1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 03

  1. Piggy, the English girl, resents her blonde castmates.  Kefla, the token black guy, resents being the token black guy.  Chadwick is generally irritating, although he can do backflips and play the guitar, and was even good in drag at Frocks on the Rocks.  FTP, name the show these folks star in, this year's version of an MTV "classic".
    ANSWER: ROAD RULES Australia

  2. The nameıs the same: As an album, it contained Prodigal Son, Stray Cat Blues, Street Fighting Man, and Sympathy for the Devil. As a record label, it released albums by The Cult, The Fall, Bauhaus, and Love and Rockets. FTP, name the 1968 Rolling Stones album which later lent its name to one of the main Goth record labels in the UK.

  3. ³Sheıs On Time² and ³Long Way Back Home² are bonus tracks found on only 30,000 copies of their latest CD. Keyboardist Kevin Hearn sat out the summerıs HORDE tour recovering from leukemia treatments. Hearn himself is a replacement for Andy Creeggan, who left the band after their second album, Maybe You Should Drive. FTP, name this Canadian quintet whose current album, Stunt, includes the single ³One Week.²

  4. This Dilbert character first met the strip's title character by kicking soccer balls off his head to score goals for the company team.  A materials engineer with big hair, she dated Dilbert for a year and may have given him the ultimate gift.  Name this character who, FTP, apparently deflowered Dilbert, as evidenced by a limp tie in a daily strip.

  5. He has sisters named Gina, Dina, Veronica, Cookie, Mary Angela, and Mary Theresa.  He's sold Aramis, Bijan, and Hombre colognes, had his picture on a VD poster, and worked a Christmas tree lot.  He played a guy in an infomercial who didn't know how to pour milk, was Robert DeNiro's butt double, and actually did a stage play where he dated both the leading lady and her understudy.  FTP, this is some of the personal and professional background of what sitcom character, who played Dr. Drake Ramore on The Young and the Restless, roomie of Chandler Bing on Friends.
    ANSWER: JOEY Tribbiani

  6. Mac finally marries Felicia, though Lucy Coe Jones Quartermaine's wedding to Kevin is called off after damning revelations by Eve.  FTP, name the special place you'd find these characters, a New York town big enough for a lighthouse, a hospital, and two soap operas.

  7. Former Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez joined the cast as hot- headed rookie Bobby Cruz, a former LAPD officer who got a little too rough with suspects.  TC and Chris got married in the season opener, and T.C. got promoted to lieutenant.  FTP, name this Baywatch ripoff, a USA drama series its creators like to think of as "21 Jump Street on bikes."

  8. It includes four overhead cleavage shots and fifteen shots of the star's nipples.  The star is called "babe" three times, and  utters the snappy comeback "Don't call me babe!" twice.  FTP, name this movie, the story of a futuristic bounty hunter whose turn-ons include bubble baths and black leather, a character played by Pamela Anderson Lee.

  9. He currently works as a door-to-door food salesman, six years after retiring from the NFL due to bad knees. In 37 career games between 1988 and 1991, he rushed for 15-hundred yards and 27 touchdowns. After each touchdown, he'd turn to the crowd, hop twice to the left, then hop twice to the right, spike the ball, and twirl his right index finger over his head while swiveling his hips and saying Woo Woo. FTP name this ex-Bengal fullback, responsible for the Shuffle that bears his name.
    ANSWER: Elbert "Ickey" WOODS

  10. According to Ticketmaster, this University of Minnesota psychology graduate had the highest grossing tour for the first six months of 1998, with 36 million dollars in tickets sold. A former national swimming champion in his native country, he can't read or write music, but has the ability to make Indian farmers threaten to kill themselves, which they did after he announced a 1997 concert at the Taj Mahal. FTP name this new age artist, whose drek includes Reflections of Time and Live at the Acropolis.

  11. The name's the same.  Jeff wrote Gods and Generals, a 1996 work about the Civil War prior to Gettysburg.  Several years before, Jeff provided research assistance to Michael, a short story writer with a weak heart who used a young Jeff to comb the battlefield.  It helped that they could do this on family trips, as Jeff is Michael's son.  FTP, what is their common last name, as you've probably seen on some copy of Michael's 1975 Pulitzer-winning work on Gettysburg, The Killer Angels.

