1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 02

  1. He was sued by Red Buttons in 1993 for libel and slander.  The charges stemmed from a skit where he interviewed an out-sized Ted Danson about his blackface skit at a Friar's Club roast, with the faux-Danson saying Buttons said it was brilliant.  The case was dismissed.  He's also been sued by a Polish-American group from Chicago, saying a skit he did on the Pope had an anti-Polish bias.  Filed in 1995, the matter is still pending. FTP, name the focus of these lawsuits, the host of NBC's 12:30 AM weeknight talk/comedy show.

  2. Michael Brock, of the Washington DC firm of Drake & Sweeney, is taken hostage along with eight other lawyers, by a homeless man who calls himself Mister.  When Mister exposes the attorney's lack of charitable giving, and after the cops shoot Mister dead, Brock flirts with leaving the firm to join a legal aid clinic.  When he discovers that the eviction that sent Mister on his rampage may have also killed a mother and her four small kids, he makes the switch and takes on his former colleagues.  This is the crux, FTP, of what most recent legal thriller by John Grisham?

  3. This school played its first basketball games at Bynum Gymnasium, a facility where fans watched from an elevated running track. The team then played in the Indoor Athletic Court in the 20s and 30s, a metal-framed arena known as the "Tin Can".  From 1938 to 1962 they played in Woolen Gym, and from the mid 60s to the mid 80s they toiled at Carmichael Auditorium.  FTP, what school used all these arenas before moving into their current home in 1986, the 21,444 seat Dean Edwards Smith Center, or DeanDome.
    ANSWER: University of NORTH CAROLINA at Chapel Hill

  4. The last name's the same. The father won the 1966 PGA Championship, earning a lifetime exemption to the tournament, and became the first tour pro to card a 59 in a round, doing so in 1975. The son qualified for the 1998 PGA Championship by ranking 62nd on the Tour money list at the time exemptions were handed out. FTP give the last name of father Al and son Brent, who became the first father-son combo to play together in the PGA Championship.

  5. His 1982 recording debut, ³The Key Of Cool,² was the retitled soundtrack from the cult-porn film Cafe Flesh. Since then he has become a respected producer, working on albums by Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Los Lobos, Crowded House, Sheryl Crow, and his wife, Suzanne Vega. FTP, name this producer/musician whose latest solo effort is Dopamine.
    ANSWER: Mitchell FROOM

  6. An updated "smart" version can recognize two patterns, letting it control two appliances. A 77-year-old woman sued the makers, claiming a faulty "classic"version caused her to break her hand, but the company claimed she'd incorrectly set the sensitivity control. FTP, name this product, whose advertisements tout its ability to let elderly women turn the TV and lights on or off without getting out of bed by just putting their hands together.

  7. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED.  One was a spaceman, touting a self-named product which was the best selling product of its kind "from Saturn to Alpha Centauri!"  His compatriot, a strong-jawed, hardhat wearing miner, begged to differ in his monosyllabic way.  He was also voiced by William Conrad.  The public got to vote to keep one of the two of these pitchmen, with the latter losing out.  FTP, name these two Quaker cereal namesakes, two of the three cereal characters drawn by Jay Ward.

  8. Its rejection from the 1994 Sundance Film Festival caused its creators to create the alternative Slamdance Film Festival, though their second film was accepted at Sundance. This effort tells the story of a mining trip to Colorado gone horribly wrong, resulting in the death of the entire party, except for Alferd Packer. FTP name this cult film distributed by Troma, the first collaboration between Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park.

  9. Faced with jail time, she said she feared assault by lesbians.  In past, she feared written assualts by film critics as movies like the Queen of Outer Space were the bulk of her career.  FTP, name this dahling film actress, who also appeared in Touch of Evil, and whose sisters, Eva and Magda, had film careers of their own.

  10. Take a sheet of glass and cover it with plastic to create "The Magic Screen." Place the magic screen in a sturdy plastic frame filled with plastic beads and powdered aluminum. You now need only memorize "The Magic Formula" on the back of the frame, which tells you how to turn the knobs to move the stylus, to create line drawings. FTP, name this product of the Ohio Art Company, whose ephemeral drawing can be erased by just shaking the frame.

