1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 05

  1. According to Entertainment Weekly, this rocker has been in drug rehab 14 times in the past three year, including a brief stay in a New York center in 1998 after being caught buying heroin at a Manhattan drug house. His first solo album, 1998's 12-Bar Blues, sold only 90-thousand copies, less than his old bandmates first release for their new project, Talk Show. FTP name this man, the spaced-out, out-of-control lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots.     

  2. He died on November 13, 1990, at age 15, at which time he was earning 20 million dollars a year. Whether his death by broken leg was accidental or part of an insurance scam came under scrutiny in the June perjury trial of Alton Stone, a substitute watchman at the financially-troubled Calumet Farm the night of the accident. FTP, name this racehorse, a runner-up to Affirmed in the 1978 Triple Crown races, and sire to Alysheba and Easy Goer.

  3. Promoters hoped to have 90-thousand people attend this weekend event in New York in August 1998, but critics put the total at around 50-thousand. The first day featured Don Henley and Stevie Nicks, while the second day featured 1969 originals Richie Havens and Pete Townshend. The final day went modern, with performances by Third Eye Blind and Joan Osborne. FTP name this concert event, held at Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, New York, during the 29th anniversary of Woodstock.

  4. One of this actor's first jobs in Hollywood was to dub 12 voices for the American release of Rodan. Born in 1939 in the Boyle section of Los Angeles, he was only a toddler when he and his family were sent to live in an Arkansas internment camp during World War II, an experience he wrote about in his 1994 autobiography, To The Stars. FTP name this actor, who voiced the First Ancestor in 1998's Mulan, best known as Sulu in the original Star Trek.
    ANSWER: George TAKEI

  5. At the start of the 1998 season, according to the NFL Players Association, he was the lowest paid starting quarterback for 1998, making 300-thousand dollars this year. Originally scheduled to make 5-point-2-5 million this year, he restructured his contract twice, first so his team could sign their 1998 draft picks, and the second in a failed attempt to encourage lineman Gary Zimmerman out of retirement a second time. FTP name this signal-caller, who won the Super Bowl in his fourth attempt with Denver in 1998.

  6. This soap was originally called The Innocent Years, but was changed by co-creator Bill Bell before its March 1973 debut. The only show to win five Daytime Emmys for best daytime show, its many firsts include the first character to receive a vasectomy, and the first bulimic character. In 1984, they went into the operating room, where matriarch Jeanne Cooper had a face lift. FTP name this soap, starring Peter Bergman and Jess Walton, which marked 500 straight weeks as TV's highest-rated soap in July 1998.

  7. According to Bazaar magazine, this 57-year-old ex-stockbroker checks her e-mail every night at 12:30, sleeps four hours a night, and exercises 90 minutes a day. The rest of her day is devoted to her work, whether it be her syndicated TV show, her radio snippets for CBS Radio, her lifestyle pieces for CBS This Morning, her Living line at KMart, and her Living magazine. FTP name this alleged queen of home lifestyle.

  8. The dogs on the labels are named Pete and Becky, and they go to work with their owners every day. The boat is called the Allserve. If you knew these facts, you've been checking out the infonuggets on the bottom of the caps of these drinks. They were first made by two college buddies from Brown University, who sold them from the deck of the Allserve. FTP, name this line of drinks, owned by Tom Scott and Tom First, two self-proclaimed "juice guys" who started by selling to the proud and eccentric residents of the company's namesake island.

  9. When he was 19, this actor auditioned for 90210 in 1991. The casting director told him he wasn't energetic enough. He opted then for a role as Joe Willie Clemons on NBC's Against the Grain two years later. He first earned his praise for a string of indy films, as O'Bannion in Dazed and Confused, Shannon Hamilton in Mallrats, and Holden McNeil in Chasing Amy. FTP name this actor, featured in Armageddon, best known as the other half of the writing team responsible for Good Will Hunting.

  10. White signifies correct, while black signifies correct but misplaced. There is no signal for wrong. The red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and brown pegs have no inherent meaning at all. FTP, name this game, in which the titular player awards black and white pegs to the guessing player based on how accurately the player guesses the hidden four-peg sequence.

