1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 07

  1. Once available at the push of a button on the Apple IIc, it is no longer a standard Mac option, although it's available in the Windows control panel. Quote and apostrophe, less-than and comma, greater-than and period, then p,y,f,g,c,r and L comprise its top row. While it's lumped with Esperanto and Betamax as a superior failure, its advocates think it could curb repetitive-stress injuries. FTP, name this keyboard layout, developed in the 1930s as a more efficient alternative to the QWERTY typing standard.
    ANSWER: DVORAK (pronounced duh-VOR-ak, unlike the Hungarian composer)

  2. Access Hollywood executive producer Jim Van Messel sent a letter to Hollywood publicists last spring accusing this other syndicated show of using strong arm tactics to get exclusive interviews, including dropping coverage of celebrities who didn't cooperate.  While no one at the accused show commented, the loss of 100,000 viewers on average may lend some credence to the claim.  FTP, what show is supposedly behind these threats,

  3. It was built in 1946 out of scraps of Tennessee hardwood that had previously been used for World War II temp housing. At a cost of around $11,000, it was moved from its original home in 1953, and to its current home in 1995. It's comprised of 247 panels roughly 5 feet by 5 feet and 1 1/2 inches thick. Wood planks and brass screws hold it together, as do 988 bolts. The team's logo was put in its center in 1973. FTP, all of this describes what oft-imitated but never equaled playing surface, now located in the Fleet Center?
    ANSWER: BOSTON CELTICS PARQUET floor (moderator discretion)

  4. Camille. Spooky Electric. Christopher. Joey Coco. Jamie Starr. Alexander Nevermind. One person has used all these pseudonyms to produce, write, or record music. FTP, who is this musician?
    ANSWER: PRINCE Rogers Nelson (acc. The Artist, etc.)

  5. His first film was an animated feature named Vincent, about a boy who wanted to become Vincent Price, and his second film concerned bringing Victor Frankenstein's dead dog back to life in Frankenweenie. Old age, however, has mellowed him. FTP, name this director most mentioned, along with Kevin Smith, in relation to the maybe-upcoming Superman movie, responsible for Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands and Batman.

  6. Since turning pro in 1993, this tennis player has won 18 singles titles, more than five million dollars in prize money, and an Olympic gold medal. But her frownish demeanor and large frame earned her the nickname Dump Truck by fellow pros. After dropping 25 pounds, this Long Beach native won 25 consecutive matches, including going through Flushing Meadows without dropping a set. FTP name this tennis player, who won her first Grand Slam singles title by downing Martina Hingis at the U.S. Open.

  7. This film actor started on Broadway in 1942 in the play Morning Star. Two years later, he got his first film role, a Russian guerrilla in Days of Glory. Off-screen, he produced the anti-Vietnam drama The Trial of the Catonsville Nine, and was nominated five times for the Oscar, but only won once. FTP, name this leading man in x, y, and To Kill a Mockingbird.
    ANSWER: Gregory PECK

  8. Ever heroic, he attempts to save a baby from a car whose brakes have failed and jumps out of of a crshing airplane without a parachute. Such as hero deserves a movie, and he gets one--or at least a trailer insinuating that he'll be starring as himself. Through all his adventures, though, he survives by the seat of his pants--literally. FTP name this man of action, featured in a certain company's ads for dungarees.
    ANSWER: BUDDY LEE, Man of Action

  9. The designer wanted to call it Snots and Boogers, but was overruled. Originally written as an attempt to create M.C. Escher-like images on an Apple II, a game came out of it when two bouncing balls, later called Ugg and Wrongway, were added. During development, the game's name was changed to @!#[email protected]! (at sign, exclamation point, number sign, question mark, at sign, exclamation point), and Coily the Bouncing Snake was added to the list of enemies. FTP, name this classic arcade game, in which you attempted to avoid foes while turning the faces of a stack of cubes different colors when you jumped on them.

  10. He's supposed to be Turkish; some people believe his father was German. One day in Hungary, when he was just a small-time dope dealer, his enemies come to his house. He comes home to find his wife raped and his children screaming. He ends up killing his own wife and children, then kills his enemies, their friends, their parents, even people who owe them money. FTP, name this legendary devil who convinced the world he didn't exist, the arch-fiend of The Usual Suspects
    ANSWER: KEYSER SOZE (so-zay, or sher-ze, or something)

  11.   Claiming the National Book Awards only give honors to book mainstream America don't read, this man joined forces with Barnes and Noble and the A&E Network to create the American Book Awards. On his radio show, he helped make best-sellers out of Howard Kurtz's Spin Cycle and David Halberstam's The Fifties, as well as God's Other Son, his 1995 book about his most famous radio character, the Right Reverend Dr. Billy Sol Hargis. FTP name this New York-based jock, who will unveil his book awards in December 1998.
    ANSWER: John Donald "Don" IMUS

