz, Gina Silva, Les Trent, Phil Shuman, and Suzanne Rico.  It airs a half-hour episode six days a week, and an hour-long edition on the seventh.  FTP, this describes what entertainment-based TV newsmagazine which has former A Current Affair co-anchor Maureen O'Boyle at the helm?

  8. It was elegant and fine, with a tasteful style, representing the ultimate in good design. It made its wearer look handsome and smart and, some would say, like a walking work of art. It both complimented and supplanted the rest of his wardrobe, going well with his vest but ending his sheepskin days. FTP, name this red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ocher and peach (among other colors) garment, which in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical inspired Jacob's jealous other sons to sell their brother Joseph into slavery.

  9. She has been a regular on no less than 10 TV series ranging from The Tony Orlando and Dawn Rainbow Hour to Drexell's Class. More recently she has been heard as the voice of Mrs. Anderson on Life With Louie, but she is best remembered for two roles as a nosy next-door neighbor. FTP name this chirpy-voiced star of Small Wonder and Valerie or The Hogan Family.
    ANSWER: Edie MCCLURG (Moderator note: if someone gets smarmy about the show also being called Valerie's Family, just ask them why, if they're so smart, they didn't get the question earlier.)

  10. Born and raised in Winner, South Dakota, this football coach went 20-2 in two seasons with Boston College, culminating in the Eagles upset of Tennessee in the 1941 Sugar Bowl. Leaving Chestnut Hill for South Bend in 1941, he coached four Heisman Trophy winners - Angelo Bertelli, Johnny Lujack, Leon Hart, and John Lattner, and won 86 percent of his games between 1941 and 1953. FTP name this Hall of Fame coach, who led Notre Dame to four national championships between 1941 and 1953.

  11. It used to feature the shrill and annoying Joan Rivers, but has toned down a bit.  If you don't mind being fussed over by pretentious clothes store clerks and hair dressers, this cable show is a great place to pick up free exposure, a salon haircut and a designer outfit worth a few hundred dollars. FTP, name this program hosted by plus-size super model Emme (Emmy) that helps style-impared folks choose a new look.

  12. The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, The Pain and the Great One, Just As Long As We're Together and Deenie are among the books this author has written for younger readers. Her best-known work for adults is Wifey, but is best known as a children's author. FTP, name this author of Superfudge, Iggie's House, Then Again Maybe I Won't, Tigereyes, Forever, and Blubber, who guided millions of girls into adolescence with Are You There God It's Me Margaret.

  13. Cream half a cup of butter with a cup of brown sugar and 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar, and beat in an egg and 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract. Combine a half-tablespoon each of baking soda, salt, and baking powder, 1 and 3-fourths cups of flour, one and a half teaspoons of espresso powder and 8 ounces of chocolate chips and bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes. FTP, this allegedly $250 recipe is the source of an Internet urban legend surrounding what Dallas-based department store?

  14. This album includes Twin Falls, Satan is My Master, For those of y'all who Wear fanny Packs, Emmaline, The Ultimate Sacrifice, and Philosophy--a song about the lead singer's dick, according to the liner notes. FTP, name this collection of early recordings, demos and live performances by Ben Folds Five.

  15. In the three seasons of Major League Soccer, this team has already endured five head coaches. The first was former Portuguese national coach Carlos Queiroz, who currently coaches the U-A-E national team. Queiroz was replaced before the 1997 season by former Cosmos coach Carlos Alberta Parreira. Alfonso Mondelo was coach at the start of the 1998 season, only to be replaced by four-time World Cup coach Bora Milutinovic. FTP name this Eastern Conference Team, featuring former World Cup standouts Alexi Lalas and Tony Meola.

  16. Last year, in her senior season, she set a league record for points and a team record for career rebounds. A forward from Houston by way of Chester, South Carolina, she was drafted by the L-A Sparks and wore number 5 in honor of her draft position. A forward, she missed most of the season with a fractured right foot. FTP, name this hoopster best known for the 35 point, 13 rebound performance that led 16th seeded Harvard over top seed Stanford in last year's NCAA division I tournament.

  17. Featuring a very old Myrna Loy and a fairly young Brian Dennehy, it was originally a 1977 TV movie called "It Happened At Lakewood Manor". When this horror film was released on video, the producers made two wise decisions--changing the name to this descriptive one-word title, and putting an apparently nude Suzanne Somers on the box cover, covered with the title pestilence. FTP name this film which shares its name, but not its spelling, with a 1998 animated DreamWorks release.

  18. Take the director of Evil Dead and producer of Xena: Warrior Princess; team him up with the stars of Sling Blade and Twister, with a story by Scott Smith about two guys who find $4 million at a plane crash. FTP, name the movie you're stuck with, starring Bridget Fonda as well as Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton.

  19. Created by Richard F. Outcault, it was the first full-page, full-color comic strip and started the first successful American comic. Featuring the adventures of a little boy in gentlemen's clothing and his dog,  the strip is better known now as a brand name. FTP, name the company who spnosored a 50's TV show featuring actor Ed McConnell saying, I'm (blank), I live in a shoe, That's my dog Tige, he lives there too!"

    TU [MUSIC] This British singer, born Paul Gadd in 1940, has had his share of run-ins with the law. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in 1980, and was arrested on indecent exposure charges a year later. In 1998, while getting his computer upgraded, he was arrested for allegedly having at least 50 child porn photos on his PC. FTP name this singer and alleged pedophile who's kept sports arenas rocking with his Rock and Roll (Part 2), also known as The Hey Song.

  20. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED.  They first met in 1986 when she was mourning the loss of her second husband when he was thrown from a cliff, and he was an amnesiac who took his name from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  When she realized he was actually that husband, their love seemed guaranteed to last.  Except for Isabella, Kristen, Hope, the DiMera family, and the discovery that her second husband, Roman, was alive and not the insomniac she fell in love with. All of this has taken place over the 12 year relationship between, FTP, what Days of Our Lives characters played by Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall?
    ANSWER: JOHN Black and MARLENA Evans Craig Brady

  21. Stewed Fruit is worth 3000, while Iced Fruit Compote is worth 2000. Keys, only appearing at level 13+, are worth 5000, while grapes are worth 1000. The orange, wrongly identified by many players as a peach, is worth 500, while the lowly cherry and strawberry are worth only 100 and 200, respectively. FTP, in what classic arcade game are these points scored, one in which scores of 200, 400, 800, and 1600 are scored for eating Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde?

  22. Kirsten Dunst replaces Minami Takayama, Phil Hartman takes over for Rei Sakuma, and Janeane Garofalo replaces Mieko Nobusawa. The plot remains the same, though: a 13-year-old witch sets off on her own and becomes a broomstick-based courier. So it goes in, FTP, what 1989 Anime film, redubbed and released on video by Disney this year?