1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 08

  1. This three-year-old's athletic career was far from certain at birth. Born with a crooked leg, his chest was so narrow, he was nicknamed the fish. FTP, name this famous equine, purchased by Bob Bafford for 17-thousand dollars as a colt, who won the 1998 Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby, and finished second in the Belmont Stakes.

  2. While in high school he lost a leg to cancer, and as an adult he would threaten to remove it an use it as a weapon against co-workers.  His career took him to Tampa, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Baltimore before he stopped for good in Atlanta.  A winner of a CableAce Award for newscasting, his distinctive voice became the "sound" of the network. FTP name this man, an original CNN Headline News anchor, who died of cancer last May.

  3. Songs on this 1953 film's soundtrack include "Two Little Girls From Little Rock", "Bye, Bye Baby", "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love?" and "When Love goes wrong." Directed by Howard Hawks, it starred Charles Coburn, Jayne Russell and Marilyn Monroe. FTP, name this movie whose most famous song was "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend", and whose sequel was Gentlemen Marry Brunettes.

  4. While a student at Leland College, he had his own radio show called Syncopated Money, a mix of blues music and business news.  An economics major, after graduation he worked on Wall Street for the firm of O'Brien, Mathers, and Clark.  Hard to believe he was almost named Moon Muffin. FTP, this describes what sitcom character, an almost exact opposite of parents Steve and Elise, played by Michael J. Fox?

  5. The Portrator is the first ever to include a video camera, which shoots from the tip and connects via cable to a monitor. Other odd models include the Firefly, which has a glowing tip, and the Pearl Diver, which incorporates plastic beads. FTP, name these item, other models of which include the Rambo, Bully, Non-Doctor, Jelli, Penetrator, Pleasurizer, and Stud Boy, a metal or plastic cylinder designed to mimic the shape and function of a penis.
    ANSWER: DILDO (accept VIBRATOR- not all the dildos above vibrate, but most can, and TRASH will forgive less-than-perfect knowledge of the distinction)

  6. If you're really astute -- and old -- you remember him as the Easy Reader on "The Electric Company." A far cry from one current project -- a movie version of Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama. Though he's been acting in movies since the '70s, he became hot property in the late '80s and '90s with films like Street Smart, Driving Miss Daisy, and Shawshank Redemption, all of which earned him Oscar nominations. FTP, name this African-American star of Amistad and Deep Impact.

  7. No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin, no you, no wonder itıs dark. Everyone around me is a total stranger. Everyone avoids me like a psyched lone ranger. Everyone! Thatıs why Iım, FTP, doing what, according to one-hit wonders The Vapors?

  8. A family finds a winter home with a creepy old woman.  The woman seems like a big pain in the ass, but really, she's just a nice old lady with tragic memories centered on a holiday.  FTP, name this sickeningly sweet story of love and redemption, originally self-published by Nicholas Evans. A. The CHRISTMAS BOX

  9. He has been to 7 Super Bowls, but unfortunately he has only been there to do color commentary for Danish television. His most interesting record is that he has scored a point in every one of his team's games since 1982, far and away the all-time scoring streak. FTP name this current Falcon and former Saints kicker.

  10. In his films, this Italian director uses his own voice for narration, and always uses his own hands in shots where a man's hands are shown killing, something he refuses to discuss in interviews. What does that mean for his upcoming Phantom of the Opera? You be the judge. FTP, name this horror filmmaker of Trauma, Stendahl Syndrome, and Suspiria.

  11. According to his website resume he has appeared in over 2 dozen luggage commercials, a print campaign for a local taxidermist, and had a two-week stint working for Michelob. He made the classic mistake of trusting a mongoose, but let's just say he's all the "wise-er" for it, and he has now been allowed to "Bring out his best". FTP name this lizard whose treachery has landed him a gig between "Bud" and "er".
    ANSWER: LOUIE the lizard

  12. He has the world's largest collection of tin foil.  Three of his cousins are named Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail.  He also has a pet stuffed armadillo named Herman.  In his spare time he likes to listen to records at Riff Ryan's Music Store, see his favorite film The Monster That Devoured Cleveland, or play the bongos.  In fact, he likes anything but work.  FTP, this describes what TV teen, played by Bob Denver, best friend to Dobie Gillis?
    ANSWER: Maynard G. KREBS

  13. Yes, a spelling tossup. Deal. In this movie, Early Grace kills his landlord, grabs his girlfriend Adele and a couple of buddies and goes kill-crazy. FTP, spell the name of this 1993 film starring Brad Pitt as psycho boy, Juliette Lewis as his girl, and Michelle Forbes and David Duchovny as his friends.