  12. His perfect Thanksgiving would involve Sherman Helmsley -- tv's George Jefferson -- and Courtney Love.  Love, with an apple in her mouth, would be an entree.  FTP, name this pop icon, a guy who enjoys pissing on other people's toilet seats, blow jobs, and wearing black, the auteur behind Mechanical Animals formerly known as Brian Warner.
    ANSWER: Marilyn MANSON

  13. As a girl she attended the St. Clete's School for Wayward Girls. She also had the nickname Muffin, from when her brothers stuffed her ears with yeast and tried to bake her face.  Before her most recent job she worked at The Broken Spoke.  Her maiden name was Lozupone, but we know her alternately by the last names of her sleazy ex-Nick or her deceased goalie husband Eddie.  FTP, who is this sitcom character, played by Rhea Perlman for 11 seasons on Cheers?
    ANSWER: CARLA Tortelli Lebec

  14. It is the story of Maggie Horvath, the child of an Irish Catholic mother and a Hungarian professor father who actually turn out to be her grand-parents. Her real mother gave birth to her at age 14 before being discovered as an actress and marrying one of the world's richest men. FTP name this jet-setting novel, the latest from author Judith Krantz.

  15. Apollo, Alimony, Flying Dog, Goat's Breath, Dogfish, Blind Tiger and Magic Hat are among some of the smaller American ones. Rebellion comes from Canada, while Pacifica comes from Mexico. Among Europe's many brands are Drax, Jeanne de Arc, Marathon, Bombardier, and Spaten. FTP, name this beverage, whose varieties include lambics, stouts, porters, pilsners, ales, and lagers.

  16. She left the Flying Burrito brothers in 1973, after graham Parsons' death, and released her first solo album, Pieces of the Sky using a back-up band of former Elvis backups.  She went on to win 7 Grammys, and more recent work includes Wrecking Ball, an album produced by Daniel Lanois.  FTP, name this country artist whose new album, Spyboy, is named for her back-up band.
    ANSWER: Emmylou HARRIS

  17. TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED!  Besides sucking, Meego, Full House, Family Matters, and Step By Step, all had something else in common: a pair of producers who, either alone or with others, are responsible for some of the worst network sitcoms ever.  FTP, name this duo who operate a production company named for themselves and recent addition Michael Warren.
    ANSWER: Thomas MILLER and Robert BOYETT

  18. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this singer began her career singing in a new-wave band while in art school, which led to a 1988 contract with Nettwerk Records. Her first solo album, 1988's Touch, failed to make a dent. Her second, 1992's Solace, was a critical breakthrough, while 1994's Fumbling Towards Ecstacy was a commercial smash. FTP name this singer and founder of the Lilith Fair.

  19. It played over the ending montage of the clip show that aired before the final episode of Seinfeld.  It also appeared in two episodes of ER, the second time sung a capella by Jeanie Boulet at Scott Anspaugh's funeral.  Given its title, perhaps it wasn't such a good choice.  FTP, name this ballad from Nimrod, the last album by Bay area punkers Green Day.
    ANSWER: GOOD RIDDANCE (Time of Your Life) (prompt on subtitle)

  20. One essay tracks the Taco Bell chihuahua through his seemy, bar-hopping secret life. Another speculates on the existence of Gerald Ford tapes, and another suggests that Bill Gates has made a deal with the devil. These are just some of the 18 essays in this book, whose author avoided the typical stand-up comedian monologue style "book". FTP identify this new tome by former talk show host and future Craig Kilborn replacement Jon Stewart.

  21. Most properly called Groom Lake, it is often expanded in popular use to include Dreamland S-4 nearby. According to one Robert Lazar, who claimed to have been employed there, not only is the perimeter secured by rent-a-cops even though it is supposedly part of Nellis Air Force Base, private security forces have control inside as well. FTP, name this location, widely rumored, including in the movie "Indpendence Day," to be the site of the U.S. government's top-secret product for studying captured aliens and UFOs.

  22. Opened in 1967, this stadium's last event was a post-game concert by the Goo Goo Dolls on September 13, 1998. Home of Super Bowls 18 and 25, this 74-thousand-300 seat stadium was replaced by Raymond James Stadium, taking with it the NFL team that's called it home since its 1976 debut. FTP give either the old or new name of this now-defunct stadium, home to the NASL's Rowdies, MLS's Mutiny, and the NFL's Buccaneers.