  11. Brian Sipe is named NFL MVP. Joe Charbonneau is American League Rookie of the Year. Ray Bouque wins the Calder Trophy for NHL Rookie of the Year. Atlanta's Leeman Bennett is NFL Coach of the Year. The Cosmos win their third NASL Soccer Bowl. The Islanders win the first of four straight Stanley Cups. All these events happened in, FTP, what year, which also featured the Miracle On Ice in Lake Placid?
    ANSWER: 1980

  12. Formed in the late eighties in the Miami area, this band built an early following in rock clubs because local country bars only booked cover bands. Ironically, the only song to chart from their major-label debut was a cover of Hey Good Lookinı.  Their second MCA album, 1994ıs What a Cryinı Shame, caught on, and in 1995 they won the first of two consecutive CMA Vocal Group of the Year awards.  FTP, name this traditionalist country act, led by Cuban-American Raul Malo.

  13. His last film appearance was 1967's Hillbillies in a Haunted House. 25 years earlier, he was a matinee mainstay in movies like The Mark of Zorro, The Pearl of Death, and Spider Woman, and as one of the most enduring fictional characters in popular culture. FTP, name this man who made his mark throughout the 40's as Sherlock Holmes.

  14. Unemployed depressive journalist Joe Carpenter loses his wife and daughter in a plane crash.  While at the cemetary, he discovers a woman taking a picture of his wife and child's graves.  She tells Carpenter that she can put him back in touch with his lost loved ones.  He realizes that she is Rose Tucker, a geneticist who supposedly also died in the plane crash.  Before he can act, a white van enters the cemetary and spews forth men intent on killing Tucker, who flees.  This sets up, FTP, the plot of what 1997 work by Dean Koontz?

  15. For Goodness Sakes, Look at Those Cakes. Let a Man Come In and Do the Popcorn. I Got Ants In My Pants and I Wanna Dance. It's Too Funky In Here. I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me. Get Up, I Feel Like a Sex Machine. Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud.  Papa's Got a Brand New Bag. All these are songs recorded by, FTP, what soul innovator?

  16. Canıt Hardly Wait was filmed under this title, but it was changed becasue of a dispute between Sony and MGM, who released a film by this name in 1968. The earlier film concerns Hrundi Bakshi, an Indian actor in Hollywood who is supposed to get fired but instead finds himself at the title event. FTP, name this film, a non-Pink Panther collaboration for Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers.

  17. Her father was the original Gordon on Sesame Street.  ln highschool, she and classmate Rob Lowe were voted most likely to succeed, a prophesy proved true when she won a role on 21 Jump Street.  FTP, name this actress famous for serenading Aresenio Hall on his last show, and for starring opposite Mark Curry in Hangin' With Mr. Cooper.
    ANSWER: Holly ROBlNSON-Peete

  18. Some TV viewers saw her last May on the PBS series Mystery!, where she played Cordelia Grey in the adaptation of P.D. James's An Unsuitable Job For A Woman.  More eyes saw her last season playing Emily, a young British woman whose marital status was left in the lurch when her finace blurted out another woman's name at the altar.  FTP, name the actress whose character may or may not be married to Ross Geller on Friends.

  19. Her books have included Dance With The Devil, C'mon America Let's Eat, Sober and Staying That Way, and the simply-titled Food. She once appeared as a guest star on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," when Will guessed that Michael Jordan, and not her, was the athletic celebrity with very short hair whose presence was offered in a charity raffle. FTP, name this woman, creator of the "Give Me Five" diet program, best known for shouting out during infomercials the title of her first book, the diet book "Stop the Insanity!"

  20. Born in 1900 in Ellicott City, Pennsylvania, his major league career began with the 1923 Giants. 11 years and three teams later, he retired due to alcoholism. He retired with 244 home runs and more than a thousand R-B-I's, but holds a single-season record that has stood the test of time for over 65 years. FTP, name this 5-foot-6 player, who knocked in 190 runs batted in for the 1934 Chicago Cubs.
    ANSWER: Lewis Robert "Hack" WILSON

  21. Her first starring film role was in Todd Haynes' 1987 "Superstar: the Karen Carpenter Story," where she played the title role. She has also been a college and professional cheerleader, an olympic gymnast, an advertising executive, a NASCAR pit mechanic, the subject of a hit Danish dance song, and a member of the FBI investigating the supernatural. FTP, name this woman, who began her "life" as a German novelty sex toy, a secret that she perhaps keeps from her boyfriend Ken.

  22. The first book-length collection is entitled In Defense of Fascism. If you don't subscribe to the Edmonton Journal, you can still see his regular appearance on artist Steven Notley's website, and recent editions include Under U.N. Auspices, Damn Those Girls, and Time For Some New Friends. FTP identify this comic strip about a pissed off plant.