1998 TRASH Regionals
    Round 01

  1. This actor released an album of jazz standards and comedy bits in 1998, called Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings For You. Vincent LaGuardia Gambini was the name of the character this actor played in a 1992 movie, two years after winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, and months after introducing Leo Getz to the big screen. FTP name this actor, who won his Oscar for GoodFellas.

  2. Born in 1975 in Lagos, Nigeria, he moved to Great Britain with his diplomat father as a child and later enrolled at Brunel University in Middlesex. Yearning to expand his educational and athletic horizons in the U.S., he opened up a book of American colleges in 1995 and placed his finger on the University of the Pacific, called the assistant coach of the basketball team, and told him he'd pay his own way. FTP name this 7-foot-1 center, who went from that to being the top pick in the 1998 NBA Draft.

  3. Elephant Boy, King of all Blacks, Steve the Hitler Guy, Ursula the Chick who sleeps with Celebrities, and everyone's favorite, Hank, the angry drunk dwarf have all been his guests.  FTP, name this man whose E! network weekend show has been moved to Sunday to not conflict with his new CBS Saturday night venture, which may cement his self-granted title of King of All Media.
    ANSWER: Howard STERN

  4. Six original members of this group reunited for a 20th anniversary tour in 1998. Created in 1978 by Edgardo Diaz, they've sold more than 20 million albums in five languages, and were UNICEF's International Youth Ambassadors in 1984. Turnover for this group is high, with at least 32 members since 1978, as members are fired once they turn 16. FTP name this Miami-based group, whose Spanglish singing was a staple on ABC's Saturday morning schedule in the mid-1980's.

  5. It is NBC's longest running game show.  It had two prime time stints, one in 1958 hosted by Jack Barry, the other in 1961 with Hugh Downs.  Bob Clayton and Jack Narz also hosted the daytime version, and in 1985 Orson Bean hosted a pilot for a revivial that never caught on.  FTP, all of these hosts served what game show, where solving rebuses led to prizes, whose "Classic" spin-off was hosted from 1987 to 1991 by Alex Trebeck?
    ANSWER: CONCENTRATION (DNA "Classic Concentration") 

  6. The Goops perform a cover of this song on the Mallrats soundtrack. Thanks to a more successful movie, the original version got renewed attention this summer, 29 years after hitting number 3 on the US charts. FTP, name this song, a hit in 1969 by The Foundations, which the cast lipsynchs during the end credits of Therešs Something About Mary.

  7. This event was known to the Mayans, who considered it to be the end of the world and called it The Death of the Sixth Sun. It is scheduled to occur sometime in 2012, to the surprise of those who thought it happened in the 1960s. It was described in a 1967 song as occurring when Jupiter aligns with Mars and peace rules the planets, during which mystic crystals will bring wisdom. FTP, name this event still associated with crystals, an astronomical event in which the precession of the Equinox brings us out of the current Age of Pisces.
    ANSWER: The Dawning of the AGE OF AQUARIUS

  8. After going to a concert by BloodLust, Mari and Phyllis stop off at an apartment to score some pot.  They go to the wrong apartment and become capitves at the hands of Krug, an escaped convict.  He and his gang take the girls to the country, where they have there way with the girls before killing them.  The real fun starts after they try to hole up at the closest house to the killings.  Turns out Mari's parents live there, and they have their own plans for getting back at Krug.  So goes, FTP, the basic plot of what 1972 slasher film, the directorial debut of Wes Craven?

  9. The Seanchan now posesses Ebou Dar.  Rand, now in Illian, vows to throw them back, but madness among the Asha'man leads him to make a possibly fatal decision.  Perrin deals with the Whitecloaks, Shaido Aiel, and the Prophet while in Ghealdan.  The rebel Aes Sedai face a force that seeks to deny them the White Tower.  All of this takes place during, FTP, what current release by Robert Jordan, the eighth book in the Wheel of Time series?

  10. They come in 100 different models, and can cost up to 300 dollars. Though they only have a top speed of five miles an hour, not beyond the driving abilities of their intended users, kids ages two to seven, federal officials say six children were hurt this year alone when they failed to stop. At least another 150 were damaged when the vehicle overheated and burst into flames, forcing Fisher-Price to recall more than two million of these toys, and spend more than 27 million dollars to make "repairs". FTP name these four-wheel toys.

