1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 04

  1. The company's founder was attempting to invent something like the bottle cap: the ideal product, one that "once used, is thrown away, and the customer keeps coming back for more." Obsessed with this idea of planned obsolesence, four years later King Camp visualized a blade, sharpened on its two opposite edges, held by "clamping plates" to which a handle could be attached. FTP, give King's last name and the name of his company, whose "Blue", "Thin", and "Trac II" product lines have all done very well.

  2. Every week, using the expert testimony of Professor Parsons and Julie Bean, incompetent attorney Doug Savage and closing argument-singing Alison Krempel square off.  Under the watchful eye of Judge Gwendolyn Stone and questionable skills of Stenographer Fred, they argue cases that hang on physics and chemistry as much as the law.  So goes the docket on, FTP, what Disney One Saturday Morning offering on ABC, a body that lives up to its motto, "To Serve and Observe"?

  3. Along with her friends Snoopwiggy, Quacky Doodles, Cleety the Clown, Grouchy Bear, and The Camel With The Wrinkled Knees, she was created by Johnny Gruelle for his daughter. Originally a toy, Gruelle told bedtime stories about her to his daughter, and published them after her death. The stories were very popular, but she is best-known as a toy. FTP, name this doll, a simple red-yarn-haired rag doll like her brother Andy.

  4. He came out of Bethlehem Catholic High School in 1995, having passed for more than 8-thousand yards in his career. Redshirting in 1995, he backed up Thad Busby for the next two seasons. Projected as his team's starter in 1998, he tore up his knee in spring drills. A few weeks later, he set off an explosion in his apartment as he tried to make his own fireworks. FTP name this once can't miss quarterback prospect, who will return to Florida State as a fullback.

  5. ln Barrel Fever, humorist David Sedaris writes of his life-long dream: acting on this soap opera. He waxes poetic about frolicking wth Cord and Asa, and was thrilled to leard from and insider that Vickie really is as nice as she seems on TV. FTP, name the ABC soap featuring the Buchannon family, denizens of Llanview, Pennsylvania.

  6. This soccer player's sudden rise to fame has him romantically linked to many women, including Linda Evangelista, who reportedly left Kyle McLachlan to date him. Originally slated to backup Bernard Lama at the World Cup, he took the starting job when Lama tested positive for pot. In seven games he gave up only two goals, one on a penalty kick. FTP name this bald, scuba-diving goalie for the French World Cup team.

  7. The most recent addition is the Hat, which ends the reign of the Watch as the only wearable one. Guy, Kid, Professor, and Clown make up the Head line, and the maker, Joseph Enterprises, provides free instructions on styling their hair. Bunny, Frog, Pig and Bear are among the dozen examples of the most famous part of the line, the Pet. FTP, name this product line, all parts of which sprout Columbar Watercress as if it was hair.

  8. He started his TV career as a weekend reporter for WPIX in New York. In 1974 he was tabbed to be managing editor of Bill Moyers' International Report, and continued to work with Moyers, both in front of and behind the camera, on Bill Moyers' Journal and USA: People and Politics. When Moyers left PBS, he also left and started doing interview shows, such as Panorama on WTTG in Washington and AM/Chicago on WLS.  After a stint on the CBS interview show Nightwatch, he started his current show on WNET in New York.  FTP, name the talk host and you'll name his show, an epynomous presence on PBS since 1991.
    ANSWER: Charlie ROSE

  9. Even his later work, like Empire of the Ants(1977), Burned at the Stake(1981) and Satan's Princess(1990) read like a season of MST3K. Fortunately, he's already well-represented with movies like The Magic Sword(1962) and King Dinosaur(1955). FTP, name this director whose masterpiece was The Amazing Colossal Man.

  10. New members of this band include Vandals drummer Josh Freese, ex-Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck, and former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson. While no release date is set for a new album, the group claims that it'll be "techno-influenced." No word if any of the songs were penned by Charles Manson. FTP, name the group who may be making a comeback behind its only remaining original member, Axl Rose.   

  11. Warning--2 answers required.  On their premier episode, they interviewed an atom in a comb they said had belonged to Elvis.  They also helped their pal Precious Roy hawk adult diapers, and kept popping up in videos at strange moments.  Late eps had them parodyng Star Wars, ith a puppet called BYOB Kenobe. FTP, name these sock puppets, the stars of an MTV variety/talk show created by Liam Lynch and John Miller.
    ANSWER: SlFL and OLLY (if they sing the theme song, take it)

  12. Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton both had their film debuts in this 1968 movie. Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn starred as the family matriarch and patriarch as their three grown sons and other relations stay at their place over Christmas. FTP, name this "home for the holidays" film based on a play by James Goldman, complicated by fact that O'Toole and Hepburn play Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane.

