1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 10

  1. Contrary to popular belief, it's alive and well and living in a five-gallon jar in the home of TV producer Wes Shank. Made up of three gallons of Union Carbide silicon with red coloring to signify human blood, this creature debuted in a 1958 film, which marked the leading man debut of Steve McQueen. FTP, name this creature, which shares its name with the film, a gelatinous alien creature which grew bigger after absorbing humans.

  2. They've written songs for Barbara Streisand and Dionne Warwick, and even penned Islands in the Stream for Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.  Their venture into films, an appearance in the awful 70s movie version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, is best forgotten.  FTP, name this trio whose own hits include Still Waters, How Deep is Your Love, and Jive Talkin'.
    ANSWER: The BEE GEES (also accept Maurice, Robin and/or Barry GIBB)

  3. Designed by Dr. Max Bircher-Benner for patients at his Swiss sanitarium, its name doesn't actually mean anything. To appeal to the masochistic tastes of the American health food market, makers today usually cut out the brown sugar and honey the doc added, but the remaining ingredients- wholegrain oats, shredded whole wheat, shredded rye, roasted almonds, dried apples, and ground hazelnuts- are usually left unmolested. FTP, name this cereal, the original "All Bran, All The Time" yuppie imported health food cereal.

  4. They're rare, and their lifespan is the subject of much debate; Dilvish the Damned lived for centuries in Hell. Elros was forced by the gods to choose his lifespan, and lived a normal threescore and ten, but his brother chose to be immortal. In the world of Dragonlance, they're marked by prominent facial hair; Tanis is proud of his beard, and of his infravision, which he has to a lesser degree than his mother. FTP, name this mongrel race, whose most well-known member is Elrond.

  5. This company's real success started during World War II, after it lobbied the government to use its process, since "to can twenty million pounds of vegetables" for Gis "would require twenty-six million tons of vital steel." A line of the General Foods consortium, it named itself the brand "with the extra measure of flavor." FTP, name this produce giant, whose techniques were based on ancient Eskimo techniques observed during the stint as a fur trader of the company's founder, Clarence.

  6. The first special, aired in April 1994, took viewers to the Betty Ford Clinic, the USS Eisenhower, and into the studio with Mel Gibson.  Since then, this ABC series allows a now former morning show personality to visit places ordinary folks don't get to go, including CIA Headquarters, Virgin executive Richard Branson's Carribean island, and on the job with the Nuclear Emergency Search Team. It's also brought us to Michael Bolton's mansion and on tour with Celine Dion in Cleveland, which is infinitely scarier.  FTP, name this series of specials, named for the place where host Joan Lunden takes us, in a metaphorical sense.

  7. It is basically the story of a misfit space crew who must finally get a mission right or be grounded, and it is certainly one of the best 3D science fiction musicals under 20 minutes long ever made. FTP name this Francis Ford Coppola film starring Anjelica Huston and the "King of Pop", a film that played exclusively at Disney at Disneyland and especially EPCOT Center.

  8. The 19 from 1998 include BeZerk, BabyCenter, The WELL, ENTROPY8, The Vanguard Group and Bert Is Evil--along better known sites such as AudioNet, Salon Magazine, CBS Sportsline, and the Internet Movie Database. FTP give the name of these International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences awards, awarded since 1996 to the best of the World Wide Web.
    ANSWER: the WEBBY Awards

  9. He wrote Rosemary Clooneyıs hit Come On-A My House in 1951, but was again on the verge of bankruptcy in 1957. Perceiving that the music his kids listened to had unintelligible lyrics,  he wrote a song in which the main character gives advice to the lovelorn in his own gibberish language. After two more months trying to come up with a voice for this character, an experiment with a half-speed tape recorder proved to be a goldmine. FTP, name this performer of Witch Doctor and creator of the Chipmunks.
    ANSWER: Ross BAGDASARIAN (also acc. David SEVILLE)

  10. This basketball great can currently be seen hosting a show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, where he hosts fellow former athletes who have found Jesus. He has also released a gospel album entitled Welcome To My World, which includes his rendition of Sweet Georgia Brown. FTP name this former Globetrotter clown prince, the only Globetrotter who names a bird and a fruit.
    ANSWER: Meadowlark LEMON

  11. Born Armen Tamzerian, this man enlisted in the Army to avoid jail time for swiping a woman's purse. Sent into Vietnam, he was taken under the wing of a battalion sergeant, who dreamed of returning home to become a school principal. When the sergeant apparently died in a missile attack in 1972, this private returned home and assumed his mentor's identity. FTP name this Springfield resident, principal of the elementary school and nemisis of Bart Simpson.

