1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 09

  1. He returned to TV in a big way in 1998, first as a narrator for the Learning Channel series War and Civilization.  He followed that up in October when he served as a color commentator alongside John Holliman in CNN's coverage of John Glenn's return to space.  FTP, name the veteran newsman who covered Glenn's first foray into space for CBS, where he anchored the evening news before turning the desk over to Dan Rather.

  2. In his most famous stunt, he played King of the Road on piano while standing on top of a bus, only to get flattened by a bridge. Created in 1976 for the short-lived Van Dyke and Company by Bob Einstein, he returned for Showtime's Bizarre in 1979, and had his own Showtime show in 1987. Travelling companions include announcer Mike Walden and stunt coordinator Fuji Hakayito. FTP name this character, the world's most inept stuntman.

  3. His website features his cartoon of the day as well as an Al-manac feature that provides a daily trivia question. It also provides weather forecasts for major cities and contains his "Weather Store", where you can buy hats, mugs, or T-shirts saying that he "said it would be like this". FTP identify this ubiquitous TV personality who has hosted shows on MSNBC and CNBC in addition to his gig following Willard Scott as Today Show weatherman.
    ANSWER: Al ROKER (accept: www.roker.com until the word "personality")

  4. As an author, she wrote the book Running For Dummies, as well as a series of children's books featuring the character Bunny Bam Bam. As a clothes designer, she created the infamous one-piece basketball uniform used by North Carolina State for one season, and more traditional wear uniforms for the NBA's Indiana Pacers. FTP, name this athlete, the winner of 3 Olympic gold medals, whose world record in the 100 meters is listed as strongly wind assisted by the official Track and Field guide.

  5. This club sold more than 12-thousand season tickets in 1998 with the help of a billboard campaign, featuring celebrities with one or two teeth blacked out and the slogan Got Tickets? Veterans Tom Fitzgerald and Darren Turcotte lead the Barry Trotz-coached club, who hope to feature 18-year-old phenom David Legwand at center. FTP name the NHL’s latest expansion team, which debuted in 1998.
    ANSWER: Nashville Predators

  6. Paul Levine.  Brian Antoni.  Tananrive Due.  Evelyn Mayerson. Carolina Hospital.  Vicki Hendricks.  Les Standiford.  John Dufresne. Edna Buchanan.  James W. Hall.  Carl Hiaasen.  Elmore Leonard.  Dave Barry. This baker's dozen of writes concocted a story about severed heards that look lke Fidel Castro, a centagenarian environmentalist, and one of the animals mentioned in the title.  Appearing in serialized for in the Miami Herald, all 13 pieces came together in 1997 to become, FTP, what novel?

  7. His boxing documentary, Legendary Champions, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1968, and his filmmaking experiences in Africa led to his life-long commitment to famine relief.  Months after losing the Oscar, he was forced to take up driving a cab, an experience that led to his hit song "Taxi".  FTP, name this singer/songwriter who also hit it big with "Cat's in the Cradle" before perishing in a 1981 car crash.

  8. This 1973 film features Jackie Chan as fodder, having his neck snapped by the main character. In a bizarre James Bond/Kung Fu hybrid, the British government recruits someone to topple a heroin kingpin by competing in a bloodsport tournament held on his island. FTP, name this film, starring Bruce Lee.

  9. Its new spokesbeing, the Crazy Craving, lists as hobbies "crunching, gulping, slurping, and slamming," and only eats the product and cardboard, though the latter gives him gas. He apparently has no such problem with the product, whose most distinctive feature is its shape. which is intended to look like six hexagons surrounding a seventh but are usually warped by the cooking process to look like a blob with holes poked in it. FTP, name this sweetened cereal, whose older ads touting its "big big taste" have been replaced with the Crazy Craving running around screaming "Me want!" the product.

  10.   Lady Godiva was a freedom rider, she didn't care if the whole world looked.  Isadora was the first bra burner... and when the country was falling apart, Betsy Ross got it all sewed up.  And then there's, FTP, what title TV character, played from 1972 to 1978 by Bea Arthur?
    ANSWER: MAUDE Findlay (prompt on 'Findlay')

  11. Their latest release, Transistor Blast, is a box set of live radio and concert performances. Exactly what fans have been clamoring for, as the band hasnıt performed before an audience since 1982, when lead singer Andy Partridge had a nervous breakdown on stage. FTP, name this English trio, whose songs include The Mayor of Simpleton, The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead, and Dear God.