  11. Michael Gilchrist, now in early 30s, is an ad exec for CBS Newsradio 88 in New York.  In his previous career he appeared in over 250 ads for products like Jell-o, Skippy peanut butter, and Pepto-Bismol.  Even so, he'll never outlive his best known TV ad character, or the rumors that he died from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke. FTP, name the character that Gilchrist played from 1971 to 1987 in ads for Life cereal.
    ANSWER: MIKEY (prompt on "Life" until you say the cereal name)

  12. In his first starring role, he played a detective fighting meteorite-travelling Amazons in 1986's The Pink Chiquitas. A few years earlier, he had three roles in Rocky 3, as an unnamed opponent, an unnamed singer, and an unnamed hood. As a musician, he wrote and performed the soundtrack to 1983's Staying Alive, including the Top 10 hit Far From Over. FTP name this Hollywood sibling, whom Norm McDonald continually blamed the world's problems on on Saturday Night Live.
    ANSWER: Frank STALLONE (more on "Stallone")

  13. He's not gay, altough he has had sex with men.  He's not married, though he lives with his ex-wife, his new girlfriend and an assortment of his children. His stand up commedy --including a memorable bit about Don Knotts being anally raped, got him noticed, and landed him roles on the Ben Stiller show and in Stiller's flick The Cable Guy.  FTP, name the actor commedian, currently playing Matthew on Newsradio.
    ANSWER: Andy DlCK

  14. Joining GM's Pontiac divison after stints with Chrysler and Packard, he gained notoriety for brining the wide-track look to the Catalina and the Bonneville. The creative genius behind such cars as the 1960 Tempest and the GTO, he left GM to start his own company, which didn't produce an automobile from its Northern Ireland plant until 1981. Heavily in debt   from this failure, he turned to drug trafficking, for which he was arrested in 1982 but acquitted in 1985. FTP name this auto magnate best known for his gull-winged, stainless steel sports car.

  15. His fiancee is Rachel Miner, who played Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light for six seasons, before starring on Broadway in The Diary of Anne Frank. The two met while attending New York's Professional Children's School, and have been going out since September. They were going to wait until August to get married, when this semi-retired actor turns 18 -- but love conquers all. FTP name this teen, isn't Home Alone anymore.
    ANSWER: Macaulay CULKIN

  16. Show that you're a fan of The Bangles and, FAQTP, ring in and walk like an Egyptian.

  17. Comprised of what the author calls "after-dinner mints to the big meal of  literature," most of them have already appeared in The New Yorker and The New York Times.  With titles like "Mars Probe Finds Kittens" and "The Sledgehammer: How It Works," two dozen of these short humor pieces have been put into book form.  FTP, name this book by actor turned scribe Steve Martin.

  18.   According to their theme song, "they are taking on evil, come what may, they are fighting all crime to save the day." They enjoy lifting weights, and when Bighead or another villain threatens peace, they drive to the scene in a, well, phallic car.  FTP who are these crime fighters, named Ace and Gary, a Robert Smigel cartoon creation that currenly appears on Saturday Night Live?

  19. A 1996 book of his work had an unusual twist: his drawings were all done on place mats while waiting for meals in his current hometown of Sauve, France.  While many are rather mundane pictures of fellow patrons, other drawings show an alien wearing a farmer's hat demanding ice cream and three dozen or so tortured-looking creatures.  None of the subjects keep on truckin', though.  All of this work can be found in Waiting For Food: Restaurant Placemat Drawings by what underground comic artist?
    ANSWER: Robert CRUMB

  20. A native of Lake Mary, Florida, he was a dominant force on the National Junior Golf circuit in high school, capturing 12 titles, and earning a scholarship to Georgia Tech. A third-team All-American and ACC freshman of the year in 1997, he upset the more experienced John Harris and Brad Elder to take that year's U-S Amateur. FTP name this amateur, whose surprisingly carefree attitude and strong play led him to a 22nd place finish at the Masters and a 15th place finish in the U.S. Open in 1998.

  21. (Visual) Do you have what it takes to be a Hulkamaniac? Ring in and, FTP, pose like the Hulkster would do after he won a match.

  22. Harrison Ford has driven two vehicles equipped with these- a car in American Graffiti and, in some prints of Star Wars, the Milennium Falcon. Their long association with cars was reflected by Hot Rodder magazine, which in 1997 offered a free pair with a three year subscription. They also appear in non-hot-rod vehicles, a pair were hanging in the cab that took Will Smith to sit on his throne as the Prince of Bel Air. FTP, name this stereotypical decoration for car rear-view mirrors.
    ANSWER: FUZZY DICE (accept equivalents)