  13. The "gravity" versions, which actually depend on air pressure instead of gravity, are at their simplest bottles missing their bottoms mostly submerged in a tub of water. The more common versions are similar, but the water is used for something other than a pressure seal. They consist of a sealed chamber, half-full of water, with two holes, each with pipes leading to them. One pipe enters the tube underwater, one above. FTP, name these items which are used by inhaling on the upper pipe while the lower pipe accomodates a burning substance, traditionally marijuana.
    ANSWER: Water BONGs or WATER PIPES (prompt on HOOKAH)

  14. Dearest Christian, I'm So Sorry for Bringing You Here, Love Dad. Jesus Wept, The Bliss Album. These are all CDs by, FTP, what hip-hop duo consisting of DJ Minutemix and Prince Be, whose first album yielded the single Set Adrift On Memory Bliss?

  15. Among his prized collectibles is a piece of Wrigley Field, which grows towards Kurt Bevacqua instead of Andre Dawson. He paid a graduate student 15 dollars to cut down a practice net from North Carolina State. His driveway features a hoop with hand-painted three-point lines at the college and pro levels. FTP name this man, played by Mike O'Malley, whose sports obsession ESPNews was created for, at least according to the TV commercials.
    ANSWER: THE RICK (more specific on "Rick")

  16. History was made when this outfielder hit a homer off Arizona's Alan Embree on July 27, 1998. For one thing, it was his first grand slam after 246 career dingers, a major league record. It also marked the fourth consecutive season he drove in 100 runs. And he became the second National Leaguer, after Mark McGwire, to hit his 40th home run that season. FTP name this Cub, a key ingredient in the Maris chase in 1998.
    ANSWER: Sammy SOSA

  17. Collecting this phrase in Pepsi's Pop Culture game would earn you dinner for four at Planet Hollywood, three night's hotel, and $5,000 spending money. It entered the vernacular in 1989, when Tone Loc used it to dismiss a woman who needed fifty dollars to make him holler. It gained even more popularity in 1991, when John Connor taught it to his guardian. FTP, utter this catchphrase which sounds more familiar in an Austrian accent than in its native Spanish.

  18. Born in 1938 in Houston, his first band was the jazz-heavy Bobby Doyle Trio in 1958. After a brief stint with Barry McGuire and Kim Carnes in the New Christy Minstrels, he fronted his own group, the First Edition for six years, leaving in 1973. FTP name this country artist, whose solo hits include You Decorated My Life, Through the Years, Lady, Lucille, and The Gambler.

  19. In response to an audience member's compaint about his projection, he mailed a really personal reply -- an envelope full of his own pubic hairs. He debuted on fil in 1984's Another Country, appeared in print ads for Calvin Klein's Obsession, and wrote two novels. FTP, name this film actor and renaissance man whose other screen appearances included Ready to Wear, and the gay friend in My Best Friend's Wedding.

  20. This band was originally named Magneto USA, but guitarist Miles Zuniga changed it to this, the band's favorite porn movie, an X-rated spoof of Bull Durham. Formed in Orange County, California in 1995, this trio features drummer Joey Shyffield and frontman Tony Scalzo. FTP name this band, who became alt-rock darlings in 1996 with the album Make Your Mama Proud, performers of the 1998 song Way.

  21. Its reversable cover disguises this book as a tome entitled Company Loyalty: Your Key To Success. Inside, the book is full of ways to turn "annoying and frustrating workplace situations into healthy doses of mirth." Among its subjects are how to use your cubicle for yoga practice and way to sleep incognito during meetings or at your desk.  FTP, all of this comes in (and on) what book by Dilbert creator Scott Adams?
    ANSWER: The JOY OF WORK: Dilbert's Guide to Finding Hapiness at the Expense of Your Co-Workers

  22. Drafted in the 11th round of the 1985 NFL draft by the Rams, this quarterback spurned L.A. for the New Jersey Generals of the USFL. When the USFL folded, he went to the NFL, where he spent four unproductive seasons with Chicago and New England, throwing 14 touchdowns and 16 interceptions in only 13 starts. Moving up north, he threw for 41-thousand yards in eight seasons with Calgary, B.C., and Toronto. FTP name this six-time winner of the CFL's Most Outstanding Player Award, who signed with Buffalo in 1998.

  23. The main character is an amateur photographer, played by Edward Furlong, who drives family and friends to distraction taking pictures. His passion pays off, as he gets discovered by the New York art world, which he finds a good deal less interesting than hometown Baltimore. Of course, most people can't get past the name of the film. FTP, name this movie starring Furlong, Lili Taylor and Cristina Ricci, the latest from director John Waters.