1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 11

  1. Jeremy Spencer from 1967 to 1970. Rick Vito from 1987 to 1991. Dave Mason from 1993 to 1996. Bob Welch from 1971 to 1974. Billy Burnette from 1987 to 1990. Bekka Bramlett from 1993 to 1996. Peter Green from 1967 to 1970. Lindsay Buckingham from 1975 to 1987, and again from 1997 to 1998. All of them were members of, FTP, what band, whose core members are bassist John McVie and a drummer named Mick?

  2. When he retired in 1993, he was the oldest player in the NFL at age 39. In 16 seasons, he passed for more than 33-thousand yards, 193 touchdowns, and 206 interceptions, but was best known for being replaced as starting quarterback by Joe Montana, John Elway, and Steve Young. After spending two years at the Meadowlands coaching under Dan Reeves, Reeves asked him to put the pads on again in 1998. FTP name this 44-year-old, who came out of retirement to backup Chris Chandler in Atlanta.
    ANSWER: Steve DeBERG

  3. Though it contains no violence and only a brief instance of nudity, this film was originally rated NC-17 due to its frank portrayal of six self- and sex-obsessed people, identified in the credits as Mary, Barry, Terri, Cheri, Cary, and Jerry. FTP name this 1998 film by director Neil LaBute, starring Jason Patric and Ben Stiller, whose title suggests these could be people you know and socialize with.

  4. Howie is on his way back to work after buying a pair of shoelaces, as his old ones broke within days of each other.  Musing the seeming coincidence of this, his thoughts then turn to things like flexible straws, the actual efficacy of hot air hand dryers in preventing disease, and the reasoning behind milk cartons flaps being so hard to open, just to name a few.  With enough footnotes to make David Foster Wallace antsy, the book ends at the end of Howie's trip up the escalator, revealing that the entire work took place while he was riding it.  So goes, FTP, what 1988 novel by Nicholson Baker?

  5. In 1991, this football player was arrested at an Arizona airport after picking up a package containing 200 amphetamine pills. For that he paid a 1400 dollar fine and recieved three years probation. This past February he was picked up for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. No word if this leader of the Sack Exchange did his sack dance after the assualt. FTP, name the four time Pro Bowler and 1984 NFL defensive player of the year whose been having legal trouble since leaving the New York Jets.

  6. In "The Gift," Fred Collyer overhears a plot to fix the Kentucky Derby, but may be too drunk to get the story in by deadline.  "Raid at Kingdom Hill" chronicles Tricksy Wilcox's plan to hit a big pay day via a bomb scare. Its final story, "Haig's Death," provides a what-if look at events after feed expert and race judge Christopher Haig passes on. These and 10 other short stories, some new and some previously published in US and British magazines, rounds out, FTP, what latest horse-racing themed book by Dick Francis?

  7. As of 1970, it was headed by Mr. Teabags and had a government- provided budget of 348 million pounds.  Mr Pudey, who originally applied to it for a grant, was instead given a research fellowship on an Anglo-French project called La Marche Futile.  Its main goal, though, was to keep up with countries like Israel and Japan, who had a man who could bend his leg over his head and back again.  FTP, all of this describes what ficticious British ministry, as presented by Monty Python's Flying Circus?
    ANSWER: The Ministry of SILLY WALKS

  8. The brand started in 1921, and this product was first made by machine three years later. They were originally 18 inches long and 3 inches wide, and the little red string to open their packaging was introduced in 1940. Later innovations include decorated, foam, and antibiotic versions. FTP name this Johnson and Johnson brand of adhesive strips.

  9. In 1987, officials in five states and D.C. decided they wanted to play with the big boys. So they formed a multijurisdictional version of an activity popular at the state level, only to see it bomb after three years, so they made the game even harder. That too bombed, so in 1994, it was made harder still, with the odds against the player increased to 80 million to one. FTP name this game, available in 20 states and D.C., which saw payoffs of $250 million and $185 million in 1998 alone.

  10. This film, remade in 1979 by Werner Herzog, was thought to be destroyed in a copyright dispute, but resurfaced in other countries. Max Schreck plays the title role, which develops much as Bram Stoker's Dracula did -- hence the lawsuit, from Stoker's widow. FTP, name this vampire film the Stoker estate didn't want you to see, directed by F. W. Murnau.