  11. While visiting Russia for a preseason tournament in 1998, this Canadian allegedly told a Russian journalist that Hitler had some of the right ideas and U.S. blacks were growing at an alarming rate. A two-time Hart Trophy winner, in 1965 and 1966, he left the Blackhawks to join the WHA's Winnipeg Jets in 1972, and won two WHA MVP trophies, as well as scored 77 goals in the 1974-75 season. FTP name this Hockey Hall of Famer, nicknamed the Golden Jet, whose son, Brett, is a current NHL star.
    ANSWER: Bobby HULL

  12. The test subjects for this product included Bob Dole, who attested that the product was wonderful, and he should have bought stock in it long ago. Not long after, Liddy Dole bought a red convertible. No other famous people have admitted using it, though Jack Nicholson hinted at it in a Playboy article. FTP, name this product, described by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner -- who should know -- as a product likely to change the world, which instantly became fodder for late night comics when Pfizer released it as the first ever guaranteed anti-impotency drug.

  13. You attend a lunch and gorge yourself so that you can hardly move, but nonetheless, a woman asks you to dance.  A yellow-clad woman invites you to sit next to you in a theatre. As the best man in your best friendıs brotherıs wedding, a bridesmaid winks at you. FTP, what should you do in any of these situations, according to Young MC?

  14. He learned his sword skills from Katsuichi, whom he met while traveling to the Dogora fencing school. He won his Daisho in a tournament by beating his childhood rival Kenichi.  His wakizashi is called Aoyagi, his katana yagi no eda.  After leaving Katsuichi he entered the employ of Lord Mifune.  He is left to defend Mifune alone when Gunichi, the lord's bodyguard, betrays him. Mifune is killed, and our hero becomes ronin, wandering Japan.  So goes the story of, FTP, what now-Dark Horse Comics title character, created by Stan Sakai, whose name translates into English as "rabbit bodyguard"?

  15. It took them until their 19th Top 40 hit to hit #1 on the Hot 100 chart in 1998, a Billboard record. Formed in Sunapee, New Hampshire in 1970, this quintet first split up in 1979, following the release of their Night of the Rats album. Reunited in 1987, they starred in their own coin-op video game, Revolution X, in 1993. FTP name this hard-rock group whose first #1 single, I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, is featured on the Armageddon soundtrack.

  16. Gordon Krantz had a problem. Robbed and left to freeze to death by a group led by Roger Septien, Krantz spends the night holed up in an abandoned government vehicle.  Borrowing the uniform and leather bag of the corpse he discovers in the vehicle the next morning, he roams what was once Oregon pretending to be what the uniform suggests.  As the people he meets begin to believe his stories of a revived federal government, he crosses paths with local warlord Volsci Macklin.  So goes, FTP, what novel by David Brin that is better known as a horrid 1997 film by Kevin Costner.

  17. The hosts are the tuxedo-cladded Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez, with locker room interviews by Stacy Cornbread and occassional guest commentary from Marv Albert and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The first-ever bout saw Marilyn Manson de-skeletize Charles Manson. Marilyn returned, dropping the ceiling lights in the middle of the Hanson-Spice Girls match. FTP name this MTV show, where clay impressions of Hollywood stars battle in the ring for supremacy.

  18. This seven-man band was formed and made their TV debut in June 1998. Chic's Nile Rodgers wrote the music for their first album, which can be found in the July 13, 1998 edition of ESPN magazine. That album, Overtime, features such tunes as Monday Night, Lovely Comets, Starzz Come Out At Night, and Rebecca Lobo. FTP name this group, famed for their matching orange-and-white suits, who use their tunes to preview matchups for ESPN's women's pro basketball telecasts.

  19. Danny Glover plays Easy Money, and Gregory Hines is Goldy. In this movie version of a Chester A. Himes novel, the action is about Inabelle, played by Robin Givens, a femme fatale who storms into 1950s Harlem with a trunkful of stolen gold, and the gangsters she stole it from on her tail. Miraculously, Jackson, played by Forrest Whitaker, is willing to help her only for love. FTP, name this 1991 film.

  20. The director of this movie applied with the Directors Guild for Alan Smithee credit on this film, which the Guild denied because he had already bad-mouthed the film publicly -- as in "cryptic full-page ads in Variety" publicly. Beverly D'Angelo, Avery Brooks and Edward Furlong all play in this film, as did Edward Norton, who added 25 pounds of muscle for the part. FTP, name this film about a charismatic skinhead directed and disowned by Tony Kaye.

  21. When Hyperion signed writers from this paper to a two book deal they expected great things.  What they got in the first mauscript, Our Dumb Century, included negative references towards Walt Disney.  As Disney owns Hyperion, it was a quick parting of they ways and an auction of the manuscript to Crown.  FTP, what humor publication penned this manuscript, another body of work from America's Finest News Source?

  22. While much has been made of the iMac's revolutionary design this year, some have noted its resemblance to the Rowenta Surfline, a clear-teal and white model of, FTP, what household item?