  12. A creation of 4 scientists, he gained his current name from The High Evolutionary, ruler of Counter-Earth.  He died while fighting The Universal Church of Truth, which was founded by The Magus, a corrupt future version of himself.  He regained corporeal form and defeated the Thanos of Titan, through which he gained the Infinity Gauntlet, which gave him control of space and time. He gave up the gems voluntarily, but they've since been taken by Rune. So, FTP, goes some of the story line around what comic book character, whose best known possession is the Soul Gem?

  13.   According to ParaScience International founder Larry Arnold, the first documented case of this syndrome was in 1662. Most victims are believed to be solitary, reclusive, elderly, and overweight; though it killed off the young, social, and fit drummer of Spinal Tap during their Japanese tour. Some cases are explained by supposed "electric" people, those capable of generating explosive bursts of electrical energy by manipulating internal organs. FTP name this syndrome, described as people bursting into flames for no apparent reason.

  14. FAQTP, who is the Scottish manager of ESPN's Golf Tour, according to the recent TV ads?

  15. The title character is framed for murder by his arch-rival Binky; his girlfriend Judy, who wants to become a professional bowler, helps to clear his name. Robin Williams cameos as a mime. FTP, name this movie, featuring Julie Brown and Adam Sandler, directed by and starring Bobcat Goldthwait.

  16. Two women entering an account meeting butt heads. A copier repair man slaps a fellow repair man on the butt after fixing a paper jam. A woman in the produce aisle drops a melon, and several people dive to get it. Two guys in tuxes drench a bride and groom with a punch bowl and then chest bump. According to Southwest Airlines, all of these things happened, FTP, due to it being what season, which runs (including preseason) from August to January?
    ANSWER: FOOTBALL (prompt on: Southwest Airlines until mentioned)

  17. Since this heavy-metal quintet disbanded in 1987, the lead singer led three other bands to middling success - Desperado, The SMF's, and Widowmaker. They announced in 1998 it would reunite to record the soundtrack for the film Strangeland, starring and produced by the lead singer.  FTP name this band, who told the MTV generation in 1984 that We're Not Gonna Take It.

  18. A veteran character actor, some of his memorable roles included the king in Amadeus, and a psychic in Ed Wood.  Many enjoyed him in a dual role as a scientist and a Dark OVerlord of the Universe in Howard the Duck, and as Winona Ryder's hapless dad in Beetlejuice.  FTP, name this thespian, perhaps most famous as Principal Ed Rooney in Ferris Buehler's Day Off.
    ANSWER: Jeffrey JONES

  19. MODERATOR: perform the following series of actions without speaking.) Hold up one finger. Put it down. Raise one wrist, briefly hold up two fingers on your opposite hand, and then touch them to the back of your opposite wrist. Drop your hands. Raise one wrist, briefly hold up one finger on your opposite hand, touch it to the back of your opposite wrist, then drop your hands. Hold your hands in front of you as if you are holding a pile of something on the desk in front of you. Mimic handing out things from the pile equally to the players and yourself. Drop your hands, then raise one wrist, briefly hold up two fingers on your opposite hand, then touch them to the back of your opposite wrist. Drop your hands. Tug on one eardrum. Hold your hands out in front of you, as if you are holding two ropes. Pretend to braid them together. Do so for a few seconds, then stop. If nobody answers in time, call time.)
    ANSWER: CHARADEs (NOTE: The charade reads as follows. One word, two syllables. First syllable is SHARE. Second syllable sounds like BRAID or BRAIDS- it being RADE or RADES. Do not penalize people for talking during this question, and you can point to anyone who says Share, Braid, Braids, Rade, or Rades during this tossup.)

  20. The first issue included an article on the head buyer for Barnes & Noble and ancient-history stories on the Beardstown Ladies and a long- discredited 60 Minutes piece from 1986. But the big news was the cover story, "Pressgate," in which Kenneth Starr admitted to leaks coming from his office. FTP, name this magazine launched in August, which bills itself as the "independent voice of the information age."

  21. Following the cancellation of his last sitcom, 1998's You Wish, he opened up his own film school in Benton, Arkansas. Born in Danville, Illinois in 1931, this actor was the first choice to play the title character in Gilligan's Island, but turned down the role in favor of starring in My Mother the Car. FTP name this actor, younger brother of Dick, who played upbeat, clueless Luther Van Dam on Coach.
    ANSWER: Jerry VAN DYKE (more on Van Dyke)

  22. Her latest album includes such gems as I Sold my Heart to the Junkman, and I'm Hip, I'm Beautiful, Dammit!, but the sure-fire hit is My One True Friend, the theme to the Meryl Streep weep-fest, One True Thing.  FTP, name this singer/actress whose new CD harkens back to her early days singing in gay bathhouses.