  14. The first 12 tracks on this band's latest album, Follow The Leader, contain nothing but blank space. You have to wait until Track 13, It's On, to actually get music. According to guitarist Munky Shaffer, it was an excuse to try something different. Formed in 1993 in California, this quintet opened for Ozzy Osbourne,  Megadeth, and KMFDM before launching its Family Values Tour in 1998. FTP name this group, whose previous album was the platinum Life Is Peachy.

  15. It was formed in 1921 with 14 charter schools, all of which have since joined the SEC or ACC with the exception of Washington and Lee. Rapidly expanding to 20 schools in 1922, its membership has been unstable, with 38 different schools having an affiliation at one point. FTP, name this One-Double-A football conference, which currently includes the Citadel, V-M-I, and Furman, and whose latest defector was Marshall.
    ANSWER: SOUTHERN Conference

  16. Chennel McDaniel has destined herself for greatness. Gary Hinsche wants to come back as a nose ring. India Whisker is looking at you -- not the other way around. And Jimmy Greenway says "When the world says sit, do the hustle!" FTP, these four appear on cans of what test-marketed drink, mogul's Richard Branson's effort to break into the drink market after his forays into trans-Atlantic air travel and music megastores?

  17. Invented by a Canadian couple honeymooning at sea in 1956, Milton Bradley now owns the rights, but anyone with five dice can play it. Consisting of twelve rounds each with up to three rounds of die rolls per player, it was inspired in large part by poker. The categories include chance, which is simply the sum of the dice, and other categories reflecting the poker tradition, such as full house, little straight, and big straight. FTP, name this game, whose name, also the name given to a five-of-a-kind, alludes to the fact it was designed on a sailing vessel.

  18. Louis Pearlman, the man who discovered and groomed this quintet, sued them in 1998 for 200 million dollars. Pearlman claimed he spent three million dollars on wardrobes, choreography, tutors, and voice lessons for them since 1993. But Pearlman says it's just a family spat, as members Howie Dorough and Nick Carter still call him Big Poppa. FTP name this quintet, who've made pre-teen girls swoon with such hits as Quit Playing Games With My Heart and As Long As You Love Me.

  19. He wasn't born a pauper to a pawn on Christmas, but did buy his mother a bunch of shoes at Neiman-Marcus after winning the 1997 World Series. FTP, name this ball player who wears #61 for the Florida marlins, a World Series MVP whose brother, "El Duque" fled their native Cuba in 1998 and promptly became a star for the Yankees.
    ANSWER: LIVAN HERNANDEZ (more specific on "Hernandez")

  20. Her sunrunner series contains all sorts of bizarrely-named characters. Pol is the son of Rohan and Ianthe, although he's raised to believe his true mother is Sioned.  After coming to power as high prince, his wife Meiglan is killed by the forces of darkness.  FTP, name the author of Sunnrunner's Fire and Stronghold, the creator of this strange fantasy world. A. Melanie RAWN

  21. The mark meets a stranger, in many cases an attractive female. She tells him that her uncle is held captive in an unfriendly foreign country. She tells the mark that her uncle could bribe his way out, but he can't gain access to his considerable wealth.  The woman asks the mark to front the bribe money, and in return the uncle will reward him handsomely. The mark bites, hands over a sum of money to the woman, and she promptly disappears.  That's the basics of, FTP, what con game which shares its name with a 1998 film written and directed by David Mamet?

  22. The sequel to this game adds Maya, Tusk, and Kim Wu. In it, you seek to defeat- or control- the evil Ultratech company through their contest, overseen by the two-headed firebreathing giant Eyedol. FTP, name this 3-D fighting game, in which players can choose from, among others, the warrior monk Jago, the cyborg Fulgore, the alien Glacius, the dino-man Riptor, the lycanthrope Sabrewulf, and the skeletal warrior Spinal.