  11. When this treat was introduced in March 1998, nine thousand of the chain's more than twelve thousand eateries added it to their menu, and bought the special candy dispenser and whirring blender required to make it. This concoction contains 12 ounces of reduced-fat vanilla soft-serve, along with your choice of four mix-ins- M&M's, Oreo, Butterfinger, and Nestle Crunch. FTP name this treat, McDonald's latest attempt to capitalize on the lacking fast-food dessert market.

  12. Aston "family Man" Barrett played bass, Carlton Barrett played drums, and Bunny sang and played percussion.  The band also included Peter Tosh, and their hits included Exodus, Buffalo Soldier, and Could You be Loved.  FTP, name this band whose album sales, and sales of their frontman's memorabilia, provide 10 percent of Jamaica's GNP.
    ANSWER: Bob Marley and the WAILERS

  13. According to The Onion, the FBI has finally ended its 15-year surveillance of this artist. It seems we should have took him seriously when he claimed to be afraid to wash his hair, "'cause I might open my eyes and find someone standing there." FTP, who is this one-hit wonder, born Kennedy Gordy, who gave us the paranoid mid-80's classic, (I Feel Like) Somebody's Watching Me?

  14. Among its hosts were John "Bowzer" Bauman, who took the reins in 1983.  Its best known host wasn't it's original one, as Bert Parks helmed the pilot.  John Davidson hosted the version before the current one, and was substituted by Jm J. Bullock when he wasn't playing.  FTP, name the game show that had these hosts, which had Peter Marshall in charge from 1966 to 1981, and is currently hosted by Tom Bergeron.

  15. Campbell uses his family money to get into children's videos.  Henry writes cyberporn, putting his Yale english degree to good use.  Nell swings from peppy to pouty and back with great rapidity, waiting for one of the two idiots previously mentioned to sweep her off her feet.  We can't say much more about these folks, as Fox dropped their show and thankfully brought back Party of Five.  So was the short and pointless live of, FTP, what drama by the PO5 pair of Christopher Keyser and Amy Lippmann?

  16. FAQTP, the Chicago Condors and the Nashville Noise are the two newest franchises in what 9 team basketball league, the better paying and more games played in a season counterpart to the WNBA?

  17. Two techniques ensured its success: one, the application of the ancient Kraeusening (croy-zen-ing) process, which involved adding a small amount of freshly-yeasted wort to the lager, and the other, its marketing on a national scale through the St. Louis transportation district. A network of railroad ice houses preserved the flavor, FTP, of what first national beer of America, produced by Anheuser-Busch and marketed as "The King of Beers"?

  18. The author himself describes the book as a "literary suicide mission." In it, we learn that Rick was born Yitzik Baline and once ran with the Jewish mob in New York, Victor Lazslo was killed trying to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, and finally, the widowed Ilsa ends up marrying Rick after all. FTP, name this ill-advised novel by Michael Walsh, a sequel to the film Casablanca.

  19. The original version, by British band Paper Lace, shot to the top of the UK charts, but just before cutting a US distribution deal, a Cincinnati band released a chart-topping Stateside version. The song tells the tale of a young woman imploring her fiance not to go off and fight in the Civil War. FTP, name that tune, a 1974 hit for Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods.

  20. Air Force General Daryl Jones was denied the post of Air Force Secretary in part because of his advocacy of this company's products while on the job. Other fans include the New York street gang The Latin Kings, accused by prosecutors of putting their criminal network to work touting the company's products. Neither Jones nor any Latin King reached the firm's coveted Diamond level, at which point the member has recruited at least five arms of at least five levels each. FTP, name this household products firm, which underwrote the entire 1996 Republican National Convention, most famed for its practice of recruiting independent distributors whose income is heavily dependent on recruiting more distributors.

  21. FAQTP, ring in and give your opinion of this question in the style of Triumph, the Insult-Comic Dog.

  22. It was based on the story of Alan Berg, a Denver talk radio host shot by white supremacists. Eric Bogosian reprises the lead from his one man play in, FTP, what 1988 movie also starring Alec Baldwin and directed by Oliver Stone?