  12. According to the National Enquirer, this ex-child star's web site started getting an avalanche of hits after it was mistakenly linked to a kiddie porn site. Born in Great Britain, she played Carrie Bliss in the first season of Saved by the Bell, but is better known for her work in a slew of Disney films of the 60s. FTP name this actress, who owned That Darn Cat, was an enchanting young girl in Pollyana, and twin sisters in The Parent Trap.
    ANSWER: Hayley MILLS

  13. Successful players in this game are encouraged to write "lays," songs which extoll their heroic deeds. Players start with a number of points, which can be increased by their taking on the responsibility for "Bad Stuff" and can be used to buy "Good Stuff," strength, endurance, warfare, and psyche. FTP, name this roleplaying game system, distinctive for not using any dice, based upon a world created by fantasy author Roger Zelazny.

  14. An unfortunate word choice on the back of the box of Thin Mints girl scout cookies results in making it sound as if the Girl Scouts engage in the seamier meaning of this activity. In the "handkerchief code" occasionally used in the B&D and S&M cultures, a fondness for this activity is expressed with a yellow bandanna. FTP, name this activity, also known as "golden showers," a decidedly-un-mainstream sexual preference for the use of urine during sex.
    ANSWER: WATERSPORTS (accept UROPHILIA, accept GOLDEN SHOWERS before it appears

    in the question)

  15. Four original members of this band reunited to record No Exit, their first new album since 1982. But bassist Nigel Harrison and guitarist Frank Infante, who joined the group in 1977 but were shut out of reunion plans, sued the other four to block the album and a planned reunion tour. They claim they own a percentage of the group and its name, ever since playing on such albums as Parallel Lines and Autoamerican. FTP name this band led by Deborah Harry.

  16. This character was first played on the big screen by Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. in 1920. John Carroll and Reed Hadley played him in a series of 30's Republic serials. Tyrone Power returned him to the big screen in the 40's, while Guy Williams played him in a Disney TV series in the 50's. George Hamilton played him for laughs in 1981, with Paul Regina doing the same two years later on TV. FTP name this man, known to a few as Don Diego de la Vega, played by Antonio Banderas in a 1998 film.

  17. As of the end of the 1998 season, he is the last player in baseball history to make the jump from college to major league baseball, doing so in 1989. His career nearly came to an end while at Washington State in 1987 when he was hit in the head with a baseball. Although cleared to play, his coach ordered him to wear a helmet while playing first base, something that he continues to do in the pros. FTP name this first baseman, who won the AL batting title with Toronto in 1993, and nearly won the NL batting crown with the Mets in 1998.

  18. The Pentagon, Texas, the International Communist Conspiracy, the South American Nazis, the Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow and the Orbital Mind Control Lasers are among the pieces in this game. A battle for world domination, players play one of a number of secret societies, such as the UFOs and the Gnomes of Zurich. FTP, name this card game, named for the granddaddy of all global-dominating secret societies.

  19. This 36-year-old returned to competitive racing in October 1998, when he raced a thoroughbred, a harness pacer, and a stock car in a charity exhibition race on Prince Edward Island. The International Olympic Committee barred him from competing in a 10th anniversary race in South Korea in July 1998, citing his lifetime ban from competitive track and field events. FTP name this Canadian, who set a world record in winning the 100 meter dash at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, only to lose the gold and the record for testing positive for steroids.

  20. Its 44-page debut contained a Sherlock Holmes story, an article on the Dorsey brothers, and a feature on desk designs called Gentlemen, Be Seated. The editor drew all the cartoons and wrote most of the copy. Selling for 50 cents, this seemingly dreary first issue sold over 50,000 copies, thanks to infamous nude photos of Marilyn Monroe puchased from a calendar company. FTP, name this magazine, launched in December 1953, which is still not appreciated for its articles.

  21. He played 1,432 regular season games, the most by a player who never won a Stanley Cup. As a Ranger in 1991, he became the 17th player in NHL history to score 500 career goals. He joined the 600 goal/600 assist club in February 1997, and as a Coyote in December 1997, became the fifth player in history to score 700 goals. FTP name this forward, who played for the Rangers, Toronto, Minnesota, Chicago, and Phoenix in 19 NHL seasons, who retired in 1998 after tallying 708 career goals.

  22. Whitman Mayo teaches drama at Clark Atlanta College, and has recently appeared on The Cape and Keenan & Kel.  LaWanda Page appeared in films and did a memorable turn as Eddie's grandmother on Dream On.  Demond Wilson left TV to become a Christian minister and work with ex-cons. The star of the show really had "the big one," no word if he met a woman named Elizabeth on the other side.. FTP, name the sitcom they appeared on, the Watts-based NBC equivalent of Britain's Steptoe and Son, starring Redd Foxx