  12. Their inventor first tried to sell it in the 1930s, but no material available at the time was suitable. In 1942, he invented a new plastic, polyethylene, which is what it is still made of. He started by selling it for bathroom use, but in 1950 he discovered the flexible nature of polyethylene made it possible to expel air from it while sealing it, increasing the shelf life of any product inside, a process he called "burping." FTP, name this kitchen storage product, which from 1954 on has been sold exclusively through independent contractors at specialized "parties."

  13. Born in 1966 in Canada to a British father and German mother, he moved to the U-S as a child, and went to high school in Texas. The 1987 NCAA golf champion at Oklahoma State, he failed to qualify for the PGA tour five times, and finished 184th on the PGA money list in 1991, the only year he did qualify. He took his game to the Japanese pro tour, where he's won 11 events in six years. FTP name this golfer, who took Mark O'Meara to a four-hole playoff at the 1998 British Open.

  14. In 1998, an Illinois auction house sold 44 pieces of this Hall of Fame pitcher's memorabilia. Among the items was a uniform he wore for Cleveland in 1987, a uniform he wore while winning 27 games in 1972, the glove, uniform, and warmup jacket worn when he struck out his four-thousandth batter in 1986, and the Cy Young Award he won for the Phillies in 1982. FTP, name this pitcher, nicknamed Lefty, who won 329 games in 24 major league seasons.

  15. To enter the academy for the development and use of these items, would-be designers are required to create a perfect sphere, then turn it into a human head. Originally made of wood and only in one size, over a thousand different pieces are used today. FTP, name this product, "themes" of which include Technic, Island, Castle, Aquazone, and UFO, a Danish-made toy system consisting of interlocking plastic bricks.

  16. Romance novelist Mike Noonan loses his wife to a brain aneurysm.  The autopsy reveals that she was pregnant, which she failed to tell him. Thinking she led a secret life, and facing serious writer's block, Noonan retreats to his summer home in Maine.  Winds up it's haunted by several ghosts, one of which may be that of his wife.  Throw in a comely widow whose father is part of a drowning sacrifice cult and you have, FTP, what latest work by Stephen King?

  17. He's an aggressive, demanding, edgy and outrageous green fuzz ball who is all appetite, especially for McDonald's food. FTP, name this newest resident of McDonaldland and V.P. of Snacking.

  18. Also known as The Burning Question and Tell Your Children, it tells the story of Bill and Mary, two students. Despite graphic testimony by their principal, Dr. Carroll, detailing Bill's plummeting grades and tennis game, Bill is found innocent of Mary's murder. FTP, name this awesomely bad 1936 movie, in which laughing in class, teenage sex, hit and run driving and murder are all caused by the title malady- the use of marijuana.

  19. You might say he started his movie career in the Marine Corps, where he was a drill instructer. His first four films were military, including Apocolypse Now and his performance as Gunny Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket. Despite roles like the Mayor in Mississippi Burning and the police captain in Seven, he is still typecast as a drill sergeant, judging by roles in Toy Story and The Frighteners. FTP, name this actor recently spotted in beer commercials opposite John Wayne.

  20. They call their catalogues "owner's manuals," and in them you'll find items such as the 1928 Air Corps Briefcase, the Quilted Shooting Blazer, and the Tyrolean Peasant Shirt. The Urban Sombrero is nowhere to be found. FTP, name this oddball mail-order clothing and accessory company, which is actually based in Lexington, Kentucky, so Elaine Benes couldn't have worked there.
    ANSWER: The J. PETERMAN Company

  21. It belongs to Milo and Lisa Durben of Delano, Minnesota, who bought it at a prop auction. Since then it's had its own float in the Delano Fourth of July parade, been used in a window display in downtown Minneapolis, and has been immortalized in commemorative snowglobes. Ocassionally it's still used for its intended purpose. FTP, identify this piece of machinery, featured prominently in the Coen Brothers' film Fargo.

  22. A penguin, who has joined the Hari Krishnas, sings. Someone or something, possibly a fish made out of wheat germ, climbs the Eiffel Tower. A group of people repeatedly kick author Edgar Allan Poe. And yellow matter custard drips from a dead dog's eye. FTP, these are some of the odd images from what Beatles song, in which we learn that John Lennon is among those laying claim to the title of the Eggman?